5 Botanical Green Kitchens We Love

Who doesn’t love a leafy shade of green? This timeless color ties back to nature and touts wellness, making it the perfect hue for the place we feed our body, mind and soul. Take a look at some of our favorite botanical kitchens that have us green with envy. 

Open kitchen with lower cabinets painted in Evergreen Fog SW 9130
Photo Courtesy of @kindredinteriors 
Featured Color: Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Evergreen Fog

If you want to ease your way into going green, start smaller and lighter. A green-meets-gray hue like Evergreen Fog keeps everything feeling light and airy – just like the spirit of the great outdoors. This calming hue is bold enough to anchor a space, but it’s also subtle enough to fade seamlessly into your surroundings.

Kitchen with lower and upper cabinets painted in Coatsal Plain SW 6192.
Photo Courtesy of @tinyhousect 
Featured Color: Coastal Plain SW 6192

Coastal Plain

If your kitchen has neutral colors and finishes, a dusty green like Coastal Plain brings an instant pop of color that brightens everything up while still looking natural. Whether your style leans modern, farmhouse, or somewhere in the middle, this versatile hue pairs well with any design style.

Traditional kitchen with cabinets painted in Ripe Olive SW 6209.
Photo Courtesy of @midwesteclectic 
Featured Color: Ripe Olive SW 6209

Ripe Olive

Looking to go dramatic? A dark shade like Ripe Olive is all you need to coat cabinets in a statement hue. Pair this shade of green with equally saturated reds and wood tones to bring out the rich nature of its olive tone even more.

Modern kitchen with upper cabinets painted in Sensible Hue SW 6198.
Photo Courtesy of @prairieschoolstudio 
Featured Color: Sensible Hue SW 6198

Sensible Hue

Keep your kitchen cabinets down to earth with Sensible Hue’s humbling color. Even in a smaller space, this dusty shade is perfect for creating a nature-inspired scene that welcomes simple style. Try adding some contrast that nods to nature by keeping island cabinets a natural wood tone.

Modern kitchen with lower and upper cabinets painted in Pewter Green SW 6208.
Photo Courtesy of @susiemaddoxinteriors 
Featured Color: Pewter Green SW 6208

Pewter Green

A tried-and-true hue like Pewter Green is perfect for giving traditional kitchens a new twist. Keep the style feeling as effortless as the color by filling the room with other natural elements like wood tones and greenery. This combo makes for a nature-inspired sanctuary that makes you forget you’re not actually outdoors.  

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  1. Like this color.

    Kathleen P Sutherland
  2. The appearance of “Coastal Plain” in the photograph of the kitchen (top of blog) looks WAY WAY different from the color circle at the bottom of the blog post. The circle DOES seem to match the color that comes up when you search the S-W site for Coastal Plain.
    Is there a mistake here, because I’m interested in the color as it appears in the photo of the kitchen cabinets.

    Julie Montanea
  3. Nice to see color in living spaces!😍

  4. Beautiful colors. How do you get the paint not to rub chip or scratch off the cabinets?

    Laurie St Jacques
  5. I love all these colors,but my favorite one is EVERGREEN FOG. Sherwin Williams paint is the best!!

    Deborah Deshetler
  6. I like evergreen fog but it needs a little more green/less neutral (brown?). Coastal plain, but not so minty.

    Damien Mason
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Damien, check out Green Onyx SW 9128 and Green Sprout SW 7728. Either of these greens fit the description of what you want.

  7. I’m digging the ripe olive and pewter green colors. I currently have SW jasper (a deep almost black green) on my center island.

    Connie Watson
  8. Hi,
    I was very interested in Evergreen Fog. However, the color comes out much darker in my kitchen. Can you suggest some lighter shades in the same color scheme. I am thinking of using Evergreen Fog on the island and something much lighter on the rest of the kitchen (relatively small kitchen…about 10 by 20 ft.). Thank you, Charlotte

    Marlene Charlotte Bohlman
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Marlene! Consider using either Austere Gray SW 6184 or Contended SW 6191 for the rest of the kitchen. Either of those would complement Evergreen Fog SW 9130 beautifully.

  9. I have a black granite counter tops in my Master Bathroom and Kitchen.
    Will the Sensible Hue or Evergreen Fog will go well with black counter tops?

    Olga Haefele
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Olga! Both Sensible Hue SW 6198 and Evergreen Fog SW 9130 would work but Sensible Hue would be a better complement to the dark countertop. Order the color chips at swsamples.com!

  10. I have an old green kitchen counter which I can not afford to replace at this time. What color would you suggest to paint my kitchen cabinets and walls so that the counter will somewhat disappear?

    Sandra Wood
  11. Which of these greens goes best with indigo and orange accents? Thanks

    RosaLee Pagliaro
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi RosaLee, we recommend you stop in and get a free color chip of each of these colors to see which one matches your accents best. It is hard to say without seeing the colors.

  12. I like the Evergreen Fog. However, I am still searching for the perfect light olive green color.

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Sue! All of the grays you are referencing have a blue undertone and will turn into a baby boy blue next to Salty Dog. Consider instead using a light Greige (grey+beige) instead for a gray that will never turn blue. Look at:
      SW 1015 Skyline Steel
      SW 7022 Agreeable Gray
      SW 7022 Alpaca

  13. Quit sending me emails .

    Mary doehr
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Mary, to unsubscribe please go to the bottom of the email we sent and click “unsubscribe”.

  14. Hi. I am having cabinets made in the Ripe Olive above. We are having a hard time choosing a warm neutral to go with it. What color is shown above?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Amy, Ripe Olive is a gorgeous choice! For a warmer neutral, try Oyster White SW 7637. Spare White SW 6203 is a good complimentary color as well but is more of a cool white when compared to Oyster White. Pure White SW 7005 is the color in the photo.

  15. I have costal plain in a large sunroom I have, in my master bedroom, and part of my kitchen along with moracan brown. Everyone that saw it fell in love with this color. You are right. The circle is much more the color than the kitchen scene. But trust me…..youll love costal plain.


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