Give Your Bathroom a Magnificent Makeover

If you’re searching for a new look for your bathroom without doing a major renovation, consider the big difference a little color can make.

bathroom, olive green wall

Go for Dramatic Effect

Fallen in love with a dark color for your small bathroom but worried about how it will look? Don’t be. Dark walls can offer a stunning appearance, especially when combined with a lighter color vanity. What’s more, a dark hue like olive or navy brings added warmth and depth to a small space. You can ease into the look by painting one wall and “living” with the color for a bit. You may decide to leave it as an accent wall or bathe the entire room in the dark color for a striking effect.

bathroom, sink and toilet and mirror, white wooden walls

Get in the Mix

Maximize space in the bathroom through color, pattern and texture. A neutral wall will help to gently accent your décor and adding bead boarding to one or more walls enhances the texture. Tie it all together with some accessories that coordinate on wood shelves.

bathroom with navy blue walls

Keep the Blues

Blue-and-white is a true classic that reinvents itself depending on the application. In the bathroom, blue-and-white calls to mind calming waves of a crystal-blue sea against a backdrop of cottony white clouds. Create this timeless look in your bathroom by selecting a deep blue for the walls, and pairing it with crisp white trim. Rain or shine, the look is stunning.

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