Fresh Looks in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a favorite room for friends and family to gather for conversation. Give them something to talk about with a new look and a fresh coat of paint.

Dark grey Island and grey and brown counters in luxury kitchen
Featured Colors: Homburg Gray SW 7622 (Tall Cabinets), Black Magic SW 6991 (Island, Hood, Upper Cabinets), Shoji White SW 7042 (Walls)

Set the Tones

Add some flavor to the kitchen with two-toned cabinetry. Create contrast by painting upper cabinets black and leaving lower cabinets in their natural wood. Tone-on-tone cabinetry is an easy changeup with dramatic benefits.

airy kitchen with island and ceiling beams
Featured Colors: Anew Gray SW 7030 (Walls, Trim, Upper Cabinets), Elephant Ear SW 9168 (Island, Back of Cabinets), Crushed Ice SW 7647 (Ceiling)

Magnify Marble

Looking to bring a natural touch to your island? Marble is a great way to bring the outside in while making a statement. If you’re smitten with large swaths of marble featuring wide veins, make it stand out through a neutral color scheme. Paint walls and cabinets in white or cream to draw out the vivid details of a marble countertop and backsplash.

vignette of a kitchen range and cabinets.
Featured Colors: Succulent SW 9650 (Cabinetry, Hood), White Sail SW 9622 (Walls)

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to get colorful in the kitchen. Today, light grays and whites can be replaced by hues that invite a bolder style into your space. The good news is that you don’t have to completely redo your kitchen to get the look. Keep kitchen walls a neutral hue and paint the cabinets in a richer color like a deep shade of green. The contrast will add instant depth to the room and make your kitchen feel new.

small dining and kitchen, blue walls
Featured Colors: Sea Salt SW 6204 (Island), Stardew SW 9138 (Walls), High Reflective White SW 7757 (Ceiling, Trim)

Warm up the Wood

From floors to ceiling beams to open shelving, natural (and faux) woods bespeak an easygoing charm suitable for so many styles. Think of the wood features in your kitchen as the stars, and let paint play an award-winning supporting role. Sage or cream cabinetry complements a farmhouse kitchen with a large wood island and wide-plank floors. Navy and red bring intensity to a traditional kitchen mixing antiques and carved woodwork. Cool blues and yellows reinforce the open, airy nature of a contemporary kitchen with pale-wood flooring and shelving.


  1. Are Homburg Gray and Pewter Green in the same color palette? Would Homburg Gray make a good color for a foyer and hallway that have natural light? Would Pewter Green be a good color for a master bedroom?

    Diane Bragg
    • Hi Diane, we’d like to get a better sense of this space before making a recommendation. Please fill out the form for a free Virtual Color Consultation here.

    • What is the best white to use in a contemporary home with southern exposure

      • Hello Chelsea, our most popular whites for contemporary homes are:
        Pure White SW 7005
        Futon SW 7101
        White Duck SW 7010

  2. My kitchen walls and cabinets are painted Snowbound. The counters are white marble with gray veining. The backsplash is white subway tile. The backsplash above the stove is a light gray small tile. I would like to paint the lower cabinets a shade of blue to add some color to the room. The dining room which is open to the kitchen is painted Agreeable Gray with Extra white trim. I saw a photo on the SW site that used Downing Slate. I was also considering some darker shades but would like to still have a gray tint. Could you make suggestions to consider?

    • Hi Doris, We love the palette you have in your kitchen. Downing Slate would work but also take a look at:

      Storm Cloud SW 6249
      Before the Storm SW 9564
      Serious Gray SW 6258

    • I love Downing Slate. I just used it on some lower cabinets and it looks great! I cant’ attach a pic unfortunately.

      • What steps did you take to paint them and what kind of paint? I am wanting to do this too but worried because I painted my banister and its chipping.

  3. My kitchen walls are agreeable gray and counters are white slate with very little gray lines in it. I wanted to paint kitchen cabniets. I pick downing gray but it looks too gray. Could you make any suggestion to consider for cabniets?

    Sukhdeep Sunner
    • Hi there! Are you leaning towards a specific color family for your cabinets? Let us know! Thank you.

    • Gauntlet Gray!!

    • Hi. I recently purchased a lake house and am renovating a home built in the 1920’s. I added a wall of Windows, which are black but trimmed in white. Doing shiplap. I’m looking for a white paint that will help marry the black with navy blue sofa. Original pine hardwood flooring. Help?

