Our Top 5 Shades of Gray

We’ll always have a soft spot for this versatile neutral that takes on a number of different looks. Whether you’re looking for something that’s light and airy or boldly beautiful, our top five shades of gray give you a little bit of everything.

circles with shades of grey

Dorian Gray

Get a little greige with Dorian Gray. This warm hue features brown undertones that make this neutral a great transitional color for spaces where warm and cool tones can live together harmoniously.

Repose Gray

Repose Gray’s light shade has a warm undertone, but still appears slightly cool, giving you tons of options for where and how it’s used. This versatile mix makes it a popular backdrop choice since it’s known for going with everything.


Make a statement with Peppercorn. This rich charcoal instantly adds depth thanks to its dark hue. Create a look that’s even more dramatic by contrasting this gray with crisp shades of white.


This darker hue instantly blankets a room in comfort thanks to its brown undertones. Adding Dovetail to a space with lots of warm whites allows you to build a monochromatic space that’s extra inviting.

Web Gray

A little bit of blue and gray work together to give Web Gray it’s calming hue. This dark neutral features soothing tones that can accommodate a variety of design styles from classic to contemporary and everything in between.


  1. Love the 701# greys! I used Mindful Gray for my walls and am thinking Snowbound for the ceiling. Can’t wait to use the Dovetail for an accent wall or cabinets! What would be a good white for trim if I want it to really contrast against the gray? Right I have whatever white the builder of our house used with Kilim Beige walls/ceiling.

  2. Hi,
    I’m looking at Web Gray for front door with extra white trim. The house color is Gray Clouds. What do you think? Any other suggestions along those lines with a blue gray or maybe teal /turquoise?

    Kendal Hines
    • Hi Kendal, we think you are on the right track with Web Gray. Our concern with using a blue or teal is that is may accentuate the subtle blue undertone in Gray Clouds and your house may end up looking blue instead of gray. Web Gray is a great choice. Other good options would be:
      Roycroft Pewter SW 2848
      Peppercorn SW 7674

  3. Hi, I am using Repose Gray with Pure White trim as main color for open concept home. My kitchen cabinets are painted Acier and Repose does not give enough contrast. I have been looking at First Star but not sure if it is too light for trim. My countertop is Lunar Pearl granite with white backsplash. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Virginia Burchfield
  4. I’m looking for a gray for my living room light bright not dark please advise

    Cary moncada
    • Hello Cary, take a look at the grays listed below. They will never cast a dark shadow in your space. Check out:
      Light French Gray SW 0055
      Gray Screen SW 7071
      Modern Gray SW 7632

  5. I’m looking for a gray for the living/dining room, kitchen area of our new beach condo. The gray we painted first has a lavender hue when the light hits it, which I don’t care for – can you suggest a gray that is warm and inviting, but not dark? It’s a fairly small space and doesn’t get a lot of natural light.
    Thank you!

    • Hello! Take a look at these light but warm grays below. Any of which would work:
      Repose Gray SW 7015
      City Loft SW 7631
      Skyline Steel SW 1015

  6. I am looking for a true gray. I did some research and found Seattle was great but discontinued. What would you compare? I dont want a blue look but more of a true gray.

  7. We just painted the interior a silvery light gray (different brand) which actually just looks light blue in certain lights- despite the paint chip having said it had green undertones. I’m not fond of it, but it is what it is. We are now painting our cabinets. I chose “Pure White” for the bulk of them, but wanted to do the island a fun color. I want a very dark charcoal color, but now I’m scared of undertones after the wall color fiasco. Would any of “Rock Bottom”, “Peppercorn” or “Roycroft Pewter” be a good choice considering the coolness of the light blue/gray walls? (And the “true white” for the rest of the cabinets)

    Daniel Leach
    • Hello Daniel, Rock Bottom SW 7062 and Peppercorn SW 7674 both have a dark charcoal undertone while Roycroft Pewter SW 2848 has a silver undertone. For your space, you may want to avoid Roycroft Pewter as it may turn blue in your lighting. Lighting can do so much to a color, which is why we always suggest ordering color chips and placing them in your lighting. Order some free sample chips at swcolorchips.com.

  8. I removed the wall between the kitchen and living room now it is one big room. The island is going to be peppercorn – what color gray would you recommend for the walls and white for the ceiling and trim

    • Hi Debbie, what other colors are in your space? For instance, flooring, upholstery, countertop, and backsplash. Your space will look bigger and more cohesive if you pull colors from your space. Let us know when you get a moment.

  9. We are getting our house done with SW 7595 Sommelier for the LP Smartside Siding and LP Snowscape White for the Trim. I’m looking for a gray to paint our front door. Any recommendations?

