Soak Up the Color in Your Bathroom

Give your bathroom a colorful refresh by focusing on accents that can give your space a fresh new look.

bathroom, white and dark gray walls, big mirror above two lavatories

Make a Contrasting Statement

If you want to make a splash in the bathroom, paint trim in a color that contrasts with the walls. The color wheel is a helpful tool: Find your main room color on a color wheel and choose the color directly opposite for the trim. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic example of contrasting colors: white walls with black trim.

bathroom, two lavatories with seediness cabinets, big mirror

Enhance Your Vanity

In a small bathroom without a lot of architectural detail, the vanity takes center stage. With the help of paint, you can turn a simple vanity into a work of art. A geometric pattern featuring colors found throughout the bathroom or bold coordinating color will not only heighten the visual appeal of your vanity; it will also lend intrigue to the entire space.

bathroom, old style bathtub, slanting wall with window

Things Are Looking Up

When it comes to revamping the bathroom, let’s not forget the fifth wall. Painting the ceiling a light color creates a sense of greater space in a cramped powder room. If your bathroom walls are white, you can still create the higher-ceiling effect by painting the fifth wall a bright neutral.


  1. Love this look. I am going to use this look. Wish me good luck.

    Marie L Colon-Murphy
  2. The master bathroom cabinets in our new build are painted Amazing Gray 7044. I want a very relaxing, “spa” vibe. Suggestions for a wall color? (Natural light is north-facing. )

    I’ve used all your online color tools and ordered many peel and stick samples, but I can’t seem to find the color that makes me stand on my tippy toes and spin…

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Jana! SW 7044 Amazing Gray is a greige (grey+beige) and can read as a beige/tan in most lighting. Consider using one of the aquas below for the spa vibe you want. When you get a minute, stop into your local store for chips of these aqua colors. Our paint chips are actual paint, and it is so important to see the color in your lighting. Look at:
      SW 6220 Interesting Aqua
      SW 7613 Aqua-Sphere
      SW 0031 Dutch Tile Blue

  3. What is the best paint for bathroom vanity/ wet areas?

    Kelly Meininger
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Kelly! For bathroom cabinets, try Emerald Urethane and for walls try Duration Home. It has moisture resistant capabilities!


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