How to Prepare Your Home for Selling

Everyone’s timeline for selling their house looks different. Whether you’re looking for more square footage or embracing the minimalist draw of downsizing, we’re sharing our tips to sell your home, so you’ll make the most of your listing no matter where you are in the process.

exterior shot of an entryway with double doors in black
Featured Colors: Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (Exterior Walls), Tricorn Black SW 6258 (Doors, Windows, Trim) 

Sell Right Now

Sometimes the right house pops up when you weren’t even looking – the good news is you don’t have to pass on your dream home just because you weren’t planning on selling. If your timeline is tight, get down to basics with a little cleaning and light painting. Start by fixing any holes on your walls from hanging decor. Once repairs are taken care of, give your trim a fresh coat of paint to make your rooms look sharper and more defined.

BONUS TIP: Painting your front door is another quick project that goes a long way. Did we mention you can complete this DIY in a day?

vignette of hallway with tall ceilings and bench
Featured Colors: Modern Gray SW 7632 (Back Wall), Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (Right Wall)

Sell Someday Soon

If you have a few months before selling, start by clearing out clutter. Now is the perfect time to go through the things that’ll make the move with you and say adios to the things that won’t. Not only does getting rid of extra decor and dust collectors make it easier on your move, but it also gives you more room to stage your space and make some cosmetic changes. 

Giving your space a new coat of color is a huge bonus for you and potential buyers. Painting walls in a new hue can increase your home’s value while attracting buyers with that shiny, move-in-ready appeal. If you’re not sure which color to use, sticking with neutrals will always be a crowd-pleaser when it comes to selling. Use our top five guides to find the perfect shade of whitegray or greige.

BONUS TIP: If you still need help finding the right hue, our color experts can help. Request a FREE virtual color consultation today! 

open kitchen with lower cabinets and top shelf for open storage
Featured Colors: Functional Gray SW 7024 (Lower Cabinets), Pewter Green SW 6208 (Lower Back Wall, Hood), Extra White SW 7006 (Upper Wall)

Sell Down the Road

While these tips to sell your home are a great place to get started, you might not be ready to leave your abode until a few years – this means you’ll have even more time to think about the bigger picture. Much like a newly painted space stands out, a renovated room can be just as enticing to potential buyers.  

Make a list of the spaces around your home that could use a little sprucing. Whether it’s updating a half-bath with new fixtures or adding new hardware to kitchen cabinets, you can prioritize little updates here and there that go a long way in increasing the value of your home. 

white patio seats and ottomans on a dark brown stained deck
Photo Courtesy of SG Style. Featured Stain Color: Chestnut SW 3524

Regardless of when you sell your home, there’s always one golden rule to keep in mind – show your exterior some love! A picture-perfect space that feels move-in ready inside and out is a big draw for making potential buyers feel right at home. Boost your curb appeal with these exterior DIY projects, and don’t forget to give your deck a refresh that homeowners-to-be are sure to notice.


  1. Love the color pattern used in this design

    Michele white
  2. I LOVE tips like this. Thank you

    Tana Glenn
    • Help! What color would you recommend for a kitchen with oak color floor cabinets and chair mounding. Stainless steel appliances and gray white tiny gold flecks granite counters and back splash?

      Linda Kuhn
      • Sherwin-Williams logo

        Hi Linda, a gray with a subtle blue undertone would complement both the warm oak and granite countertops in your kitchen. Take a look at Lazy Gray SW 6254 or Online SW 7072.

  3. What do you recommend to whitewash fireplace brick ? What would be the process in making it look beautiful?

    Jan Herdman
  4. Can you make this shareable?

    Karen Daugerdas
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Karen! You can share the blog post to Facebook or Pinterest by clicking either logo at the bottom of the article just before the comment section.

  5. I am so glad that “gray” colors are still trending. I am also really liking the Urbane Bronze color and like the exterior paint color on the house. I would like to see continuing ideas using Urbane Bronze.

    Gracie P.
  6. I love these colors and how you put accents together. It’s perfect. I refer so many clients to check your colors and paint their homes for great curb appeal and brighten up the inside as well! Thank you for doing such great work that I can pass along to my clients.

    Michele Williams, Realtor
  7. I really like the shades of green that were shown. It’s nice to see the use of fresh colors

  8. So modern gray is the new beige

    Kaye Bullock-Kingham
  9. I love Modern Gray. It is such a nice greige. It goes with greys and beiges beautifully. I have used it several times to help sell a home.

    Debbie Durkee
  10. Would you recommend several S-W painting contractors in the Jacksonville FL.

    William D Kelly
  11. Something about Urbane Bronze is so classy and sharp. A beautiful neutral that is difficult to pin down. The contrast with the warmth in Modern Gray is striking. I agree with Gracie. Please show more ideas using Urbane Gray.

  12. I absolutely love your paint. I thought I loved Dutch Boy paint until I took a leap and went to your store in Soldotna, Alaska to buy paint. Your staff was friendly and very helpful. I will be doing lots of business with you in the future!

    Michelle Maroda
  13. We just had our kitchen cabinets installed and chose the SW Urbane Bronze as the cabinet color. Was really thrilled that the cabinet company (Showplace Cabinets) uses SW colors. We get so many compliments on our cabinet color!

    Patti Shirk
  14. I love Urbane Bronze. Would love more designs using it in tiny spaces.

  15. Do you know where the patio furniture came from? It is fabulous!!

    Cynthia B Harris
  16. Great tips! Being at home now has given me such motivation to give my home a facelift, inside and out. I always turn to Sherwin-Williams for that refresh help! Love the paint, for my patio furniture, my inside rooms, etc. Great product!

  17. I used Sherwin Williams virtual consultation service for my own home. I was quite impressed with the colors chosen. I really didn’t expect that to happen since the consultant was only able to view my furnishings via zoom. I have painted the entire downstairs of my home and am very pleased. She saved me a great deal of time and angst. I will highly recommend this service to all my clients!

    Wendy Jewell
  18. I’m loving this color palette collection! Up to date and works well with any decor. Thanks for the ideas. They are helpful.

    Connie Brown
  19. Neutral colors are always pleasing to potential buyers. It allows an individual to better imagine an item/object in a different color. 👍🏼 Sherwin Williams great job

    Hikec Restorations LLC
  20. Hello and thank you in advance for your help!
    I’m painting my bedroom and living room walls in Repose Grey (SW-7015).
    All doors and border trimmings are in extra white
    I would like to compliment one wall in a soft Peach for the living room… Can you offer a shade that will go well? And do you think Dovetail Grey will complement the Repose Grey in the bedroom? Finally, can you suggest a rich soft brown or tannish color for a small bathroom?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Debra! For a job of this scope and detail, you would benefit best from a one-on-one virtual consult with one of our designers. You can schedule a “real-time” appointment with a designer when you sign up. This virtual consult will allow the designer to see your space and lighting which would be the best option for your project. Click the following link to get started.

  21. This is a delightful blog as well as an interesting and helpful blog about sell house.

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