      Kelly Zawadzki
      • Hello Kelly, take a look at these warm whites to marry your different finishes:
        Creamy SW 7012
        Cotton SW 9581
        Ivory Lace SW 7013

  4. My kitchen cabinets are oak my appliances are black and stainless my granite is shades of orange colors and black with some port wine hues. I want to paint my cabinets and wonder if white would be too much of a contrast?

    Kathy moran
    • Hi Kathy, what color is your flooring? Are you open to a two tone approach for your cabinets? We do think white may be too much of a contrast. Consider a darker color on your bottom cabinets. Let us know the color of your flooring and the current color of your kitchen wall when you get a minute, thanks!

  5. My open living room is painted Colonnade Grey. The ceiling is Snowbound. I have dark wood floors and a brown stone fireplace. Lots of light flows East/west through the room. My sofa is light gray. There are two light aqua are m chairs and an aqua, gray and cream rug brought from another house. I love Pewter Green! I am thinking about using it next to the fireplace in the wall where the tv is. The wall faces north. Do you think Pewter Green will work? I want to change to Colonnade Gray to something whiter. Should I use Snowbound again on the walls? There are wood beams across the vaulted ceiling.

  6. I live in a rental apartment with light (dirty now) beige carpet that I’m stuck with. I have a red couch which I can’t afford to replace right now and black (Billy) bookshelves and filing cabinets. I want to get away from the black/white/red theme and achieve more of a coastal Americana look and feel using mostly paint and accessories. Can you recommend some wall and trim colours that would work?

    • Hi Susanne, what color are your walls right now? A coastal look would incorporate a soft blue or green on walls, are you open to either of those color families? Let us know when you get a minute. Thanks!

  7. My kitchen and main floor is painted in origami white (SW7636) and we are now looking at painting our kitchen cabinets in a shade of white also that will compliment. We also have an island (attached to one wall) that could be the same or different color. Any recommendations on what White would be best and another color that could work for the island? Thanks 😊

    • Hello Karen, Origami is a soft gray so I would suggest you look at either Pure White SW 7005 or Extra White SW 7006 for your cabinets. As far as the island is concerned, you can use a dark gray like Classic French Gray SW 0077 or a saturated greige like Porpoise SW 7047.

  8. My ceilings and adjoining rooms are painted Camelback. Would Shoji white in my kitchen compliment the Camelback? I want to lighten the dark wood and dark granite countertops, but do not want to paint the ceiling or adjoining rooms.
    Thank you

  9. Our cabinets are Hickory & the floors are a light wood. Granite countertop is a dark brown. Any suggestions for color?? It is a small kitchen the opens up to living room. Looking for colors that complement each other.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Peggy! Are you looking to paint your kitchen walls? If so are there any color families you are interested in? Thank you!

  10. This is a longshot, but when you first used The last picture of this post in a previous post I saved it because I absolutely love the lighting fixture in the photo. Any chance you know where it was sourced? I have been searching For a few years to find it.

    • Hi Andrea, unfortunately we do not have that information available. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

  11. Hi, I have grey cabinets, black and stainless appliances and black and white speckled granite. I also have white subway tile backsplash. I’m considering painting the walls that really are just above the cabinets and act as a trim around around them, a dark or burnt blood red or dark burgundy to add color. Suggestions?

    • Hello there, be careful not to make the wall above your cabinets the focal point of your kitchen; consider pulling a color from your granite, perhaps a saturated griege like Intellectual Gray SW 7045. Hope this helps!

  12. Hi there I am looking for a white for a home office that gets a ton of natural light what would you recommend?

    Jody Johnson
  13. We are about to add a sunroom to the back of our house. I am looking for a white or off-white color that would compliment medium wood cabinets, white uppers and wood accents. I’d like a shade that is cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Recommendations welcome, thanks!

    • Hello there, unfortunately a color cannot be both cool and warm. Warm whites have a yellow undertone – look at White Duck SW 7010 or Creamy SW 7012. Cool whites have a blue undertone – look at Toque White SW 7003 or Eider White SW 7014.

