5 Trending Paint Colors for Your Doors

Are your doors knocking for color? From bright pastels to bold neutrals, these trending paint colors from you prove that the front door isn’t the only place to get colorful with doors.

Door paint colors, Peppercorn.
Photo Courtesy of @hautehouselove


Peppercorn’s rich, charcoal shade is a color that’s friends with everyone. Whether it’s paired with white-washed brick or wreaths of greenery, this neutral hue makes it easy to coordinate your door with the rest of your home.

light blue laundry room door
Photo Courtesy of @onceupona1912


Need a little laundry motivation? Just like this Cavapoo, we love the way an airy shade of blue can brighten a room. Waterscape is perfect for bringing a cheerful look to everyday spaces like the laundry room.

dutch door, light green
Photo Courtesy of @revivalflat


Instead of using white to contrast a darker exterior, try a pastel to create the same effect. Sprout’s pale shade of green on this Dutch door creates an inviting palette that makes your door a focal point.

door paint colors, Quite Coral
Photo Courtesy of @buildtobeautify

Quite Coral

A splash of coral color is a fun way to make your home feel bright and inviting year-round. These double doors in Quite Coral make a bold statement that pairs beautifully with natural accessories like potted greenery and jute rugs.

door paint colors, white truffle
Photo Courtesy of @rosedoorhome

White Truffle

A hallway full of doors is the perfect place to get creative with color. A soft shade like White Truffle brings a subtle hint of pink that pops against classic neutrals like a crisp white.

Ready to give your doors an update? This easy DIY is one of our favorite ways to give homes a little zhuzh that goes a long way. Follow our How to Paint a Door tutorial to add a fresh coat of color in a few simple steps.


  1. This tint iidea s so helpful I have chosen white truffle for doors onto hallway,apple white for all ceilings.waterscape for inside the kitchen door.each door inside will blend with the colour of each room.thankyou

    Ann harford
  2. Is there a colour called Chinese red? We have a gazebo that has a moon gate and I thought the colour was called this by the designer.

  3. Thinking of painting front door and shutters Peppercorn SW7674, question I have a walnut paneled garage door, would that look good?

    • Hello Kathy! Peppercorn is a nice gray/black and using it on your house would fit in with the Modern Farmhouse look that is very popular now. A saturated navy would complement the walnut garage door much better. Any of the navy blues below would really highlight and make your walnut door “pop”. Take a look at:
      Naval SW 6244
      Charcoal Blue SW 2739
      Mineral Gray SW 2740

      • Hi I am thinking of using peppercorn on the inside of the 2 large French doors…it seems like quite a neutral color would it go with a dove white on the walls? Anything I should think about with coordinating this color?

        Cedric Osborne
        • Hi Cedric! That is a beautiful and classic combo – a very modern spin on black and white. In order to create cohesive palette, repeat the Peppercorn in your room through accessories, pillows, throws, etc.

          • Hello. I am paintong my exterior mindful grey with a white trim. I am struggling on the front door as not sure i want white. Is peppercorn a good color for the front door?

          • Hi Jeff, Peppercorn SW 7674 is a great choice for your door. The saturated color in Peppercorn will allow your door to stand out while still creating a cohesive palette. One other color that is similar that would work also is Black Fox SW 7020.

  4. Hi. We’re having the large gable ends, front door and shutters painted on our brick house. Sherwin Williams paint will be used. Is there someone who can help me with picking the colors?

    Helen Porter
    • Hi Helen! We now offer free 30-minute virtual consultations with one of our color experts to get one-on-one guidance for your painting project via text, email, phone call or video chat. Complete the form to request a Virtual Color Consultation

  5. I used Peppercorn on my kitchen island, it looks beautiful.

    Renee Miller
  6. Hello…we are working on our church parsonage which has white vinyl siding. I like the peppercorn for the shutters. What do you recommend for the front door? Thank you.

    dawn chadwick
    • Hi Dawn! Are you open to using a red on your door? That is a classic look and never goes out of style. Let us know.

