Practical Ways to Make the Most of Your Basement

Try these three ideas to make the basement one of your favorite rooms in the house.

Basement, green walls, huge pillow-seats on the floor

Find Your Focus

A large space like a basement needs a focal point. It’s easy to create one with color. Add visual appeal by choosing a bold color for the accent wall. The accent wall provides a focal point and acts as a clever wayfinding technique. Another option: Create a “mural” with a few simple lines of colorful paint. This will add visual appeal while showing off your creative talents

Living room make in basement, fireplace, tv, orange walls

Reach New Heights

A low ceiling makes a basement feel smaller. A clever painting technique can create the illusion of greater height. Extend the ceiling paint onto the wall by about 4-6 inches. This fools the eye into believing more depth exists on the ceiling. Consider a high-gloss finish for the ceiling to reflect light and give the sense of greater height.

basement, bath and staircase

Go with the Flow

Your basement is a multipurpose space; if it’s an open plan, coordinating colors will help to visually divide areas while maintaining a cohesive look. First, choose your palette; it could be soft, bold or neutral. Next, select a feature color, and determine coordinating colors. For example, if you select a rich blue for the main area of the basement, create a visual separation with a pure white on one side of the space and a soft gray or brown on the other. Finally, sit back and enjoy your beautiful multipurpose basement.

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