A Single-Hue Haven: Painting Walls, Doors & Trim the Same Color

You may have seen this eye-catching trend sneak its way onto your Pinterest feed a time or two, but it’s making the rounds now more than ever. A space that’s dipped head-to-toe in a single color feels like it’s dripping in charm. Why can’t we get enough of this all-in look? We’re here to count the monochromatic ways.

A room where the doors, walls and trim are painted in the same color
Featured Color: Distance SW 6243 (Walls, Door & Trim) 

Blankets the Room in A Hue You Love

There’s always room in our homes for the things that make us happy. Whether it’s a cleansing blue or comforting charcoal, using the hue you love to paint walls, doors and trim in the same color is an easy way to blanket your space with positive energy. When you fill your home with the things that speak to you, it creates a confident space that reflects you. 

If you’re worried about the single-color look feeling too flush, creating a multi-sheen finish can add more depth that differentiates between areas. A flat finish is perfect for walls, but when it comes to the other details, you’ll want to add more dimension. Use a satin finish for trim and a gloss finish for doors.

Makes Your Space Look Bigger

Elevated style starts with drawing the eye up. When your trim blends with the wall, you’re keeping it free from contrast or secondary colors, creating the illusion that your space could continue forever. If you already have a room with high ceilings, painting everything in one color will create an even loftier look. If your ceilings are lower, to begin with, this painting trick is great for visually lengthening your space.

Shines a Spotlight on Decor

When everything is blending in, what’s standing out? A single-color interior keeps your space fresh by shining a visual spotlight on the decor and furnishings. As walls and molding blend into the background, it creates a colorful backdrop for artwork and plants to stand out. If you want to bring the wall’s color into the room, choose decorative items featuring the same hue.

Makes Painting Millwork Easier

If your room features lots of millwork like crown molding and chair rails, you might have already asked yourself what color you should paint them. If you’re thinking of trying the one-color trend, painting millwork the same hue as the walls eliminates any guesswork while adding some Victorian-inspired charm.

Thinking of painting walls, doors and trim in the same hue? Whether your color style is boldly beautiful or subtly stated, our easy-to-follow tutorial can help transform your room into the monochromatic space you’ve been dreaming of. 



  1. When saturating a room with the same color do you also paint the ceiling the same color or go with traditional white?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello there, ceilings are often referred to as the “fifth wall” for a good reason. Putting color on the ceiling can call attention to the vertical height in your room and create a cohesive palette. What color are you putting on the walls? Let us know when you get a minute. Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    I am repainting my living room, dining room and hallway walls The door and trim are painted SW Pure White. I want the wall colors to be in the white color family but have different shades for the walls. I have looked at alabaster, snowbound, choice cream, vanillan, and gorgeous white. The alabaster or the snowbound might be the choice for my accent wall which will have shiplap. I am leaning toward Gorgeous White or Cream Choice. I want a warm, soft look to all the rooms which will be painted the same one color. Which white colors would you recommend to contrast the SW Pure White? All my rooms have limited natural light so as long as there is some contrast to Pure White, I am looking for something relatively light in color.

    Thank you for your help.

    Pamela J Quinn
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Pamela, take a look at the following whites. Any of these would be a great complement to Pure White SW 7005. Check out:
      Futon SW 7101
      Pearly White SW 7009
      Natural Choice SW 7011


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