  7. Have Natural choice on walls in kitchen, den & dining. Need to paint cubbards whiter on top & a shade of blue / green on island or lower cabinets.
    Floors 7” red & lighter oak greys

    • Hi Dee- We recommend painting the island and lower cabinets the same blue or green. We listed some options for both upper and lower cabinet colors. Any of the options below would work with Natural Choice. You can mix and match options.
      Option A Option B
      Upper cabinets White Flour SW 7102 Whitetail SW 7103
      Lower cabinets Evergreens SW 6447 Charcoal Blue SW 2739

  8. We just made a room into an office. The color now is dark teal. Too dark for that room with no windows. Can you suggest a good office color preferably something light. There is windows in double doors but that is it. We love blues

    Heidi Lloyd
    • Hi Heidi! We can help. Please let us know what other colors are in your office such as flooring, window treatments and furniture. Are there any color families you prefer? Dislike?

      • Our cottage style house is painted dorian grey on all the lap siding, with dovetail on the shingled accents and black fox trim. Our front door is currently monarch gold. All in satin finish i want to repaint the front door black fox but am considering a semigloss. Help…is that a bad idea?

        Kimberly Lux
        • Hello Kimberly! In order to make your door “pop”, consider a clean, crisp white, similar to Extra White SW 7006. A white door will also allow you to switch out with dark iron accents or season wreaths.

        • We are painting our Log cabin a dark brown, trying to decide on a color for the door and window trim, saw the Ralph Lauren color barn red, thinking that would be a great match, what do you think? Do you even still carry it?

          • Hello, Janice! Ralph Lauren is a different paint company so unfortunately; we do not carry it. If you are looking for a barn red in our palette, look at:
            Red Barn SW 7591
            Rustic Red SW 7593
            Stolen Kiss SW 7586

      • We have a mudroom that is light blue with white trim. Our front door, inside the mudroom, is red. I would love to update the red but not sure which of your colors to use. I do also love the peppercorn but am stuck since red is supposed to bring good luck. Please help!

        • Hello! We think you are safe to paint the interior door a different color. Peppercorn is a very dramatic charcoal/black, but it may be too dark for your light blue. Are you open to using a yellow or navy? Those two color families would flow better with the color on the wall. Let us know if you are open to yellow or navy and which one you would prefer when you get a minute.

          • Thank you for your ideas! We have Naval in our bedroom as an accent wall and love it. Can you recommend a yellow to go with our light blue walls? Thanks!

          • You are welcome! Here are some light yellows to look at:
            Friendly Yellow SW 6680
            Lantern Light SW 6687
            Butter Up SW 6681

  9. Does Peppercorn come in matte and gloss finishes?

    Patti Goers
    • Hi Patti, Please let us know more about your project so that we can help make a product and sheen recommendation.

    • I just did my living room and entry way in peppercorn (Cashmere, satin)with pure white Trim. It is amazing! Every one who sees it is in love!

      Jenny Johnson
  10. What would be a good color for a door, if the brick house is painted mossy, sage green color?

    • Hello Natalia! A dark chocolate brown would look stunning. Take a look at:
      Rookwood Dark Brown SW 2808
      Plantation Shutters SW 7520
      Sable SW 6083

  11. We just moved into a house that has a front door not made of real wood. It’s probably fiberglass.
    I would really like to paint it peppercorn ,but don’t know if it will adhere. Thoughts?

  12. We live in a brick house that has a light yellow tone. With a deep brown roof. Would peppercorn look good on the front door?

    • Hi Deb! We recommend unifying the palette by considering a dark chocolate front door. Take a look at:

      Rookwood Dark Brown SW 2808
      Plantation Shutters SW 7520
      Sable SW 6083

  13. I plan on painting my house a sage green. It has a white (not bright!) metal roof, and white trim. What do you suggest for door color?

    • Hi Cheri! A dark chocolate brown door would look stunning. Take a look at:

      Plantation Shutters SW 7520
      Sable SW 6083
      Rookwood Dark Brown SW 2808

  14. Unsure of how to get the color consultation. Building new home and trying to narrow down the color choices. Trying to be bold and use blue for garage doors and front door. This is a lake home and want “fun” casual sophistication.

    Kim Hudgins
    • Congratulations on your new home, Kim! We offer free 30-minute virtual consultations with one of our color experts to get one-on-one guidance for your painting project via text, email, phone call or video chat. Complete the form to request a Virtual Color Consultation.

