Our Top 5 Shades of White

White is often thought of as a simple color, but with tons of tints and tones to choose from, this classic hue proves there’s more than meets the eye. We’re rounding up our top five shades to help you find the perfect white for your next project.

circles with shades of white inners

Pure White

Thanks to a hint of gray color, Pure White creates a softness that keeps spaces feeling bright without being stark. This beautiful balance helps build a versatile space that works with a variety of different design styles.


With subtle beige undertones, Alabaster is the perfect mix of warm and cool for a result that makes this hue a go-to favorite for just about anywhere. Whether it’s trim or the entire wall, this inviting shade adds a sense of ease.

Shoji White

An off-white hue like Shoji White features warm tones that create a cozy look full of comfort. This shade pairs especially well with traditional spaces thanks to its approachable quality that feels timeless.

Eider White

If you’re looking for a hue that feels a little cooler, look no further than Eider White. This neutral shade features gray undertones that are perfect for enhancing a space where furniture and decor have primarily cool tones.

Dover White

A tint of yellow gives Dover White a brighter look that’s soft and inviting. This warm neutral is great for any place where you want to add a hint of barely-there color.


  1. What color white would be good for a home with the same white as the walls my bedrooms is small and dinning room kitchen is open with living room in that area they have high ceilings and kitchen cabinet are white also . I was thinking about accessible beige white

    Penny Scott
    • Hi Penny, we have a color Assessible Beige SW 7036, there is no white in the name and it is definitely not white. Are you asking for an all over white? Let us know when you get a moment. Thank you.

  2. Hello! We are in the middle of a major renovation and have finally picked our colours. Living room and hall/entry will be Shoji White, kitchen will be Gossamer Veil and Dining room: Gauntlet Grey. Can you suggest a trim colour that would work with all these colours? I was thinking Pure White but I am wondering if it is the best option before I go for it. Thank you!

    Christine A
    • Hi Christine! We think either Pure White SW 7005 or Extra White SW 7006 either would work as they are both clean, crisp whites.

  3. Hi! I want to paint my dining room, entryway, and hall. The trim in our house is Alabaster. I am having a hard time deciding the complimentary white for the walls. The entryway and dining room get good natural light and the hallway is darker of course. Help please?

    • Hi Brenda! We’d like to get a better sense of your space before making a recommendation. Sign up for a free Virtual Color Consultation here.


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