Our Top 5 Shades of Greige

It doesn’t always have to be one or the other – that’s why we love the duo that’s greige. When you’re stuck between neutrals and can’t seem to decide, our top five shades of greige might be what you’re looking for.

circles with greige color shades

Perfect Greige

This balanced hue is the perfect blend thanks to equal parts of gray and beige. Perfect Greige sets the backdrop for a transitional space where warm and cool tones can be mixed and matched with ease.

Anew Gray

Anew Gray has a touch of warm color that’s ever so subtle. Use this taupe-inspired hue in a space with other warm accent colors to pull everything together for a snug and welcoming look.


Choosing the right greige can have a big impact on how everything comes together in a space. A neutral greige like Alpaca creates a softer look that complements a variety of different accent colors whether they’re light, dark or somewhere in the middle.

Mega Greige

Warm up a room with Mega Greige. The warmer tones lean a little more yellow, which makes this hue perfect for creating an environment that’s extra cozy. Play it up with lighter colored textiles and decor to create inviting contrast.

Functional Gray

Looking to make a statement with greige? Functional Gray’s medium hue is perfect for creating a more saturated look that lets your walls stand out in any room. It’s especially great for focal points and accent walls.


  1. Have Versatile Gray picked out as whole house color to be painted next month. Is there a trendier color close to this. What color sofa and accent paint should I be looking at?
    Thank you

    Sherry Bulten
    • Hi Sherry! Versatile Gray is a greige and greiges are very popular right now. For an accent color, you can stay in the same family. Try Spalding Gray SW 6074 or Turkish Coffee SW 6076. You could also pull a color from your furniture and/or accessories. A pretty green or blue would work as well. Consider a Virtual Color Consultation for further assistance.

  2. I’ve bought way too many samples!!! They all look blue on the wall. Tried Aldey Grey and it took out the blue but then looked purple on another wall. I just want a hint of Greige color on my walls closer to taupe, not blue. What do you suggest?

  3. Hi, what would a color two shades darker than Alpaca be called? I’d like to look it up.
    Thank you!

  4. I have a 10×10 U-shaped kitchen that is north facing. I am considering Urbane Bronze on my lower cabinets and Alpaca on my upper cabinets. Would this look nice and also what color would you recommend for the walls?

    • Hello Tamyra, We love Urbane Bronze SW 7048 on the lower cabinets – a grounding neutral that will bring some saturated color into your kitchen without overwhelming the room. Alabaster SW 7008 may be too light and the end result may be jarring; consider using SW 7042 Shoji White instead. Shoji is a little warmer and is from the same color family as Urbane Bronze. Whichever option you choose, we would paint the walls the same color as your upper cabinets. This will make your kitchen look bigger with a more cohesive palette.

  5. Our home is surrounded by a darker honey oak kitchen cabinets and trim that flows into the living room. I also have a tallcedar cathedral ceiling.{i know this is dated ] So am ready to paint the walls. Every thing I have read seems that a greige or a beige is the rout to go. I have been seriously looking at the perfect Greige or mindful grey. Just don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? The rooms are bright during the day with large southern windows.

  6. Good Morning!
    We are having our back decks painted very soon and picked Urbane Bronze for steps, railing and deck floor and thinking of Keystone Gray for the spindles and remaining deck areas. I have looked at so many colors and it is making my head spin. Do these two colors work well together?

    Thank you!

    Andrea Cromartie
    • Hi Andrea, we love a two tone deck – a modern spin on decks. Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (our Color of the Year) is an excellent choice for the majority of the deck. However, a better option for the spindles would be Intellectual Gray SW 7045. Intellectual Gray is in the same color family as Urbane and is lighter and brighter than Keystone. Keystone could take on a muddy brown tone next to Urbane, consider using Intellectual Gray instead.

  7. What’s the best kitchen wall color to tie dark espresso cabinet, light grey floor tile and white granite with light grey backsplash?

    • Hello, a light greige would complement all the beautiful elements in your kitchen. Look at either Gossamer Veil SW 9165 or Modern Gray SW 7632.

  8. Hello,
    I’m repainting paneling in a relatively dark room with one large east facing window. The carpet is a lighter beige (not changing that right now). I was originally leaning silver strand (my all time favorite gray) but I think with the carpet I should use a greige tone. I would love to do an accent on the East facing wall with the large bay window. Suggestions for both ? Thank you!!!

    Susan Kelley
    • Hi Susan, you are right on the money with a greige on the wall. Take a look at Skyline Steel SW 1015 or Fortitude SW 9562. We would pull an accent color from the existing colors in your upholstery or accessories – a dark green or blue would look fantastic!

  9. Totally gutting my kitchen and looking for a greige color for my cabinets and large island. The counter will be a lighter (as white as I can get) quartzite. I currently have agreeable gray, anew gray, and mega greige in the first floor of my house on the walls. What would be the best greige so I would have contrast with the countertops, but not too dark? Would like to go with goldish pulls also.