  14. Some companies sell what they call cabinet paint. What are you recommending for cabinets?

    John Powers
  15. Hello
    I have honey oak cabinets and white dove on my walls, thinking of painting some of my cupboards on the top or the bottom… not sure what to paint top or bottom? I have an L shaped kitchen with a seperate pantry on stand alone wall and if pantry should be left in oak or paint as well? What color to paint? I have beige/grey wood flooring and a beige stone sink with beige/cream counter top.
    Any suggestions regarding cabinet color? Top or bottom? Do I paint stand alone pantry too

    Thank you

  16. My cabinets are finished in wood stain/lacquer are you suggesting painting the cabinets with a brush; is this a self-leveling paint? Do you have instructions or tips on painting cabinets?

  17. Looking to have my kitchen cabinets painted. Currently Maple cabinets with counter tops brown, beige, granite. Flooring is light brown parquet.
    can I use sea salt colour for my cabinets.

    Deanna McGonigal
    • Hello Deanna, Sea Salt SW 6204 is a beautiful color, but it may be too light to complement the different brown finishes in your kitchen. Consider going a little darker in the Salt Salt color family. For instance, Comfort Gray SW 6205 or Oyster Bay SW 6206. Either of those darker versions may better suit your kitchen.

  18. We ;used SW wall paper several years ago and it’s still firmly attached. Could we use SW paint to cover the wall paper?

    Ann S Green
    • Hi Ann, we typically do not recommend painting over wallpaper. However if you choose to, there are many issues to consider. The seams may not lie down properly. Moisture from the paint could cause blistering or peeling. Over a heavy vinyl the paint’s adhesion may be minimal. The texture from the wallpaper may not look very good on a solid wall. Note that the seams may be visible in some areas. Any of these things could cause a problem. For these reasons we always recommend testing the system prior to taking on the whole job.
      Keeping in mind the points stated above, the only paper that may be primed is nonporous paper. If removal of the paper is not an option first clean the surface. Then lightly sand the seams to make them as smooth as possible. Test a quick drying alkyd primer like the Sherwin-Williams
      ProBlock Interior Oil-Based Primer on the wallpaper. If the primer dries without lifting or blistering, move to the next step of applying a finish coat over the primer.

  19. Can I use Krypton on my kitchen walls if I have white cabinets and my living room is adjacent to the kitchen and it’s painted repose gray?

    Cindy Scruggs
    • Hello Cindy, yes Krypton SW 6247, which is a light blue gray, would look great next to white cabinets and complement the light greige tones in Repose Gray SW 7015.

  20. Our Kitchen/Dining and Living Rooms were painted Valspar’s “High Speed Steel”. It is a deep but alive gray color. all our trim is white. Its time to repaint and we would like to use a similar Sherwin-Williams color. In addition, our Kitchen cabinets are Cherry and need to be painted. What color would you recommend? We had a quote from a company that does kitchens – over $10,000. Our kitchen in not huge. We feel the price is way out of line and want to do it ourselves.

    Bob Garstin
    • Hi Bob, if you are looking to stick with High Speed Steel, your local Sherwin-Williams store can tint our paint into that color for you. Is there any color family you are leaning towards for the cabinets? Also, what are your countertops and flooring in the kitchen? Thank you!

  21. I want to paint my very dated kitchen cabinets, but they are laminate. Is there a paint and a process that will be durable and not chip within a couple of years? We like the laminate because it is so easy to clean, but the color is terrible.

  22. Lol! I just painted my 2nd bathroom Stardew yesterday. Love this color ! Beautiful!

  23. I have finally retired, and want to update my house with paint. I want to have my living room and kitchen painted with Sherwin Williams paint. I have picked out Navajo White for my living room walls and Extra White for the ceiling. I was wondering if you think that color would look good in my kitchen also? My house is small, and my kitchen is a galley style. I need help! How do I get a free consultation?

    Pamela Hendricks
  24. Hi there. I recently painted my kitchen cabinets – top cabinets are Alabaster White and bottom at Pewter Green. Counters are dark granite with hints of green. Now I’m struggling with what to paint the walls. Should I paint them Alabaster white to tie into the cabinets or perhaps go with Shoji white? Open to any color that brightens my kitchen! TIA

    • Hello there Marissa, stick with your Alabaster for the walls. If you paint your walls any other white, it may look like you tried to match Alabaster and failed. In addition to that, painting your upper cabinets and walls the same color, your kitchen will look brighter and bigger with a more cohesive palette.