    Marianne Dyer
    • Hi Marianne, take a look at either Westchester Gray SW 2849 or Cityscape SW 7067 for your front door. Either of these would be stunning.

      • We have a colonial with yellow siding, dark green shutters, and the concrete skirt is a light gray. I want the change the color of our front door from white to something that will be complimentary. What would you suggest?

        • Hi Velma, consider incorporating different shades of gray on door and shutters to incorporate your concrete skirt and pull everything together to create a cohesive palette. A beautiful look would be to add a medium gray on your shutters, similar to Gray Matters SW 7066 and Network Gray, and a darker version on the door, similar to SW 7068 Grizzle Gray or Web Gray SW 7075.

  10. I am looking to use web gray as an accent all with light french gray for my cabinet color. Will the light french gray pull any of the blue from the web gray or will it stay a true gray?

    Brooke Havelka
    • Hello Brooke, grays can only be made by combining color families, so there will always be an undertone to a gray making a “true gray” almost impossible to achieve. Light French Gray SW 0055 has a slight blue undertone to it, so that may not be the gray you want to use. Consider using Fortitude SW 9562 in place of Light French Gray, Fortitude is very similar but does not have any noticeable undertones. Order a free chip from our website to see how it looks in your lighting. Let us know if you need anything else. Thank you!

  11. Hi! We’re about to start updates on our kitchen. We chose Extra White for the upper & lower cabinets, Pure White for the trims and Repose Gray for the walls. However, I’m undecided what gray to use for our kitchen island: Dorian, Dovetail, Web or Ellie? The countertops will be white quartz with some gray veining & the floors will be dark hardwood. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • Blanca, you should stay in the Repose family for your island color in order to create a cohesive palette. Colors that would look beautiful on your island are:
      Dorian Gray SW 7017
      Acier SW 9170
      Dovetail SW 7018
      Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

  12. I am looking for a grey to paint the exterior of my house which is stucco. I was looking at Dorian but I’m not sure how that color goes well with stucco and the front of my house faces with south light. Can you make recommendations? Dorian? Other greys?

    • Hi Geraldine! Just to confirm are you looking to paint the stucco? If you are painting the entire exterior including the stucco then any color would work. Let me know if you are treating all the finishes on your house with the same color. Thank you!

  13. We are planning to paint the wall with repose gray with pure white trim thinking about painting our stair handrails and spindles peppercon or web gray wanted a true dark gray will that work thank you

    • Hi Lindsay, between those two colors, Peppercorn SW 7674 is a charcoal gray while Web Gray SW 7075 has a subtle blue undertone.

  14. Looking to paint the exterior of our home gray. We are leaning towards Dovetail for the brick and Dorian for the siding (but possibly flip flop to have the darker Dovetail on siding instead). What trim color would you suggest with these?

  15. My walls are repose gray and I’m wanting to paint my trim something besides white. What color is best? Looking at web gray. I don’t want anything with brown undertones. Prefer blue undertones.

    • Hello Leanna, Web Gray SW 7075 would be a great complementary trim to Repose Gray SW 7015. Two other blue-grays that would work as well are Night Owl SW 9560 and Wall Street SW 7665.

  16. We’ve already painted two upstairs bedrooms in Skyline Steel and would like to use a slightly lighter hue for the upstairs hall/staircase down into our living room. I’m worried about the upstairs hall clashing with the Skyline Steel bedrooms. Would Repose Gray or Agreeable Gray be complementary to Skyline Steel? If not those, could you suggest another color? I’d like to stick to the hues that are warm with slightly cool undertones (that won’t appear beige). Thank you!

    • Hello Jenny, Skyline Steel SW 1015 is a light color, if you want to go lighter you would have to look at gray-whites. Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray are too close to Skyline Steel to complement the color. It will look like the bedrooms and hall are the same color. Instead take a look at:
      Pearly Gates SW 7009
      Eider White SW 7014
      Toque White SW 7003

  17. We are painting the exterior soon and would like a darker gray than our current Summit Gray. Would West Chester Gray be a good choice? Want a neutral gray with no blue no green or purple undertones. The house has some red brick on the front and the current trim is Ceylon Cream which the original builders chose. Our storm glass doors and gutters are off white- almond. What off white or almond color trim paint would match the West Chester gray and red brick? We think white trim would look better but do not want to replace doors,etc. so we are trying to keep an off white / almond trim. This house only knows SW paint!
    Thanks so much!!

    Theresa Sloan
    • Hello Theresa, yes, either Westchester Gray SW 2849 or Roycroft Pewter SW 2848 would be beautiful choices for your exterior. Two great choices for off-white trim are White Flour SW 7102 or Creamy SW 7012.