  15. The siding on my house is a pale yellow and I have some darker gray shutters on the windows. My front door is just an off white and I wanted to paint it. If I paint it peppercorn, do I put that same color on the inside of the door or would that make my small living room too dark with wall colors of comfort gray?

    • Hi Wanda! You are correct, Peppercorn on the inside would be too dark. We agree that you should paint the inside a color – it adds and unexpected pop of color. A better option would be a color similar to the soft pale yellow of your siding. This color would create a cohesive palette linking outside and inside; this yellow would complement the comfort gray of your living room as well.

  16. We are trying to make our home feel more modern traditional after a full kitchen renovation. Colors don’t seem to go now. Considering painting the fireplace a crisp white, and add an accent wall for a nice pop! Thoughts on modern traditional colors to bring together a kitchen/living room open concept floor plan?

    • Hi Kerri! A white fireplace is a beautiful idea and is a quintessential look for a modern traditional look. This white fireplace lends itself to any color family. What other colors are in your space in terms of: flooring, upholstery, window treatments and accessories?

  17. I have between a grey and blue color vinyl siding and our double doors are black which are fine, however I really like the peppercorn color. Do you think that would work with the color of our siding?

    • Peppercorn would look fantastic. It has the dramatic look of black, but its charcoal undertone gives the color more depth than a regular black.

  18. Hello:

    I just moved into a new South Carolina home. The home is a pale blue and I am looking to paint front door and put up shutters. I think shutters have to be black. What color door would you recommend? I was thinking a deeper orange or red.

    Thank you.


    Dawn Swanson
    • Hi Dawn, can you confirm what you are looking to use a deeper red/orange on? We would consider using a coastal them for your exterior.

  19. What is a good colour to paint a small house that have an open concept from kitchen to eat in area and living room. Cupboards & hardwood floors are dark brown, kitchen table painted grey/white and living room furniture is grey.. we currently have it painted SW site white.

    • Site White has a subtle blue-grey undertone to it. Did you want to switch to a different color family all together? Are you open to a warm white with a yellow/cream undertone? A warm white would look great with everything else you have in your home. Let us know when you get a minute. Thanks!

  20. Such a timely post! We have just moved back into our home in northern Canada after renting it out for a few years. There is a lot of exterior freshening up left to do and my goal for next week is to repaint the exterior doors. I am unsure what colour to paint the front door; our exterior siding is a light tan with brown-grey trim and natural brown-grey stone. My style preference is inviting, warm, and classic (think Restoration Hardware). Also, the front door and garage are currently painted the same colour – should they stay the same? We appreciate a few recommendations.

    • Hi Holly! Paint the front and garage doors the same color. A classic black, navy or bronze would look beautiful on your home. Look at:
      Charcoal Blue SW 2739
      Tricorn Black SW 6258
      Urbane Bronze SW 7048

  21. I am changing from Valspar to SW. I have already painted the outside of my home Cafe Blue Valspar. Looking for a front door color in SW that will look great. Ideas?

    Also, I am currently painting my bath Sea Salt! LOVE LOVE!

    Vickie lynn Cooper
    • Hi Vickie! Any of the warm, golden neutrals would look stunning on a house painted Café Blue. Look at:
      Vintage Gold SW 9024
      Farro SW 9103
      Coriander SW 9025

  22. Hi, I’ve always struggled with picking paint colors for my home and want to change my front door and shutter color that are currently a dark bronze color. Our Lake house is painted Nantucket Dune SW 7527 and we have natural stone bases with grey, brown, taupe, and some light rust with tapered white columns on them. Would love your recommendation for a front door refresh, I’m considering peppercorn but would greatly appreciate other choices as our roof shingle has more browns/blacks/ olive green tones. Thank you and can’t wait to see what you recommend.

    • Hi Lisa! Peppercorn SW 7674 is a classic choice for your door. Another color family, specifically a saturated navy blue, would look beautiful on your lake house. Take a look at:
      Charcoal Blue SW 2739
      Naval SW 6244
      Mineral Gray SW 2740

  23. Hello, my walls are Dorian Gray and I want a really dark gray to paint the cabinets. However, black fox turns too brown in my light and peppercorn turns too blue. I have also tried urbane bronze and it’s giving brown vibes as well. Any other suggestions?

