Unleash Your Weekend Warrior

Anything’s possible when the weekend rolls around! If you’ve been itching to get a jump start on a growing collection of DIY projects, weekends are the perfect time to shorten your to-do list. Pick a few projects that can be completed in a day or two, so you can enjoy a freshly painted space by the time Monday rolls around.

open closet with clothes by entry door

Update an Entryway Closet

Have a messy closet in need of a re-do? Look at it in a new light by taking off the doors to create an open space that makes organization a top priority. Our Entryway Closet Update adds a splash of inviting color that’s great for making your refreshed closet a fun focal point. Since an entryway sets the tone for your home, this project is a great way to kick off a weekend of DIY projects.

Light blue walls and white plates bathroom

Make Your Half Bath a Haven

Impress guests with a half bath they won’t want to leave. With a fresh coat of paint, and a few new accessories, half baths can take on an entirely new look all in a weekend’s work. Even though these spaces are smaller in size, that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from using dark colors – they’ll give your bathroom an intimate feeling that puts everyone at ease. If you’d prefer to create an energizing effect instead, light colors are great for giving your space an awakened look.

Green kitchen island with white counter-top and light gray cabinets

Add Color to Your Kitchen Island

It’s the center of your kitchen – let it steal the show. Whether you’re sharing breakfast or entertaining your closest friends, the kitchen island is a gathering place that’s waiting for a splash of color. Not sure where to start? Take some color cues from your kitchen. If you already have a room full of color, you can easily pull inspiration from an existing shade. If your kitchen is full of neutrals, you can still add a pop of color by selecting a bolder neutral that allows your island to stand out.

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