Sweet Dreams: Bedroom Makeover DIYs

Recharge any bedroom with these eye-opening makeover ideas.

Bedroom, bed, green wall behind, window on the side

Get Some Green Energy

Aloe, gerbera daisies and peace lilies add color and texture to your space. A soothing green hue on bedroom walls reinforces the holistic beauty of your blooms. A neutral white or off-white pairs well on the other walls to help widen the space and create a tranquil and sophisticated feel.

Bedroom, part of bed, mirror, creamy walls, window

Aim High

Change the mood in a bedroom by repainting the ceiling: vibrant stripes for a cheerful toddler’s bedroom, cool blue for a soothing guest retreat, or a dark brown or gray to suggest depth in a main bedroom.

Bedroom, bed, behind the bed wall with blue gradient wall

Make the Gradient

The gradient or “ombré” effect starts by painting the base of the walls one color, the ceiling another color and using colors in between to create a seamless look. With the gradient effect, a bedroom wall becomes a conversation piece. What’s more, you’ll have many color options to coordinate furniture and bedding. See how you can paint your own ombré accent wall.

wooden bed and black wall

Get the Picture

Make a gallery wall in a guest bedroom to display framed photos of memorable vacations or some of your favorite prints. A matte-black wall makes a great backdrop for your photos. You can also pull out a hue from colorful artwork and use it for the gallery wall. This charming detail makes guests feel right at home.


  1. I love the bedroom (Aim high) in the tinted section with the brown ceiling and yellow walls. Please confirm the colors are grounded for the ceiling and what color is on the walls?

  2. I love the green in the first photo, “Get some green energy”. What is that paint color?

  3. Hi I have a red wall in my master bedroom, I am putting my house for sale so I need to change colore.
    My colores for my bed spread is golden brown red my drapes are red, and golden brown, stripes. The floor I cherry and furniture. Could you help me to pick a light colore so everything Coordinaten.
    Thank you

    Sylvia liddle
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Sylvia! Look at the warm neutrals below, any of these will unify the different colors in your bedroom:
      Muslin SW 6133
      Rice Grain SW 6155
      Netsuke SW 6134
      Polar Bear SW 7564


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