The Year of You: A Self-Guided Meditation to Finding Color

Say hello to the new decade by filling your home with the colors that make your space feel like you. Regardless of trends, or the color your friends can’t stop talking about, finding the hues that make you the happiest comes from a little self-reflection and following your intuition.

Imagine Yourself in the Space

Close your eyes! Creating your happy place starts by imagining yourself there, so it’s important to visualize what you want your space to look like before paint touches the wall. Whether you’re working with an existing color scheme or choosing a new style for furnishings, everything needs to work together. Get relaxed with a few deep breaths and put yourself in a headspace where color can find you.

What Happens Here?

Much like the chakras in our body keep us balanced, so do the spaces in our home. When it comes to picturing a color for the room you’re redoing, it’s important to ask yourself – what happens here? Is this an area where you’ll be prepping for get-togethers, or cozying up for movie nights? Understanding the purpose of your room allows you to create a place where color and function harmonize.

What’s the Energy?

Pairing color and energy starts by asking yourself a simple question. How do you want to feel in this space? Color influences the way we connect with our surroundings, but sometimes a hue that says spirited to one person might say serene to another – color is a personal thing. Think about the emotions each shade makes you feel and see how they stack up with the energy you’re envisioning.

What Does the Color Look Like?

Spoiler alert – the color you’re thinking of might be in your home already. When we find something we love, we tend to repeat it, so there’s a chance the color you’re picturing could be found anywhere from the clothes in your closet to the coffee mugs in your cabinet. If you’re not seeing the color when you look around, your inner-self might be telling you it’s time for a change. Even if the color you’re envisioning is a bright shade of orange, it’s still worth exploring since it’s on your mind.

You Do Hue

No one knows you better than yourself and the walls in your home are an extension of you. Don’t be afraid to paint them in a color that reflects that! Paint can always be changed to match your growing personality, so why miss an opportunity to live in the moment and follow your intuition? The color you’re envisioning has the power to nurture your confidence and turn any space into your happy place.

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