  18. I’m painting the trim and siding on my 1957 red brick ranch. My decorator suggested painting both the same color – SW Canvas Tan, which matches the grout in my brick. My front entry is awkward in that the entryway is inset about 3’, with the door on the right and paneling to the left side. I’m looking for a front door color that will compliment the brick (red with gray and blue/grays) but will also work with the unusual placement of the door. I’m thinking about Web Gray, but unsure whether the contrast will be too stark. Do you have any suggestions for color schemes?

    Linda McQueen
    • Hello Linda, we are glad to help! What color is the paneling to the left of your front door?

  19. Hello, The main color of my home exterior is SW’s Peppercorn. I want to paint the garage door that is currently white a medium gray that will match well with the siding. Do you have a good suggestion for me? I ordered a sample of Grizzle Gray but it has a greenish undertone that is not a good match. Thanks for your help!

    Amy L. Breen
    • Hello Amy, take a look at Gray Matters SW 7066 and Gris SW 7659. Both would look great on your garage doors next to Peppercorn SW 7674.

  20. I’m painting my bottom kitchen cabinets Gauntlet Gray and the upper Extra White. My counter top will be a white quartz , and having a hard time trying to decide on what to paint the walls. I’m looking for a neutral color, trying to stay in the white/off white spectrum. Suggestions??

    Tania Kirk
    • Hello Tania, consider painting your walls the same Extra White SW 7006 as your upper cabinets for two reasons. First, painting the walls a different white may look like you tried to match your cabinet color and failed. Second, painting the walls and uppers the same color keeps your eye moving throughout your kitchen without stopping, which makes the space feel bigger, larger, and brighter.

  21. I need help! I’m considering painting my simple Dutch Colonial in Dovetail. Our shutters are black and I don’t want to change them. My husband is insisting on painting the windows in black too. I’m a fan of Tricorn Black but will it go well with Dovetail? Also, what should the trim be? I saw someone paint their trim in Extra White. Will that look nice against the Dovetail? Lastly we have concrete foundation all throughout the bottom of the house. I was looking at the color Colonnade Gray. Will that look good with colors above? I won’t mention a fun color for the front door to tie it all in. HELP ME and much thanks!

    • Hi Sarah! Tricorn Black SW 6258 does work well with Dovetail SW 7018. Extra White SW 7006 is a great color for trim with Dovetail, as it gives a nice contrast to it. Colonnade Gray SW 7641 also pairs well with Dovetail as well. We recommend obtaining the color chips and viewing them in your exterior space and lighting situation. You can order the color chips for free at swsamples.com!

  22. We’re painting the exterior of our brick rowhouse Naval. For the trim we’re planning to use Extra White, and for the front door something like Dishy Coral. First, does this sound reasonable, and second, what color for the wooden porch floor? Maybe Web Gray? Really appreciate any thoughts you can offer.

    • Hello John, that color palette sounds beautiful. Consider using Naval SW 6244 on the porch floor as well. If you use Web Gray or another dark gray it may look like you tried to match Naval and failed. Simplify the palette and use Naval on your porch floor.

  23. I have Behr pewter gray (light-has blue undertone) for the bathroom walls and carara tiles in the shower (frameless glass door) and floors. Am debating between Summit Gray 7669 and Steely Gray 7664 for the floating vanity. Need feedback as I need to give the color to my contractor today. Thank you

  24. Thanks, what a great post!

    Michel Taccone
  25. We are considering painting our exterior one level home 7018 Dovetail. We have white windows. The only trim we need to paint is around the garage door and two outside doors. Our gutters are light bronze. For trim, would you consider 7016 Mindful Gray or 7017 Dorian Gray? The garage door will be Dovetail and the front door is an oak door. Thank you.

    • Hello Ken, you would need to select a color at least two shades lighter than Dovetail in order for your eye to notice the color difference. Consider using Mindful Gray SW 7016 or Repose Gray SW 7015 for your trim.

  26. We are painting the exterior of our house Software and the trim will be Snowbound. I have painted the doors Distance, but now the Software and Distance seem to similar. Any suggestions for a coordinating color with Software for 2 exterior doors?

    • Hello Rhonda, consider painting your door Snowbound SW 7004 – the same color as your trim – and you can switch out with seasonal decorations. If you are open to using a color, look at Butter Up SW 6681, it is a pretty yellow which would really pop next to Software.