  25. Hi,
    My builder uses Sherwin Williams paints. I will probably paint the open LR – DR – Kit walls in SW Creamy. But I would like to paint the dining room (3 walls) a different color. I have previously used and liked Ben Moore Palladian Blue. Is there a similar SW that you would recommend? Thank you much, Katherine

    Katherine Mitchell
    • Hi Katherine! Your local Sherwin-Williams store is able to tint our paint into that color for you. A similar color of ours is Rainwashed SW 6211.

      • I painted my living room in Rainwashed and we love it. It is airy, bright and beautiful and looks amazing in varying lighting which makes it really interesting and appealing.

  26. My kitchen walls are a sunflower yellow. I have dark brown cabinets. Any idea what color I could consider painting them? I have a long narrow kitchen with good natural light. Countertops are going to be done white granite with lightly speckeled gray and black.

    Laurie Pridemore
    • Hello there, we think a crisp white like either Pure White SW 7005 or Extra White SW 7006 would look fantastic next to your bright yellow walls.

  27. I am wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets a green color … is there a really great “nature” color green ?!! My walls are Snowbound and my doors are painted Black Magic.
    Thank you !!

    Carol Knuth
    • Hello there, there are greens that are considered “nature” greens. These greens do not have any blue in them and are greens you will see in nature. Some greens that would look great in your kitchen are Broccoflower SW 9039, Green Sprout SW 7728 or Great Green SW 6430.

  28. Please tell me how I can determine what my kitchen will look like if I want to make a bold change painting knotty pine paneling light blue and painting trim white. Thank you. It’s for my kitchen

  29. What is the color of the cabinets behind the Sea Salt Island? I love that color.

  30. My kitchen cabinets are white with black counter tops and a back splash that is small squares in varying shades of taupe, light blue and dark blue (looks much better than it sounds…lol). Right now my walls are painted a very soft gray…any recommendations for a new paint color for the walls? Thanks!

    Kathy Dowdy
    • Hi Kathy, we think a taupe would create a subtle background color that will allow your backsplash and counter top to take center stage. Take a look at Taupe of the Morning SW 9590 or Egret White SW 7570.

  31. My kitchen faces north. It’s small and dark. I love my original (circa 1958) oak veneer cabinets and crown molding. Honey color stain with lots of wood grain patterns. Walls are white. Floors are white ceramic tile. Counters and backsplash are beige neutral laminate. I don’t want to paint my cabinets. There is no island – no room – but one end of the counter is a peninsula dividing kitchen from eating area. Only window is over stainless steel double sink in the middle of the U counter shape. Honey woodwork matches the window frames and doors thru the whole house. Also built-in bookcases and mantle in LR.
    What about a color upgrade for backsplash and/or counters? Another idea – leave cabinet doors stained and paint the cabinet frames and inside cabinets??? Appreciate suggestions, as I can’t afford major work now. But paint – maybe.

    Susan Bunting Bianchi
    • Hello Susan, if you love your cabinets, we would leave them be and not paint the trim. You could paint the inside of your cabinets a pretty aqua like Interesting Aqua SW 6220 for a fun hint of color that will complement your cabinets, countertops and flooring. We do not offer paint for countertops so we can’t provide any help with that option, unfortunately. For your backsplash you could use Extreme Bond Primer and Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel however, frequent exposure to moisture could cause the newly applied paint to blister and peel.

  32. I have a few lower cabinets in naval, and the rest of the cabinets are high reflective white. Countertops are white granite with spots of blue and have white subway tile backsplash. I originally was going to paint the walls alabaster but felt the kitchen got too white and needs something more. I love light french grey as I’ve used that in two bathrooms now, but looking for other suggestions as well!

    • Hello Russell, take a look at Taupe of the Morning SW 9590 or Limewash SW 9589. Either of these soft neutrals will look great with Naval and High Reflective White.

  33. We have our walls painted repose grey, sunroom krypton. We are going to be painting our cabinets white and we want a darker grey shade for our island- recommended colors?

    • Hello Dana, consider using either Storm Cloud SW 6249 or Granite Peak SW 6250. Either choice would introduce a dramatic color into your kitchen without overpowering the space with color

  34. I’m in the process of sanding my cabinets to re-stain. Can you please recommend a light stain color that has no orange or yellow look. Just a simple light brown.

