5 Trending Paint Colors Instagram is Loving

Instagrammers shared. We listened. See which paint colors got the most #SWColorLove on Instagram in 2020. From bold colors to calming hues, find inspiration for your next project.

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Tricorn Black

Keep your bedroom in style for years to come with an annual fan favorite, Tricorn Black. If you love cozy, light-colored bedding, a true black is the perfect way to add dramatic contrast on your walls.

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If you’re searching for a color to make your decor stand out, look no further. With its neutral beige undertones, Alabaster creates a warm backdrop to accentuate your colorful wall art.

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It’s no surprise our 2020 Color of the Year made the list. With its ability to evoke calm, Naval is the perfect hue to make your house feel like a home. Whether it’s in a bustling office or a peaceful living room, this color helps you feel grounded on your busiest days.

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Agreeable Gray

This color truly agrees with any palette and style. Use Agreeable Gray to add a soft touch to your sweetest rooms. Surround yourself in its warm undertones in spaces you want to unwind and feel at ease.

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Sea Salt

Looking for the perfect hue to make a room feel light, inviting and open? Nothing says “relax” like a serene color paired with a chic accent wall. Sea Salt brings the calmness of your favorite coastal destination to your own home.   

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  1. Totally agree with these colours, we’ve recently moved into a new house and have used alabaster, naval and agreeable gray! I’d love to attach a picture to show you our feature rooms.

    Elizabeth Robertson
  2. I currently have Naval and tricorn black in my house. I wanted to my Den. I want one wall to be Naval and unsure what to paint the other walls. I was thinking of peppercorn. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Daniel, Naval and Peppercorn are too close in hue and intensity to be used in the same room. Naval as an accent color is a great idea, but you would need to pair it with a color a few shades lighter than Peppercorn. Take a look at Gray Matters SW 7066 or Tin Lizzie SW 9163 for the other three walls in your den. Either of these would look great and really make your Naval wall “pop”.

    • I painted my bedroom Watery 5 years ago and now ready to paint again – I’d like for the color to be reminiscent of a Hawaii trip in any serene shade of blue and/or green. Can you recommend a color?

      • Hello Mary, consider using either SW Quietude 6212 or Interesting Aqua SW 6220 to create the serene, vacation vibe you want.

  3. I would love to repaint my guest bedroom accent the tricorn black….should i leave other walls white

    Mamie Oatis
    • Hello Mamie, Tricorn Black SW 6258 will make a beautiful, dramatic accent color. We would consider pairing that with a color warmer and darker than white. There is a large contrast between Tricorn and white, the effect may be jarring. Instead of white, take a look at these warm, light neutrals. Any of these would work and really make your Tricorn wall “pop”. Check out:
      China Doll SW 7517
      Canvas Tan SW 7531
      Bauhaus Buff SW 7552

  4. I have navy blue kitchen cabinets (lower) with white uppers in a walk-out basement that has some natural light. Carpet is a darker gray with black/white contrast. Wondering what color to put on walls. I was thinking more along a blueish gray, what would you suggest?

    • Hi Michelle, we recommend that you paint your walls the same white as your upper cabinets. This will make your room seem bigger and more cohesive. You want to keep the accent on your lower cabinets, so let the walls be the background to your dramatic blue.

  5. I have a SW “taupe” color on my walls but can’t remember exactly which one. I like Agreeable Grey, but wish for it to be slightly warmer in the reddish tones. Got a color suggestion?

  6. Can you recommend a whole house color that is a neutral very light gray (without being too pink OR too blue) or even a color that is off white (not yellow cream)? The Alabaster looks like it could be a possibility.

    • Hi Kelly, Alabaster is considered a white color, if you want a very light gray in the white family, look at:
      Eider White SW 7014
      Drift of Mist SW 9166
      Toque White SW 7003

  7. I have painted my entryway, kitchen, great room, and sunroom simple white. I am looking for a color for my dining room off of the entryway. I was wanting a blue gray type of color. I do have to be careful because my simple white can have a purple hue when the sun comes in, so I want to make sure the blue gray I pick for my dining room does not have any purple hues.

    Jennifer Sidebottom
    • Hi Jennifer, these colors, listed lightest to darkest, have a charcoal undertone and will not turn purple. Take a look at African Gray SW 9162, Software SW 7074 and Web Gray SW 7075. You can order free color chips to see how they look in your space.

  8. We are having a disagreement on which wall to make an accent wall. Help.

    Debi Heckard
  9. I want to redo my living room. I like both modern farmhouse and boho. I have a large bay window with a southern exposure. What colors would be good to paint the walls?

    • Hi Lisa! For a job of this scope and detail, you would benefit best from a one-on-one virtual consult with one of our designers. You can schedule a “real time” appointment with a designer when you sign up. This virtual consult will allow the designer to see your space and lighting which would be the best option for your project. Click the link below to get started. https://homeowner.sherwin-williams.com/colorconsult/

  10. In a small bedroom would naval work as an accent wall with a warm tan on the other walls? Any suggestions?

  11. I have Agreeable Gray and Alabaster throughout my house. I love the naval color and would like it in my bathrooms, however they are quite small so I think it would be too dark for the walls. Would it be a good color to paint the cabinets?

    • Hello there, yes, yes, yes. Naval SW 6244 is a fantastic choice for your bathroom vanities – it is a great way to introduce a dramatic color without overwhelming your space with a dark color. After you paint, try to incorporate the navy in a hand towel, waste basket or shower curtain in order to make for a cohesive palette.

  12. My realtor told me I have to paint my finished basement. I really like the bright colors it is now, but she said it won’t sell. The basement is mostly underground and doesn’t get much natural light. (Pot lights give plenty artificial light.) The woodwork is white and the floors are a medium wood grain vinyl tiles. Can you suggest some colors that would brighten up the space, be neutral, and blend with the upstairs. Thanks so much!

    Carolyn Murphy
    • Hello Carolyn, well, we don’t want to upset your realtor! Seriously, look at these soft greiges, any of which would look great with the existing trim and floor. Check out Limewash SW 9589, Gossamer Veil SW 9165, or Drift of Mist SW 9166.

  13. My study room has 1 accent wall that is painted blue , I had cabinets and desk made by a custom cabinet maker and other wall are the new color trend that is the new agreeable gray color, please can u recommend a paint color for the cabinet and desk , the carpet is a beige color … thanks

    • Hi Sheila, did you want to paint or stain the new furniture? Also, can you please tell us the name of the blue color so we can pull together some options for you.


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