How to Choose a Living Room Color

Include the whole family when selecting living room colors. The living room continues to be the family sanctuary, the area of the house where everyone comes together to unwind after work, school or play. Because this room is shared and enjoyed by all, why not include the whole family when choosing a new color direction?

“But my family can’t even decide what to watch on TV,” you say. If you approach it as fun and engaging, color selection can be simpler than finding the remote.

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Testing, Testing

Looking for a way to narrow down your choices? Start with our Color ID quiz that’s designed to pair your personality with a perfectly curated palette that allows you to mix and match colors with confidence. With eight different palettes, you can find out who in the family is a Nurturer, a Dreamer or an Enthusiast. Once you’ve all found your palette, compare your colors to find a few hues that everyone loves.

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Take a Look Around

What’s the mood in the living room? It might look different from family to family. Some living rooms might be a place where everyone is cozying up for a movie night but it could also be a lively place where you’re entertaining. Whatever mood your picturing, it’s important to think about the paint colors that can reflect that. Studies show that color plays a significant role in emotions. Blue hues suggest calmness. Greens provide stress relief. Yellows conjure images of brightness and energy. Once you’ve determined how your living room is used, it becomes easier to make color choices.

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Get Everything You Need at Your Sherwin-Williams Store

Ready to start painting the living room, or have more questions? Your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store has the answers. Get advice on paint and painting techniques from in-store experts. Grab the right supplies to make your project a breeze.


  1. do you have a design person to help pick colors that will go together?

    Teresa Hugunin
  2. Hi SW crew, I requested a virtual consult 2-3 days ago. Wondering how long it may take before I hear from SW associate? I don’t mean to sound pushy nor do I believe it’s taking too long however I do believe that I am overly excited to have professional help. I’ve been part following your website and blog for sometime now and I am just a little anxious (ya think? Lol) to get going on this fixer-upper 🤮 we bought.
    thank you and I look forward to hearing from someone soon.
    Be safe stay well.
    Keely henson

    Keely Henson
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Keely, Typically it takes 2-3 business days for a consultant to reach out regarding an appointment. Please let us know if you have not heard anything so that we can assist. Thank you.

  3. I’m looking for an update for the great room/kitchen. We painted 16yrs ago with SW Scrubbed Pine on the walls, Miso Red on one wall & kitchen backsplash and Glass of Milk on the ceiling & a short wall. I still like these colors, but would like to brighten up. Floors are natural hickory wide plank, as are kitchen cabinets. Suggestions?

    Connie Williams
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Connie, if you want to brighten up your space I would suggest you switch out the Miso Red for an updated green-gray that would complement SW 1181 Scrubbed Pine and SW 8002 Glass of Milk. Look at these options:
      Hazel Gaze SW 9652
      Softened Green SW 6177
      Forever Green SW 9653


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