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Tanya, stain is a permeating product and is absorbed into wood. As it dries, the stain will pull out colors from the wood so the finished color has depth and layers of darkness to it. This makes it difficult for us to make a recommendation over the web. For assistance we kindly ask that you stop into a local store. They have the guidance and tools to help you choose. Thank you!

  35. Hello, I am updating a rental of about 1200 sq feet build in the 50’. I was considering using divine white on wall and pure white on trim and cabinets, would this combination work, the divine is taking in a bit of blush which I personally love but wasn’t sure would be ok for all walls. The you in advance

    • Hello Deborah, Divine White SW 6105 does indeed have a pink undertone to it. If you want to use a warm white without any pink in it, take a look at either Incredible White SW 7028 or White Sesame SW 9586.

  36. What other colors look great with Sea Salt and Oyster Bay for a coastal home? I have these two colors in my three main rooms but I’d like to paint furniture and such. I’d love to have a dark color, mid-tone, and something in true sky blue zone. That color above is lovely, so I may just go with that for my office.

    • Hello Michelle, a mid-tone blue would look great with those colors. Check out Favorite Jeans SW 9147 or Smokey Azurite SW 9148 for your furniture. Either choice would be a striking complement to your wall colors.

  37. We’re building a hse in Belize its all cement n the kitchen n LR are 1 big room my cabinets r mahogney just clear varnish I’m hving a hard time deciding what color to paint walls i’ m not a fan of oranges or purples bedrooms r in blue n greens floor is light grey any suggestions ?

    Maria Huntley
  38. I am going to start a kitchen remodel, the wall color will be pure white and the cabinets will be a soft white, I am trying to decide if the island should be black, ( my railing on the stairs is Tricorn) or because I love a white kitchen, keep the island white and add color with the back splash? ( the stove hood is in black!)

    Andy Bernstein
    • Hi Andy! Tricorn Black SW 6258 would be a dramatic splash of color on your island- a great idea. Also, having repeating elements throughout your home will makes for a cohesive palette.

  39. Is there a good option for a white paint that can lend itself to cool and warm? My house has a warmer white trim and everything in my house is warmer tones. I think our new windows being installed will be a cooler white.. I can’t seem to find a color to repaint the window and baseboard trim. This is making me crazy 😜

    • Hi Jamie! Extra White SW 7006 and Pure White SW 7005 are our go to’s for trim. We recommend grabbing a couple color chips and testing them in your space.

  40. I have dark walnut stained upper and lower kitchen cabinets and island, with typhoon bordeaux granite counters, tumbled travertine subway tile backsplash, and natural hickory floors. I also have SW 6423 Ryegrass walls above the cabinets with dark walnut stained t&g vaulted ceiling, and untinted base white enamel window trim. I would like to paint the upper cabinets a creamy color to lighten up the space. Do you have any recommendations?

    Kathleen Miller
    • Hello Kathleen, any of the creamy colors below would complement both Ryegrass and the other finishes in your kitchen. Check out:
      White Duck SW 7010
      Ivory Lace SW 7013
      Westhighland White SW 7566

  41. Hi! I have a black granite island with a birch wood color base and light birch shaker style cabinets . My floors are maple , the countertops are also black granite; it’s a galley kitchen layout with black appliances , and a back steel fridge on the side wall . The kitchen is part of a great room with a big brick fireplace wall dividing the house. The floors and cabinets are 30 yrs old, I can’t afford to refinish floors now, but am thinking about DIY cabinets and island painting project . Do you have suggestions for colors for island base, cabinets, and also the walls (which are now white). The adjoining walls to the hall are smoky gray and the great room is mellow coral but of course those can be repainted too . Thank you !

    • Hello there, for a project like this, we suggest you book a one on one virtual session with one of our designers. This is a “real time” consultation and is now free to our customers. Sign up at

  42. Would Divine white for walls and pure white for trim doors and cabinets look good in small rental house. 8’ ceilings, floors will be vinyl plank. Nothing unique about house. I love the Divine white it takes on a little flesh tone on the wall I tried sample but wanted your opinion on full house paint. I also have on hand 5 gallons of Dover white I could use. Your thoughts

    • Hi Deborah, Divine White SW 6105 will pair beautifully with Pure White SW 7005 on the trim. We say go for it!

