3 Kitchen Trends We’re Loving in 2020

Now more than ever, kitchens are the heart of the home, so it’s no surprise they’re getting all the attention. Give yours a look that’s full of detail and personality with these three kitchen trends.

Kitchen trends: Bold colors for kitchen cabinets.
Featured Colors: Downing Slate SW 2819 (Cabinets), Snowbound SW 7004 (Walls)

Kitchen Trend #1: Beautifully Bold Hues

We’re not saying goodbye to neutrals, but we’re starting to trend away from the clean, all-white kitchens we’ve come to know. “White and gray are still super important, but there’s a major warming trend as we’re seeking color and comfort in the kitchen,” says Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden.

Which hues will be satisfying our appetite for color? Dusty blues like Downing Slate and botanical greens like Pewter Green. These shades are quickly becoming the go-to color for cabinets and walls because of their unique ability to make a space feel bold and comforting at the same time.

Kitchen Trends 2: Statement Designs. A blue and white tuxedo kitchen with blue for the island and gray for the upper cabinets
Featured Colors: Salty Dog SW 9177 (Island Base Cabinets), Alpaca SW 7022 (Cabinets), Pure White SW 7005 (Walls & Trim)

Kitchen Trend #2: Statement-Making Designs

As colors get bolder in 2020, so does design. Tuxedo Kitchens are having a visually striking moment that’s ready for personalization. While the name might lead you to believe these spaces are black and white, they can feature any combination of light and dark colors. It’s really about creating that two-toned contrast that mimics a tuxedo. “This kitchen trend is a great way to give cabinets or islands a signature look,” suggests Wadden.

Photo Courtesy of Rejuvenation. Featured Color: Homburg Gray SW 7622 (Cabinets)

Kitchen Trend #3: Accessorizing with Style

What gives kitchens their cabinets-to-counter style? After color, it’s all about detail, so we reached out to our partners at Rejuvenation for some tips. “Lighting and hardware are the finishing touches you and your guests will notice the second you walk into the room,” says Kalie Eyman, Senior Writer at Rejuvenation.

Whether it’s oversized pulls or statement faucets, kitchen hardware with visual weight is gaining popularity. When it comes to finishes, aged brass and oil-rubbed bronze are the trending choices. These rich tones have a versatile look that pops beautifully against a wide variety of cabinet colors.

Another trend Rejuvenation shared focuses on an unexpected way to light up the kitchen. “We’re starting to see small-scale table lamps, like our Audrey Accent Lamp or Berkshire Table Lamp, used in the kitchen,” says Eyman. “We love how they make a space less utilitarian and more like the center of your home.”


  1. I love this trending direction for the home! Beautiful colors give a boost to the ordinary & expected “sameness” of the past. My mind is twirling with thoughts for incorporating these ideas, & I am heading to my lifelong paint store, Sherwin Williams, as soon as
    possible. Exciting!

    Ellen Krueger
  2. I love the new trends! We got a kick out of this because we have Pure White on top and Salty Dog on the bottom cabinets. Our walls are all Alpaca! Sherwin Williams is always our choice! We also have some feature walls with Urbane Bronze (hint, it is amazing next to Alpaca!)

    Llisa Maxwell
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Sounds beautiful, Llisa! Be sure to use the hashtag #SWColorLove if you post your projects on social media. We would love to see!

  3. These trends are great love them. However my kitchen is painted in an olive green colour & the cupboards are painted in the China Doll colour which is like a cream. What other colour can I use on the cupboard to make the kitchen pop more

    Helena Huggins
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Helena! What other colors are in the kitchen as far as flooring, countertop, back splash and appliances? Would you be open to painting your cabinets two colors?

      • I am open to changing the bottom cupboards. Am not afraid of colour. The floor tiles is light brown the counter top light cream to compliment the China Doll colour & the wall tiles have cream, grey & green all on the lighter side

        • Sherwin-Williams

          Consider painting the upper cabinets China Doll and then select one of the saturated greens below for your lower cabinets. Look at:

          Avocado SW 2861
          Basque Green SW 6426
          Sage Green Light SW 2851
          Saguaro SW 6419

        • Helena,
          Could you please post a picture?

  4. I luv your paint color newsletters!

    But it would help to see colors mentioned in the text. For example, today’s TINTED blog mentions Downing Slate and Pewter Green, but only Downing Slate is shown. Sure I can stop by the Sherwin-Williams store but would like to see Pewter Green while reading the blog. . .and before I forget the name!!

  5. Love the 2 tone cabinets. Would you do the wall to ceiling pantry the darker colour or keep it with the lighter colour? Island and lower cabinets done in dark colour uppers done in light colour. Not sure to do pantry in light or dark? Kitchen is U shape with pantry on one side.

    Irene ONeil
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Irene! Consider painting the pantry in the darker color – it will make it feel like a piece of furniture in the room.

  6. I have two tones cabinets today in a house built around 1900. An out of date pinkish pickle on top cabinets with glass doors and a slate black on the bottom. I have to replace a stand alone cabinet and was thinking an old china hutch or other piece of furniture to retro fit. What color would I paint it? Should I paint the upper cabinets to match? Walls terra-cotta stucco, granite primarily brown and orange, a small red chimney in middle of a solid wall and honey hardwood floors with warm white trim.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Maryanne! Are you looking for new colors for uppers and lowers? Also, are you asking if stand-alone cabinet or old china hutch should go in kitchen? And, what color should those built in pieces be?

  7. I love Alpaca it is a great neutral that really goes well with browns/grays. We have been using in our rental properties.

    Shannon Hail
  8. Want to do the two tones cabinets and love the Alpaca for top and Salty Dog for bottom. Would it be too much to stain my island because I do like the look of some wood? Do people do three different tones for cabinets?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Alpaca and Salty Dog are a stunning combination; if you introduce a third color, your kitchen could become “busy” looking which will make the space feel smaller and disjointed. Is it possible to paint the island Salty Dog and use a butcher block countertop just on the island? This will introduce the wood you want in your space. Keep your cabinets palette to two colors to create a cohesive and intentional palette.

  9. What is the best way to paint kitchen cabinets?
    Also will they chip?

  10. In a smaller U-shaped kitchen area is it best to keep lower and upper cabinets the same colour? Also we have grey-blue tiled floors, with maple-finished cabinets at present. And warm wood floors beyond the kitchen. What would work best on the cabinets for colour?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Catherine, it is not necessary to do the same color, in fact, doing two colors will allow for some dramatic color in your kitchen. Consider using a gray-blue paint color that is close to the color of your floors and then a soft white on the upper cabinets and the walls. We don’t have a visual of your floors, but look at these options:
      Uppers cabinets and Walls
      White Duck SW 7010
      Whitetail SW 7103

      Lower Cabinets
      African Gray SW 9162
      Dustblu SW 9161


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