    • Hi Tricia, to put a little interest in kitchen palette, and in the process set it apart, consider using two greiges on your cabinets. Think about using Intellectual Gray SW 7045 on the lower cabinets and island and then pair that with Agreeable Gray SW 7029 on the upper cabinets and kitchen walls. This option will make your kitchen appear larger and help create a cohesive palette throughout your home.

  10. hello- I currently have Functional Gray SW 7024 in my master bedroom & Alpaca SW 7022 in my master bath. I have Accessible Beige SW 7036 everywhere else. I am trying to change to a lighter color with a hint of gray/grey where the Accessible Beige is but my problem is I have honey wash shaker cabinets in my hall bath, mud room & kitchen and I picked a gray color named Silvercloud and it is making my cabinets and tiles look yellowish! UGH it is terrible. Can you suggest another color?

    • Hi Donna! Any gray with a blue undertone (similar to Silver Cloud) will accentuate the yellow tones in your honey oak cabinets. Consider using one of these gray-whites without any blue in them. Look at Limewash SW 9589 or SW 7003 Toque White SW 7003.

  11. I am having a huge problem finding a colour for my interior walls of a log home. The ceiling and stairs are wood as well. Wood makes paint colours look a different colour. Looking for a gray to counteract the wood but it is difficult. They look blue, green or pink.can anyone help. Facing north. I love Sherwin-Williams paint. I just want a neutral gray beige Thanks

    • Hello Connie, grays are created by combining color families so there will always be an undertone. However, with that being said, Light French Gray SW 0055 and Gray Clouds SW 7658 have no discernible undertones and would be considered our most “neutral” grays.

  12. I am trying to lighten up my living room area that opens up to kitchen. I currently have a dark tan taupe color on my walls. Most of the decor is black and browns. Black granite countertops, maple cabinets, light tan ceramic floors with dark brown furniture. What wall color should I go with to lighten things up?

    • Hello Janet, consider using one of the light neutrals below. Any of these options would complement all of the different finishes you have in your space. Check out Canvas Tan SW 7531 or Neutral Ground SW 7568 – order a chip of each color at SWColorChips.com to see how it looks in your lighting.

  13. What is a lighter version of agreeable gray?

  14. I’m repainting the exterior of my home. We have a clay tile roof with cream, gray, and peach colors. I want to downplay the peach. The home is facing south. Am considering mega griege as primary color, attitude gray as accent on bump outs and black fox on front door and garage door. Not sure how it would all look together! Too dark ? Not complimentary to roof? Our pool tile is a blue/green, would like to compliment that as well.

    Sally Emerson
    • Hi Sally! For a job of this scope and detail, you would benefit best from a one-on-one virtual consult with one of our designers. You can schedule a “real time” appointment with a designer when you sign up. This virtual consult will allow the designer to see your space and lighting which would be the best option for your project. Click the link below to get started. https://homeowner.sherwin-williams.com/colorconsult/

  15. Hello!

    What color greige would you choose for a basement color? We only have 1 window. Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa! Check out these options for a middle tone greige:
      Skyline Steel SW 1015
      Modern Gray SW 7632
      Limewash SW 9589

  16. Hi,
    I am having my house painted, but I am not sure about the colors to use. All of my furniture is in earth tones. In my living room/dining room which is in the front of the house (S-SE exposure), I have 16’ ceilings with 1 dormer and 3 windows and another dormer over my front door. My thought was to use greiges. My thinking was because of the vaulted ceilings and dormers, I could get away with using a darker color like either Mega Greige or Functional Gray in living room/dining and Loft.
    In the back of the house the is the kitchen/morning room combo which is right off the dining room.
    I am having a trouble picking a lighter color for my kitchen/morning room. I have Cognac colored cabinets and Bruce hardwood that blends with cabinets. It is darker in the back of the house. I considered Anew if using Mega Greige, but didn’t know if that would be enough of a contrast. Could you please advise me as to what color I can use, no matter which darker color I use in the front of the house?
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Robin! For a job of this scope and detail, you would benefit best from a one-on-one virtual consult with one of our designers. You can schedule a “real time” appointment with a designer when you sign up. This virtual consult will allow the designer to see your space and lighting which would be the best option for your project. Click the link below to get started. https://homeowner.sherwin-williams.com/colorconsult/

  17. Hello,
    I was going back and forth between, Perfect greige, Mega greige and Dorian Gray for my exterior color. I have a stucco home with south lightening facing front home, what color would you suggests would look best? I plan on using Pure white Trim. Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for the follow up note, it was a big help. Perfect Greige & Mega Greige have a pink undertone that can be noticeable in some lighting. For that reason, we suggest you stick with the Dorian Gray family. Keep in mind that colors can sometimes look one shade lighter when placed outside. So in addition to Dorian Gray SW 7017, get some chips of Acier SW 9170 and Dovetail SW 7018 as well. Acier and Dovetail are one and two shades darker than Dorian Gray. You can order these color chips for free at swcolorchips.com!


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