  43. I want to paint my cabinets a taupe color. The Anew Gray is beautiful. Can you give me a few other options in the taupe family to consider? I’d like a warmer base but worry that it may look too pink in some light. Thank you!

    • Hello Eden, Anew Gray SW 7030 or Agreeable Gray SW 7029 are both Greiges (grey+beige) that will never turn green and look fantastic on cabinets. If you are looking for a non-pink taupe, check out either Taupe of the Morning SW 9590 or Mushroom SW 9587. These two taupes would work as well.

  44. I want to paint my Kitchen Cabinets. What type of paint specifically should I use. I am painting them white.

    James E Wence
    • Hi James! We recommend Extreme Bond Primer and Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel.

    • Yes definitely use the Emerald paint! It’s the best paint I’ve ever used. We painted our kitchen cabinets Pure White and haven’t seen any signs of chipping or wear. Plus it levels so well you can’t see any brushstrokes.

  45. We will be painting my son’s new kitchen walls and main level Pure White. We were going to paint baseboards and window trim the same. Will this white be safe and not show yellow or blue tones? It looks to be a bit of a grey-beige which I like. Would you suggest anything different? Or would you do the window trim a shade whiter? We want to get it right the first time! Kitchen cabinets will be white and island is charcoal. Countertops white quartz. Thanks.

  46. I am getting ready to move into a new house and everything needs a new paint job. I’m looking for a timeless country palate of a barn red, blue, green, and an off whites. Do you have suggestions for a plate that would go together?

    • Hi Jean! For a job of this scope and detail, you would benefit best from a one-on-one virtual consult with one of our designers. You can schedule a “real time” appointment with a designer when you sign up. This virtual consult will allow the designer to see your space and lighting which would be the best option for your project. Click the link below to get started.

    • Hi! Just painted the great room and kitchen walls Natural Choice and need advice. Would alabaster or pearly white be a good choice for the cabinetry? They both look so similar, I would like some contrast.

      • Hello Margaret, both of those colors are very close to Natural Choice – using either of them may end up looking like you tried to match your wall color and failed. Consider using a crisp white like Pure White SW 7005 or Extra White SW 7006. Either of these clean whites would complement Natural Choice beautifully.

    • My kitchen walls are Agreeable Gray. I have gotten white counter tops with gray veining and trim is Extra White. I plan to paint my cabinets a shade of white and my island Interesting Aqua. What shade of white do you recommend? Also, what type of paint is recommended to paint wood cabinets and cabinets with veneer?

      • Hello Mona, we would stick with your trim color of Extra White SW 7006. If you introduce a different white, it may look like you tried to match your trim and failed. Repeating your Extra White on the cabinets will make your kitchen brighter with a more cohesive palette. For cabinets we typically recommend Extreme Bond Primer and Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel.

  47. I used Paperwhite in my hallway and 1/2 bath. The paper sample looked like a creamy color but the paint has a green tone. Can you suggest a paint color that actually looks creamy?

    Barbara Murphy
    • Hello Barbara, colors will vary a lot according to your lighting. Consider switching out your light bulbs to clear or LED bulbs before you change your paint. If, after switching bulbs, your paint still looks green, get chips of these colors, and put them on your wall before you paint:
      Whitetail SW 7103
      Creamy SW 7012
      Ivory Lace SW 7013

  48. Looking for kitchen paint color. Currently sage green. Antique white cabinents granite countertops and beige backsplash. Looking for ideas

    Linda Levinson
  49. I have honey oak cabinets in kitchen and would like to paint the bottom cabinets and leave the top cabinets as is . Can you suggest a color. Walls are light blue with white wainscott

    wayne brittain
  50. Dining walls are Alabaster. What would you suggest for ceiling color?

  51. Hi. I have a kitchen and great room with lots of natural lighting. My walls are SW Accessible Beige with SW Pure White trim. The kitchen counters and island are white granite with gray and black with a small amount of amber throughout. The cabinets are stained black. I would like to paint the cabinets and the island base (cabinets and backside which faces great room). I love SW Sea Salt but it washes out and becomes a baby blue with all the natural light. I prefer greenish blues and gray blues. I would like suggestions for the cabinets and the island.