  27. I want to use agreeable gray as my trim. Would Dorian work for the body and Dovetail for the gables?

    • Hello Victoria, you need to have your colors be at least two steps away in order for your eye to notice that you are using a different color. In addition, you would want to keep your palette within the same family for a cohesive look. So, with that in mind, we suggest you look at using Eider WhiteSW 7104 for the trim Dorian Gray SW 7017 for the body of the house and Gauntlet Gray SW 7019 for your gables. It is always best to look at color in your lighting.

  28. Hi! We painted the exterior of our house Dorian Gray and were originally thinking Repose Gray for the shutters, but I don’t want the shutters to look too close to the house color. Any suggestions for darker grey shutter colors? We have already chosen a slate/navy blue color for the doors. Thanks in advance for your help!

    Carrie Tarrant
    • Hello Carrie, take a look at these options for shutter colors. Check out Gauntlet Gray SW 7019 or Going Gray SW 9554. You may also want to consider repeating the front door color for your shutters. A smaller palette can make your home look bigger with a more cohesive palette.

  29. We found a painted house that was a showstopper for us. We’re building a lake house, so it was important to get the right color for the environment. We were shocked to find out it was “Web Gray”. I would have never picked this out of the paint sample, so now, I’m nervous. I want the blue color to come through which we saw in natural light – will it? To me, it’s more of slate color? Also, our trim work will be Extra white, but we have a combination of cement board siding and shake style cement board… would you recommend a different color for the shake? If so, what one?

    • Hello Tammy, paint colors can be drastically affected light. There is no way to predict how that color will look on your home. We suggest you get a sample of the color and try it on your home to see how it looks day and night.

  30. We found our storybook home and have decided on Dovetail Gray. We painted big swatches on all sides and love it. Our dilemma is the trim, whether or not to go with something like the Pure White or if a Neutral Ground/Natural Tan type shade would compliment siding, stone and brick more? The front faces north but about 50% is natural stone/25% brick with the most siding exposed around the covered entryway and part of the garage to the west; south side has most siding because of the walkout basement with a large red brick chimney from ground to over rooftop and along with the barely seen east side is covered by lots of large trees; west side of house has largest exposure without trees and is the side most seen by others except for front. Black roof. Also unless someone says it just won’t work we’re leaning toward painting the front door Inky Blue. Suggestions?

    • Hi Lore, Inky Blue SW 9149 would be a stunning complement to Dovetail Gray SW 7018. We think you should stick with a clean white like either Pure White SW 7005 or Extra White SW 7006 for your trim. You don’t want to look like you were trying to match stone and failed. Either of those whites would complement the different finishes on your home.

  31. My builder was going to paint my house white and roycroft pewter.. but to me the pewter reads too blue and too light. I was thinking Iron Ore but its almost too dark, so then I’m thinking peppercorn, which is almost too light. Somewhere in the middle would be best. Any thoughts? I want a neutral charcoal thats not too overbearing. so like a slightly darker peppercorn perhaps? can you customize that?

    • Hello Hunter, so yes we can customize that to a degree. Peppercorn SW 7674 is pretty dark to begin with so it can only get a little darker and still work in a tinting base. However, the color can be “tweaked”. Tell your SW store you would like it just a little darker and they can work with you to get the color close to what you want.

  32. I needed to choose a monochromatic paint scheme for a small-ish condo. Chose Snowbound as it was the only white that didn’t clash with the carpeting, (a silver-beige that has a slight lavender undertone.)

    Want to add interest to the kitchen with dark lower cabinets. But want to avoid anything that draws-out the lavender in the adjacent rooms. What color options would you suggest? (Note: Kitchen counters and backsplash are white. Floors are bleached oak. )

    • Hello there, a silver-beige is also referred to as a Greige (grey+beige). Consider using Acier SW 9170 or Dovetail SW 7018 for your lower cabinets.

  33. We are looking to paint our home (siding) a medium to dark gray—it is modern style with black metal roof and black downspouts and soffits. We were thinking Dover Gray but would love suggestions. For reference our interior—Repose Gray and doors with trim Peppercorn.

    • Hi Toni! Can you provide a color number, please? We are not finding a Dover Gray/Grey in any of our archives. Thank you!

  34. We are looking to paint our home (siding) a medium to dark gray—it is modern style with black metal roof and black downspouts and soffits. We were thinking Grizzle Gray but would love suggestions. For reference our interior—Repose Gray w/white trim and interior doors with trim Peppercorn. Thoughts on exterior: Grizzle Gray—trim White—door Peppercorn —Thanks!

    • Hi Toni, Grizzle Gray SW 7068 and Peppercorn SW 7674 are great choices. Keep in mind that Grizzle Gray will look lighter when placed outside but that is a good thing. You want there to be a noticeable difference between house and door and you will achieve that with exterior use and white trim.


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