5 Ceiling Paint Colors We Love

Who says color should be limited to walls? Elevate your space by selecting just the right hue for your ceiling!

From calming greens to bold blues and plenty of shades in between, the ceiling color you choose can make a room feel brighter, cover surface imperfections, create a cozy space or even make a dramatic style statement. Keep reading to see which “fifth wall” colors we look up to the most.

Sunroom with ceiling painted Billiard Green SW 0016.
Photo Courtesy of @laurenashleyelder and @lesliebrownphotography
Featured Colors: Billiard Green SW 0016 (Ceiling), Jazz Age Coral SW 0058 (Doors)

Capture Historic Charm with Billiard Green

A strong, historic color such as Billiard Green on your ceiling is an impressive way to introduce classic contrast and intrigue to brighter, airier spaces like sunrooms. The rich shade of green works particularly well if your space has warm textures like wood and leather or earth-colored elements such as terra cotta floor tiling. Accenting the bold green with subtle hints of a softer color like Jazz Age Coral adds playful charm to a room grounded in historic style.

Sunroom with ceiling painted Extra White SW 7006.
Photo Courtesy of @spetrichhome
Featured Colors: Extra White SW 7006 (Ceiling), Homburg Gray SW 7622 (Accent Wall)

Keep it Crisp with Extra White

It’s the classic standard for a reason. Opting for a white ceiling hue like Extra White means that almost any wall color you choose will pair harmoniously. Another plus: white ceilings reflect a lot of light, which can make your space feel brighter and more open.

Porch with ceiling painted Quietude SW 6212.
Photo Courtesy of @hatcliffconstruction
Featured Colors: Quietude SW 6212 (Ceiling), Dover White SW 6385 (Walls)

Embrace the Calm of Quietude

Take a deep breath in and out while you allow the cool, light green hue of Quietude to bring a sense of rejuvenation to your space. Try this green color on the ceiling in places where you can unwind — think sipping coffee on a welcoming, walled-in porch or taking a luxurious soak in a bright bathroom. For the wall color, Quietude pairs well with the warm, sun-splashed charm found in Dover White.

Porch with ceiling painted Tricorn Black SW 6258.
Photo Courtesy of @highland.haven
Featured Colors: Tricorn Black SW 6258 (Ceiling), Dorian Gray SW 7017 (Walls), Eider White SW 7014 (Trim)

Get Cozy with Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black brings a tall ceiling back down to the ground. While white ceilings tend to make a room feel larger, choosing this never-boring black makes a strong, purposeful connection between floor, walls and ceiling — perfect for a comfy bedroom or an intimate living room. As an added bonus, since Tricorn Black is a true black, it will perfectly pair with any undertone for your walls and trim.

Living room with ceiling painted Offbeat Green SW 6706.
Photo Courtesy of @whilefloriansleeps
Featured Colors: Offbeat Green SW 6706 (Ceiling), Starboard SW 6755 (Walls)

Go Bold with Offbeat Green

Prefer to march to the beat of your own drum? A surprising shade like Offbeat Green can make anyone look twice. Going bold still needs some ground rules, so try to complement a daring ceiling color like Offbeat Green with a deeper, more saturated hue that sits next to it on the color wheel such as a blue green like Starboard. Embrace your inner maximalist by pairing this stunning color with plenty of eclectic artwork, varying textures and mixed materials.

Ready to give your space a lift with the perfect ceiling color? Book a FREE Virtual Color Consultation with one of our color experts to make your inspiration a reality. We’ve also loaded these five colors into your cart for FREE color chip ordering.


  1. You guys rock and so does your paints!

    Brent Nichols
  2. Love color ceilings.

    John Golemon
  3. I love your colors and my family has always used your paints.

    Heather Allen
  4. Do you think I could paint a low ceiling in a sunroom a pale blue? Our ceilings are 7.5′

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Your ceiling is the 5th wall in your room, so it would look great painted a pale blue. What color are the walls in your sunroom? Thanks.

  5. Though I like the idea of color on your ceilings, I am really not comfortable with those in my home.

  6. Still a fan of the white ceiling … But might try the pale blue someday

  7. I’ve always done my ceilings in my own home the lightest and closest to white I can get to the wall color. Always looks amazing. I’ve also done it for customers as well. Not sure on tricorn or the other bolder colors in my own home, but for a customer, I’ll paint them any color you guys make. Keep up the great work as always.

    Steve's painting and more

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