    Vickie Thurmond
    • Hello Vickie, yes Sea Salt is a very light color. We would suggest you stay in the same family but go several shades lighter. Consider using either Acacia Haze SW 9132 or Moody Blue SW 6221 for the island and bottom cabinets, then pair that with your Accessible Beige on the upper cabinets. A two-tone color approach will keep the space open and cohesive while still allowing for a dramatic color without overpowering your space.

  52. I want to paint my kitchen a green color. We have wood cabinets and I am considering just staining those. The kitchen is not very big, will a darker green make it seem smaller? What greens do you recommend?

    Miranda Cottle
    • Hi Miranda, are you painting/staining your cabinets green or painting the walls green? A dark green would work in most settings. Can you tell us what color flooring, countertops, and backsplash you have?

  53. Hi,
    I’m in a rental townhome that needs updating and the owner has given me “some” free reign. The cupboards are the 80’s med to light tone oak with the standard profile for that era. I don’t have many cabinets but I have a full wall of pantry. Is there an easy fix to cover the doors without damaging the
    ? My scheme is navy and a soft white w/soft champagne hardware. What can I do with the cabinets and what color should I paint them. I love two tone. Thank you.

    Lyne Faucher
  54. I need help selecting a color for my kitchen. My cabinets are dark cherry wood. Backsplash is cream subway tile with an accent behind the stove. I’d love to send you a picture to see what color I could pick up for the walls. I currently have a sage green but would like to lighten it up. I like the anew gray. Is it very dark? Thanks

    Trish Gallagher
    • Hi Trish, no Anew Gray SW 7030 is not dark but you may want to consider using a gray with a subtle green undertone, which would be a much better complement to your cherry cabinets. In addition to Anew Gray, take a look at Magnetic Gray SW 7058 and Unusual Gray SW 7059.

  55. We have 20 yr. old custom cabinets that are pickled maple, so when new they were light color but as time has gone by they now have a slight pink tone. I am looking to pick a wall coloring that would enhance these expensive cabinets and thinking that your Stardew blue would work well along with High Reflective White trim. Your thoughts?

    • Hello there, Stardew is a blue gray and will accentuate the pink in your cabinets. In order to play down the pink, look at a greige like Modern Gray SW 7632 or Skyline Steel SW 1015.

  56. We want to update our kitchen. It’s a real mess of a space but we can’t afford more than paint at this point. Currently there’s a mix of white ikea cabinets on one end and original wood cabinets also painted bright white on two walls opposite each other. Countertops are black engineered quartz. No tile backsplash and all stainless appliances. Engineered wood floor is dark cherry. It’s a fairly small kitchen in a Tudor style 1920s house. Would love to paint the wood cabinets.

  57. I recently moved to my house and the former owners painted the cherry kitchen cabinets with a chalk type paint that said it required no priming or prep. It is a flat finish chalky paint and is beginning to show wear around the knobs and edges of the doors. Can I use Extreme Bond Primer and Urethane Trim Enamel over this paint for a tougher finish or do I have to sand everything off first and start over?

    Barbara Fitzgerald
    • Hi Barbara, we say try to touch up cabinets with Extreme Bond Primer and Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel and go from there. You can bring in a door or sample of the color that was used to get a color match.

  58. Hello! I’m remodeling a home and the family room faces north and even though there a quite a few windows, I want to brighten the room. I’m considering Ibis White or the Soji White for the walls. The trim will be bright white. Would there be enough contrast between the walls & ceiling to see the two different colors? Thank you!

    • Hello Betsy, yes there will definitely be enough contrast to see that there are two different colors in your space. Ibis White SW 7000 is a soft pink/blush color and Shoji White SW 7042 is a soft greige which has a beige undertone. Either of those soft colors will “pop” next to a bright white trim.

  59. I would like to paint our kitchen cabinets white which are a laminate dark cherry currently. I really do not want to have any chipping so am requesting your honest advise on painting laminate and if so, what products do you recommend. Thank you so much.

    • Hello, Jean! We recommend using Extreme Bond Primer and Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel. Lightly sand the cabinets before you prime for maximum adhesion.

  60. Want to paint kitchen walls. I have bleached oak cabinets. Counters are a tan/ grey corian. What color paint would you recommend.

    • Hi Anita, are there any color families you are leaning towards? Thank you!

      • I’m looking towards a light grey green or grey blue. Thank you.

        • Hi Anita, since you have tan/gray corian counters I would suggest you go with your choice of gray-blue on the walls – it would be a much better complement to the finishes in your kitchen. Take a look at Krypton SW 6247, Stardew SW 9138 or Jubilee SW 6248.

