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Our decks see a lot of rainy days and bright sunshine in a year, so it’s important to show them a little love when they start to get weathered. Follow this weekend DIY to refresh your deck for the season ahead and bring the beauty back to your favorite outdoor space.

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The real trick is finding a time when you can partner up with Mother Nature’s schedule. This project does require some time, so it’s important to find a few days when the forecast is free of rain and humidity.

DIY Hack: For most stains, 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimum temperature for application.

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Once you’ve found the perfect window, start prepping by making sure your deck is dry and free of any residues like dirt, debris, or mildew. These could prevent the stains or finishes from sticking to the wood. You’ll also want to protect any surrounding greenery or siding by covering them up with thin plastic sheeting.

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wooden floor

Stripping and Neutralizing

Getting your deck ready for a new stain involves removing old coatings and neutralizing the wood for staining. Our SuperDeck® Stain and Sealer Remover is great for stripping away everything from weathered latex stains to clear finishes, while our SuperDeck® Revive® Deck and Siding Brightener neutralizes and restores the color of your wood.

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man applying stain remover on wooden deck floor


Stains come in a variety of opacities. A semi-transparent stain shows off more of the wood grain, while a solid color stain creates a painted look. No matter which you prefer, it’s important to make sure your deck passes the water drop test before any stain is applied.

Sprinkle some water on the deck to see if the droplets soak into the wood – if they get absorbed it means you’re good to go. After your final coat of stain is applied, all that’s left to do is clean up and let your freshly updated space dry for 24 – 48 hours before enjoying it.

Ready to refresh your deck for the season? Get started on your DIY with this video and our easy-to-follow instructions.


  1. Is there a product that adheres to my terrible faded Trex deck?

  2. Like what I see, but we are in south Florida. I need some ideas for our lanai which is a covered porch that is screened in, if you did not know that. We love to enjoy the outdoor patio and landscaping but would like to add something different a little different.

    Dolores Lawson
  3. I plan on having my outside diamond plated steel deck painted. What type of paint do you recommend, it is rusty and paint is peeling in spots. Is there a paint that includes primer and paint. It is 7 x 20 feet. also how much paint would I need? What would the cost be?
    Thank for your help. Carol

    Carol Humphries
  4. How often does a solid stain need another coat? Our deck is currently painted and is due for a some TLC, which happens every 5 years or so.

  5. I used Super Deck exterior stain (clear) Batchwm3279cn 00258edm on a brand new deck followed all the directions and after almost one year I am not impressed with it. I am going to have to refinish with something else. If you send me a discount coupon I will try your system. I have always used Sherwin-Williams in all my projects due to the quality, but this one I am not happy at all.
    Paul Katinis

    Paul Katinis
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Paul, We are very sorry that you had this experience. For this type of situation, if you have not done so already, please contact the Sherwin-Williams store where you purchased the paint. Each store is required to address any customer dissatisfaction regarding product application. Please contact the store and speak with the manager.

  6. Just wondering if TREX can be restored/painted or just need to power wash?
    Thanks for your response

    Connie Cantin
  7. I noticed that someone else expressed dissatisfaction with your Super Deck and Dock product. Last year I had my deck redone by a professional. I was home and made sure they followed all instructions given by Sherwin Williams. When they finished it looked amazing. However, it did not weather well or hold up. This year, due to expense, I am having to redo myself. I was told I could use your regular deck stain over it. I have had to re-clean and scrape deck myself as well as re-stain. I am hoping to have a better experience with your original product. I can’t be doing this every year.

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Janet, we are sorry that you had this experience with Superdeck Deck and Dock after only a year. For this type of situation, if you have not done so already, please contact the Sherwin-Williams store where you purchased the product. Each store is required to address any customer dissatisfaction regarding product application. Please contact the store and speak with the manager.

  8. Hi! Does Sherwin Williams make a paint that can be used on outdoor cement that surrounds a pool? We are in the process of finishing pavers around the patio and would love to paint the cement in a contrasting color. Thanks

  9. Hi,
    Is there a product available that can be added to opaque solid exterior stain to help deter mold and mildew? We have just added a new screened porch with tongue and groove ceiling and floor and part of it faces north. None of the wood is finished yet.

    Tommie Swank
  10. If 70 degrees is optimum, I guess us TExans will have to wait till late fall??

    John Hetherly
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi John, ideally conditions should be in the 70’s with 50% relative humidity. Higher temps, direct sunlight and high humidity can cause adhesion issues or the stain drying before it properly absorbs into the pores of the wood. Warmer climates such as Texas may have better success waiting until it cools down.

  11. Is there any place you I can find the colors of semitransparent as applied to treated lumber. The swatches in the books look completely different than the wood samples on the wall at the Sherwin Williams I have been to. If I could see what they look like when applied to treated aged lumber would be a huge help since I can only by the deck stains by the gallon.

