5 Trending Exterior Paint Colors We Love

A home’s exterior is the first thing everyone sees – make a colorful first impression! From classic blues to cheerful yellows, we love the view that these trending hues create.

Endless Sea

Endless Sea’s vivid shade of blue draws you in with a jewel-toned charm that speaks for itself. Whether it’s used on a colonial or a craftsman, this welcoming hue brings a classic beauty to any home’s exterior.

Gossamer Veil

Add a hint of color with Gossamer Veil. This light shade of gray features subtle green undertones that lend this hue its versatile look. Whether you pair it with warm tones or cool tones, this transitional shade goes with either.


Cyberspace’s bold shade of charcoal is a go-to favorite that’s known for making a statement. Not only does this rich hue create attention-grabbing color, but its neutral tone helps design an exterior that plays well with everything.


Farmhouse charm surrounds this shade of white that’s all about simple style. Creamy’s warm hue is soft and inviting to create a neutral backdrop where other exterior details like shutters and doors can stand out.

Gambol Gold

Say hello to a cheerful home with Gambol Gold. This happy hue is the perfect color for a bright exterior that feels warm and inviting all year long. Pair this golden shade with white trim to create a color combination that’s timeless.


  1. I use Cyberspace all of the time on my clients’ exteriors & interiors too! It’s stunning!

    • I’m in search of a front door color. Do you use this color on front doors? Shutters? I’ve always used a different color for doors and shutters. Thinking of matching this time on my brick home. Always interested in opinions/advice.

      Terri Blazier
    • Laura what color would you paint with a dark grey roof? Currently the house I moved into is white with black shutters.

  2. I used SW Salty Dog for my exterior doors, shutters and some trim. It looks fabulous.

  3. Do you have to power wash outside sliding before you use your paint and does it have a under coat already in it ?

    Florence A. Naser
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Florence! Prep is key for any project. Here are some tips for Exterior Painting. Please let us know if we can help with color and product selection.

    • Good morning, we are trying to find an exterior paint color for our home that goes with a green roof. We have a large live oak in front of the house so I would like to use a color that will work with the roof and highlight the tree. We live a few blocks from the gulf in a cottage bungalow style house. Right now it is cottage cream. I’ve tried several sample colors but haven’t found one that I love. I’ve tried Distance, Dockside blue, Filmy green, coastal plain and sea salt. Please help!

  4. I just did my doors and shutters with SW Salty Dog and they look great.

  5. I love SW paints! Quality matters. Need a very soft, light gray for a bathroom, white trim. Suggestion?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Mary! We appreciate your kind words! Take a look at the following grays:
      Light French Gray SW 0055
      Roycroft Mist Gray SW 2844
      Zircon SW 7667

  6. What are the prep steps when painting outside brick?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Tricia! Before painting, brick should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust, dirt or efflorescence from the surface that may prevent the paint from adhering. Thoroughly clean the brick with heavy-duty soap and water using a sponge or scrub brush to ensure the surface is clean and prepped for paint. Allow the brick to dry for 24 hours (minimum) before painting.

  7. I need help finding an exterior color for my two story Spanish style home with a terra cotta color tile roof. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Sally! Consider our free 30-minute virtual consultations with one of our color experts to get one-on-one guidance for your painting project via text, email, phone call or video chat. Complete the form to request a Virtual Color Consultation

  8. HOA restriction I have a tan roof I am thinking of a white body which allowed but the trim colors are.: Sw7031 Mega Greige. SW6067 mocha (presently on trim) hate it. SW 6115 totally tan and SW 6129 restrained gold. ( I like. I really love all the gray they recommend= But I aSW7029 agreeable grey

  9. Our house is red and brown brick with creamy off white siding and garage doors. I need suggestions for a trendy color that will make my house pop! Color for front door too.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Linda! The Modern Farmhouse look is really trending right now for exteriors. Consider sticking with a warm white on your siding and then paint your garage and front door a warm greige. Take a look at:

      Body Color
      Eider White SW 7014
      Whitetail SW 7103

      Door Colors
      Charcoal Blue SW 2739
      Dorian Gray SW 7017

  10. I have old Chicago brick on my house and it seems I need some sort of white for the stuccoed areas with another color – another white —on trim. Any suggestions. OC has a pinkish hue and a grey mortar.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Jackie! Instead of using a typical white, consider using a palette of whites with a greige undertone. A greige (grey+beige) will echo the color in your mortar and help unify all the different tones in your brick. Take a look at:

      Egret White SW 7570
      Heron Plume SW 6070

      Snowbound SW 7004
      Toque White SW 7003

  11. Will windy blue sw6240 and distance sw6243 work with creamy sw7012?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Both of those blues would look beautiful with Creamy SW 7012 which has an understated yellow undertone.

  12. What color would work for a front door with the exterior walls being gauntlet gray and the trim black fox?

    Carole Mathews
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Carole! Any of the three colors below would be beautiful on your house. Take a look at:
      Homburg Gray SW 7622
      Mindful Gray SW 7016
      Charcoal Blue SW 2739

  13. Hello. Love this blog. Painting my house White Duck and want a dark charcoal trim. I’ve picked Urbane Bronze so far. Any other warm charcoal color that would coordinate? I just don’t want black. Thanks

  14. We’ve decided on Gibraltar for main house color, white for trim, black for shutters (gray roof). What would be a great door color other than matching black?

    Angela Biggs
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Angela! Consider using a warm greige (grey+beige) for your front door. Either of the two greiges below would complement the body and shutter colors of your home. Take a look at:
      Twilight Gray SW 0054

  15. We have a burgundy metal roof and Fisherman’s Net (tan/pale yellow) siding. What color do you suggest for shutters and doors?


    Shirley M England
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Shirley, we suggest you look at two options for your doors – either white or burgundy. Consider using a crisp clean white (either Extra White SW 7006 or Pure White SW 7005) for your doors and shutters. If you use white, you will be able to switch out wreaths on the door according to the season and the white shutters will make your windows appear large. The second option would be to repeat the burgundy of your roof (either Fine Wine SW 6307 or Rookwood Red SW 2802) for your doors and shutters. This option would highlight your metal roof and make it a focal point of your palette. You can order free sample chips of these colors on our website.


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