  61. I updated my kitchen about 10 yrs ago. My cabinets are cream with a glaze. Counter is granite, . Brown and black. Can’t remember the name. Walls are light green. Floor is hardwood. Kitchen opens to dining room Just want a newer look. What color would you suggest to paint the walls?

    • Hi Karen! Consider painting your walls a warm taupe which would unify the different finishes in your kitchen without overpowering them. Take a look at Taupe of the Morning SW 9590 or White Sesame SW 9586.

  62. Hi,
    I’m wanting to paint our 2 story foyer.
    Are accent walls still “in?” Or should I paint all walls same color?

    Englemann, Christine
    • Hello! Accent walls are very much still “in” and are a perfect way to add a dramatic splash of color to any room.

  63. We are going to paint our modern interior white — perhaps Snowbound. Currently, the trim is Urbane Gray, which is fun, but I might change to a non-dramatic white trim, since we are selling in two years. What white trim would go nicely with the Snowbound walls?

  64. I have a small kitchen in a 70’s mountain chalet-type home. The walls are painted a pale green/gray; through the doorway, the dining area is a gray/blue. They translate perfectly. Currently, the cabinets are white, the appliances are stainless, with white farmhouse sink. One small window over the sink as source of light. Granite is tan/brownish with flecks of black, cream, and berry-like brown. The floors are maple hardwood. I am going to repaint the cabinets and want to do something different. I thought about doing the lower cabinets a different color. I am taking the doors off the cabinets on either side of the sink to open it up some. I even thought about black on the bottom, but am afraid it will darken the space. An off white/cream on top softens the look a little, but can’t decide on bottom cabinets. I actually thought about doing both a soft yellow. Any ideas?

    • Hi Debbie, don’t be afraid. Your first instinct was the right one. If black on the bottom seems too harsh, consider using a saturated greige which would echo the colors in your granite. Take a look at Urbane Bronze SW 7048 or Porpoise SW 7047 for the bottom cabinets and then a very soft white-gray on the uppers like Cotton
      SW 9581 or Sunbleached SW 9585.

  65. What paint do I use for wood cabinets in the kitchen? Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint??

    vanessa whitten
    • Hi Vanessa! For cabinets we typically recommend Extreme Bond Primer and Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel.

  66. I have honey colored oak trim throughout my house including all Doors and chair railing in dining room. Above the chair railing I want to keep white. What is a good color that would match honey oak for the bottom of the chair railing? It is currently painted a pumpkin color. Tired of that color. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    • Trish, any blue or soft green would be a beautiful complement to your oak trim. Options that would look great are Sea Salt SW 6204, Niebla Azul SW 9137, or Tradewind SW 6218. It is always best to look at color in your lighting

  67. My walls are repose gray and I would like to paint all my trim a darker gray color. Looking at software. I don’t want anything with brown undertones. What would you suggest?

    • Hello Leanna, Software SW 7074 would look like blue trim not gray next to your Repose Gray. Two other grays that would work are Tin Lizzie SW 9163 or Dorian Gray SW 7017.

  68. I would like to pain my island a navy blue and the perimeter cabinets a very very light blue (instead of white). What color of light blue would you suggest?

  69. I have light tan oak cabinets and dark brown island. The floors are brown wood floors. The walls are currently painted a light beige color, but I want to change the color of the walls to compliment the cabinets and island better. Would Oyster bay work or what would you recommend.?

    • Hello Chris, yes Oyster Bay SW 6206 would be a beautiful choice another option that would work would be Mineral SW 9637. It is always best to look at color in your lighting.

    • Hello Allison, take a look at these warm taupes. Any of which would work with your finishes. Check out:
      Kestrel White SW 7516
      Taupe of the Morning SW 9590
      Mushroom SW 9587

  70. HI! I painted my walls Agreeable Gray. Our coutertops are sparkling white quartz and floors are white marble with gray veining. What color should we paint the kitchen cabinets and island?

    Reena Patel
    • Reena, here are some suggestions for your cabinets, these colors will coordinate and create a nice contrast between the walls and the cabinets.
      1. Intellectual Gray SW 7045
      2. Mega Greige SW 7031
      3. Felted Wool SW 9171
      4. Keystone Gray SW 7504


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