Our Top 5 Shades of Gray

We’ll always have a soft spot for this versatile neutral that takes on a number of different looks. Whether you’re looking for something that’s light and airy or boldly beautiful, our top five shades of gray give you a little bit of everything.

circles with shades of grey

Dorian Gray

Get a little greige with Dorian Gray. This warm hue features brown undertones that make this neutral a great transitional color for spaces where warm and cool tones can live together harmoniously.

Repose Gray

Repose Gray’s light shade has a warm undertone, but still appears slightly cool, giving you tons of options for where and how it’s used. This versatile mix makes it a popular backdrop choice since it’s known for going with everything.


Make a statement with Peppercorn. This rich charcoal instantly adds depth thanks to its dark hue. Create a look that’s even more dramatic by contrasting this gray with crisp shades of white.


This darker hue instantly blankets a room in comfort thanks to its brown undertones. Adding Dovetail to a space with lots of warm whites allows you to build a monochromatic space that’s extra inviting.

Web Gray

A little bit of blue and gray work together to give Web Gray it’s calming hue. This dark neutral features soothing tones that can accommodate a variety of design styles from classic to contemporary and everything in between.


  1. Love the 701# greys! I used Mindful Gray for my walls and am thinking Snowbound for the ceiling. Can’t wait to use the Dovetail for an accent wall or cabinets! What would be a good white for trim if I want it to really contrast against the gray? Right I have whatever white the builder of our house used with Kilim Beige walls/ceiling.

  2. Hi,
    I’m looking at Web Gray for front door with extra white trim. The house color is Gray Clouds. What do you think? Any other suggestions along those lines with a blue gray or maybe teal /turquoise?

    Kendal Hines
    • Hi Kendal, we think you are on the right track with Web Gray. Our concern with using a blue or teal is that is may accentuate the subtle blue undertone in Gray Clouds and your house may end up looking blue instead of gray. Web Gray is a great choice. Other good options would be:
      Roycroft Pewter SW 2848
      Peppercorn SW 7674

  3. Hi, I am using Repose Gray with Pure White trim as main color for open concept home. My kitchen cabinets are painted Acier and Repose does not give enough contrast. I have been looking at First Star but not sure if it is too light for trim. My countertop is Lunar Pearl granite with white backsplash. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Virginia Burchfield
  4. I’m looking for a gray for my living room light bright not dark please advise

    Cary moncada
    • Hello Cary, take a look at the grays listed below. They will never cast a dark shadow in your space. Check out:
      Light French Gray SW 0055
      Gray Screen SW 7071
      Modern Gray SW 7632

  5. I’m looking for a gray for the living/dining room, kitchen area of our new beach condo. The gray we painted first has a lavender hue when the light hits it, which I don’t care for – can you suggest a gray that is warm and inviting, but not dark? It’s a fairly small space and doesn’t get a lot of natural light.
    Thank you!

    • Hello! Take a look at these light but warm grays below. Any of which would work:
      Repose Gray SW 7015
      City Loft SW 7631
      Skyline Steel SW 1015

  6. I am looking for a true gray. I did some research and found Seattle was great but discontinued. What would you compare? I dont want a blue look but more of a true gray.

  7. We just painted the interior a silvery light gray (different brand) which actually just looks light blue in certain lights- despite the paint chip having said it had green undertones. I’m not fond of it, but it is what it is. We are now painting our cabinets. I chose “Pure White” for the bulk of them, but wanted to do the island a fun color. I want a very dark charcoal color, but now I’m scared of undertones after the wall color fiasco. Would any of “Rock Bottom”, “Peppercorn” or “Roycroft Pewter” be a good choice considering the coolness of the light blue/gray walls? (And the “true white” for the rest of the cabinets)

    Daniel Leach
    • Hello Daniel, Rock Bottom SW 7062 and Peppercorn SW 7674 both have a dark charcoal undertone while Roycroft Pewter SW 2848 has a silver undertone. For your space, you may want to avoid Roycroft Pewter as it may turn blue in your lighting. Lighting can do so much to a color, which is why we always suggest ordering color chips and placing them in your lighting. Order some free sample chips at swcolorchips.com.

  8. I removed the wall between the kitchen and living room now it is one big room. The island is going to be peppercorn – what color gray would you recommend for the walls and white for the ceiling and trim

    • Hi Debbie, what other colors are in your space? For instance, flooring, upholstery, countertop, and backsplash. Your space will look bigger and more cohesive if you pull colors from your space. Let us know when you get a moment.

  9. We are getting our house done with SW 7595 Sommelier for the LP Smartside Siding and LP Snowscape White for the Trim. I’m looking for a gray to paint our front door. Any recommendations?

    Marianne Dyer
    • Hi Marianne, take a look at either Westchester Gray SW 2849 or Cityscape SW 7067 for your front door. Either of these would be stunning.

      • We have a colonial with yellow siding, dark green shutters, and the concrete skirt is a light gray. I want the change the color of our front door from white to something that will be complimentary. What would you suggest?

        • Hi Velma, consider incorporating different shades of gray on door and shutters to incorporate your concrete skirt and pull everything together to create a cohesive palette. A beautiful look would be to add a medium gray on your shutters, similar to Gray Matters SW 7066 and Network Gray, and a darker version on the door, similar to SW 7068 Grizzle Gray or Web Gray SW 7075.

  10. I am looking to use web gray as an accent all with light french gray for my cabinet color. Will the light french gray pull any of the blue from the web gray or will it stay a true gray?

    Brooke Havelka
    • Hello Brooke, grays can only be made by combining color families, so there will always be an undertone to a gray making a “true gray” almost impossible to achieve. Light French Gray SW 0055 has a slight blue undertone to it, so that may not be the gray you want to use. Consider using Fortitude SW 9562 in place of Light French Gray, Fortitude is very similar but does not have any noticeable undertones. Order a free chip from our website to see how it looks in your lighting. Let us know if you need anything else. Thank you!

  11. Hi! We’re about to start updates on our kitchen. We chose Extra White for the upper & lower cabinets, Pure White for the trims and Repose Gray for the walls. However, I’m undecided what gray to use for our kitchen island: Dorian, Dovetail, Web or Ellie? The countertops will be white quartz with some gray veining & the floors will be dark hardwood. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • Blanca, you should stay in the Repose family for your island color in order to create a cohesive palette. Colors that would look beautiful on your island are:
      Dorian Gray SW 7017
      Acier SW 9170
      Dovetail SW 7018
      Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

  12. I am looking for a grey to paint the exterior of my house which is stucco. I was looking at Dorian but I’m not sure how that color goes well with stucco and the front of my house faces with south light. Can you make recommendations? Dorian? Other greys?

    • Hi Geraldine! Just to confirm are you looking to paint the stucco? If you are painting the entire exterior including the stucco then any color would work. Let me know if you are treating all the finishes on your house with the same color. Thank you!

  13. We are planning to paint the wall with repose gray with pure white trim thinking about painting our stair handrails and spindles peppercon or web gray wanted a true dark gray will that work thank you

    • Hi Lindsay, between those two colors, Peppercorn SW 7674 is a charcoal gray while Web Gray SW 7075 has a subtle blue undertone.


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