    • We think any of the saturated grays below would look great next to Dorian Gray. Look at:
      Classic French Gray SW 0077
      Grizzle Gray SW 7068
      Westchester Gray SW 2849

  24. What type of paint should I use to paint my vinyl shutters (they’ve already been painted)? I intend to paint the front door/shutters peppercorn (original shutter color was a burgundy color).

  25. Hello!
    I have been pouring over paint colors for my small open kitchen to living room. Right now the living room is gold and a rusty color in the kitchen and going up the stairs. I am partial to warm colors and like the cayenne, orangey rusty reds…my kitchen has a bronze tin tiles on the back wall where the sink, fridge, and stove are, rand rustic shelves. Any suggestions please and thank you! Denise

    Denise M Wiinikainen
    • Hello! We think the gold and rust is a great combo. Are you open to painting the tin tiles to a copper color? That would pull your whole palette together.

  26. Hello I am building a gray house with Dovetail in plank in the eaves. Dovetail is almost a perfect match to the brick. I do not like the stark contrast of Tricorn black on the shutters but would like a very dark gray (that doesn’t lean brown) for the shutters and front door. The roof is very dark…almost black. Would Iron Ore be a good choice? Thanks

  27. Looking for a front door color. It’s currently white and I need a change. The house is a red colonial brick. No room for a white trim around the door. what looks good with red brick?
    Thanks a bunch!!!

    Bonnie R Ticefelt
    • Hi Bonnie! Classic black or navy blue look great with brick homes. Another option would be a dark greige which would echo the color of the mortar between the bricks. Check out the options below:
      Tricorn Black SW 6258
      Naval SW 6244
      Urbane Bronze SW 7048

  28. I just painted the exterior of our 100 year old home in SW Light French Gray and trim in High Reflective White. It is beautiful. The home has two front doors and I need help in choosing a color for the front doors. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Fran! Your home sounds beautiful! Light French Gray SW 0055 is a gorgeous color that works well with many color families. A fun pop of yellow or orange would look great with gray and highlight your double front doors at the same time. Two choices that would really pop on your house are Butter Up SW 6681 or Spiced Cider SW 7702. Don’t be afraid to put a bold color on your front door, it will give personality to your home and can easily be switched out in a few years when you tire of it.

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  34. We are building a new Farmhouse. Porch posts will be cedar colored, white siding with oil rubbed bronze light fixtures. My kitchen island base will be Rosemary, cabinets will be SW Pure White, Open concept with walls in living room/kitchen SW Canvas Tan. I would like to paint exterior of front door Rosemary but not sure about interior of door. Go with Canvas tan to blend with wells or Rosemary to be a pop of color and match island?? Your thoughts.

    Kathy Garrison
    • Hi Kathy, Rosemary SW 6187 100%. A door is a great place to put a pop of color and a little drama. If you tire of this in a few years, a quart of paint and a Saturday afternoon and voila – another fun color on your door.

  35. Our lake cottage has taupe colored CanExel siding, commercial dark brown soffits & window frames, and cedar shingles which have greyed. We would like to paint our front door but are struggling to choose a colour. Because it is a lake house, we like blues, but not sure they would work alongside the dark brown trim. Could you make suggestions please? Thank you so much!

    Mary Stoyko
    • Hi Mary! A muted navy blue like Charcoal Blue SW 2739 or Mineral Gray SW 2740 would be beautiful.

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  37. Hi! Great article. We are planning to paint the exterior of our home with Felted Wool. We have a gray brick with green undertones. What white trim do you recommend? Westhighland White? Also, for the front door we were thinking of Urban Bronze or Peppercorn. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hello Sara, Westhighland White SW 7566 would be a great trim for Felted Wool SW 9171, however, for the door Peppercorn SW 7674 is the best choice. Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is in the same family as Felted Wool and it may look better to introduce another color family for your door.

  38. Hi,
    The brick on my traditional home is rosy, orange, with accents of light brown and charcoal. I’m considering Peppercorn for the front door. What color shutters would look good? I’m preparing it to list soon. Thank you.

    • Hi Ann, since you are putting your house on the market. Stick with a classic look and repeat Peppercorn SW 7674 on your shutters. Repeating the same color on your shutters will make your house look larger with a more cohesive palette.


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