Create the Ultimate Home Office

Working from home is quickly becoming the new normal. Whether you’re seasoned at working from home or new to the trend, your space should work as hard as you do – but not all home offices function alike. Whatever your situation may be, our guide to creating the ultimate home office is here to help.

Home office filled with natural light, natural materials and greenery.
Featured Color: Natural White SW 9542 (Walls)

Light it Up

Good lighting can create a space filled with positive vibes, but it’s also known to boost energy, reduce eyestrain and decrease headaches, which is why lighting plays such an essential role in our productivity. Whether your source of light is natural or artificial, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Make sure your source of light is never directly behind you. This will help prevent distracting glares from disrupting your workflow. If your space doesn’t get a lot of sunshine, desk lamps and floor lamps are bright sources for creating ambient lighting that mimics natural light.

Bonus Tip: When selecting a color for your space, choose hues with a high light reflective value (LRV). This helps to bring more light into your room. Check the back of our color chips to see what the LRV is for your next home office project. 

Kids homework room with blue accent wall in raincloud.
Photo Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids. Featured Color: Rain Cloud SW 9639 (Accent Wall)

Organize It

The art of getting organized seems simple, but despite our best efforts, clutter happens. When you’re looking for ways to clean up and get organized, shelving and bins can help keep your space functional. Whether they’re cubby style or traditional, these tried-and-true organizers create space for the things we need in front of us and neatly tuck away the things we don’t.

Bonus Tip: Use color to create a backdrop that gives your organization prowess some style. Rich hues like Rain Cloud contrasted with white help make a focal point for shelving units and built-ins.

Accessorize Away

What would be the fun in designing your home office for all work and no play? In the middle of your organizing, don’t forget to leave room for the decor that inspires you. Organization can be pretty! Books and magazines neatly stacked among your shelves can create focal points where practicality and inspiration shine. Vases, photographs and other decorative objects can also be used to show off glimmers of your personality.

Large home office with seating area and an accent wall painted with Juniper.
Featured Colors: Peace of Mind SW 9510 (Main Walls), Juniper SW 9679 (Accent Wall)

Get Colorful

It’s a known fact that color can influence your mood, that’s why choosing the right hue is so important. Finding the right color for your space should always go along with the work you’re doing. For home offices that pull double duty as a homework area or craft zone, mild colors like Juniper and Lakeside can adapt to the energy of a space creating a friendly and versatile environment. If your office shares space with a common area in your home, universal shades like Peace of Mind can help create a seamless flow between the areas.

Creating the ultimate home office comes down to personality and productivity. When you strike the perfect balance between the two, you’ll get a functional space you look forward to using. Looking to give your home office a new splash of color? Check out the beautiful hues from our Emerald® Designer Edition™ with free color chip ordering.


  1. I had purchased a number of paint brushes a couple of years ago and I still have them. They work so well it is the best brushes on the market.

    Randell Cheddie
  2. Why do designers show offices with desks with no storage or no storage nearby?

  3. is this a good color to accent Front hallway with big mirror and rest of the wall in entrance is Peace of mind

    marlowe Yap
  4. Love the paint colors in all the rooms. Can you please tell me where you got the writing desk in the room painted with Pease of Mind and Juniper.
    Thank you!

    Suzanne Marquez
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Suzanne! Unfortunately that information is unavailable.

    • To Suzanne: See Might find something you might like similar that writing desk.
      Regarding that room you were looking at, I love all the paint colors too. SW has excellent products!

  5. I like all of the colors


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