    Lisa L Keets
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Lisa, the wood samples will give you the best idea of how the stains will look. All wood species accept stains differently depending on the porosity.

  12. I have started using Deck & Dock on my large deck. I am having a hard time finding this paint. I understand there is a shortage but I must have my deck painted for a Wedding Sept. 25. I am close to a panic!

    Gail Crews
  13. What do you recommend for prep and paint (solid color) for composite material that is on upper deck? The composite color has just faded over the years – no mildew or scratches. Live in southern Georgia.

  14. Hi! Do you have a deck product for composite decking?


  15. Do you carry deck repair stain ?

    William Hendricks
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi William, please tell us more about your project. Are there deck boards that need replaced or are they worn and require a product that will protect against the elements?

  16. I have been using Super Deck for several years on my cabin’s log siding. I am in the process of re-finishing and was wondering about the UV protection with this product. Other people have been recommending other brands. Conditions in the area along the Continental Divide in NM can be rough. Thanks jk

    Jerry Kelly
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Jerry, it will depend on the product used. Stains with more pigment such as semi-trans, semi-solid and solid opacity will have more UV protection from the sun. Let us know which product you previously used when you get a moment.

  17. Can you paint a Mahogany deck, what are the steps and paint to do so?

    Jayne Clark
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Jayne, mahogany is a hardwood and requires additional protection when it comes to staining. We are the parent company of Duckback and the carry a product called Exotic Hardwood Stain for your project.

  18. We have a newly constructed dock and will need to apply stain within the next few months. What product do you recommend?

    Tina Powell
  19. I am wondering if you might have any photos of stains used on treated lumber to see what color might work best for my aged treated lumber deck that has never been stained. House has been painted Acier with gloss white trim and I am thinking a dark deck would be best.

    Thank You

    Lisa L Keets
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Lisa, we do not have photos of stains to share, but we do recommend signing up for a free Virtual Color Consultation. Our color consultants can take a look at your home to identify the color and opacity of the stain needed for your project. You can sign up here.

  20. My deck has a reddish paint on it already. It is in good shape but looks like it could use another coat of the same color. Should I strip it and then re-paint?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Rod, it will depend on what product was previously used. Typically with penetrating stains such as our Superdeck, as long as the surface is clean, dull and dry, another coat can be applied over top of the current coating.

  21. Staining existing backyard fence:
    Challenges: I have five neighbors:
    1. all 5 fences built at different years:
    (one of the 5 will be brand all new wood)
    2. Different woods: cedar, pine, some stained redwood, some not stained or treated at all….
    3. Goal is TRY to apply a gray stain….that will blend all 5 fences! PLEASE give me SOME direction! THANK YOU!

    Victoria Lucius
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Victoria! So if the goal is to make the fence look uniform in color your best option may be to use a solid color stain. Is that something you are open to? Or are you looking for more of a semi-transparent look?

  22. I have a severely worn deck that is built out of 5/4 deck boards. What would you recommend to seal and preserve the boards?
    They have been slightly damaged from pressure washing over the years I guess. I’m just trying to salvage what I can and replace the remainder. I was thinking a solid stain would work best since some boards will be new and others old. Thoughts?

    Houston Jenkins Jr
  23. I used the Super Deck Product. The deck was sanded to remove all prior finishes. I then washed the deck to remove all traces of dust. I allowed 2 days to dry, and then applied 2 coats of Super Deck. Allowing the first coat to dry completely. 4 months later I noticed some peeling. When I told the local SW store, he asked what type of wood. I replied ‘Cedar’. To my amazement he said, ‘Super Deck ‘ should not be applied on Cedar Wood. What? Where the hell is that noted of the Labels???? Answer: It is NOT.

    jon a fioravanti
  24. Is there a way to use several different stains on a wood covered deck Tomales it look weathered , maybe some Grey and some brown and ???

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Rhonda! So you are looking to use different shades of stain for your deck project? Or mix stain colors?

  25. Refreshing your deck is a great idea. Cleaning, sanding, refinishing, and staining will make your wood last a long time and protect your investment.

    It is a lot of work in the hot sun and many things can go wrong in the process. My opinion is to hire a professional deck staining company. In the Chicago area you can use a company like

    Good luck on your project.

  26. Help! My newly built screened porch ceiling was stained with Superdeck transparent Canyon Brown. It turned out WAY TOO ORANGE for the color of our brick and grey mortar. How do we correct this?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Kim, Please reach out to our Products & Application Team at 1-800-474-3794 #2 and they can discuss your options. Another route is to call or stop into your local store and have them see if they can add additional tint to get rid of the orangey-look. Thanks again.

  27. We have a older deck with some rough spots to restore. We bought the porch and deck enamel to use on it.. I hope it will turn out good..

    David Piper

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