Crank Up Your Curb Appeal

Looking to crank up your home’s curb appeal? Create an attention-grabbing style with our tips and tricks for simple ways to enhance your home’s exterior.

Front porch with rocking chair

Q: How can I enhance my homes curb appeal?

Sue: Those architectural details make your home unique – play them up! Does your home have incredible trim? Pick a color to enhance that. Maybe there are two forms of siding on your home — consider using two separate body colors to add some contrast. The unique aspects of your home can be a fun way to make a bold impression.

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Q: What kind of design resources are out there?

Sue: Design resources are EVERYWHERE! Magazines, nearby homes and websites like Pinterest will help you identify what color schemes you gravitate toward. Once you have some selections in mind, let Sherwin-Williams and the ColorSnap® Visualizer help you finish the job. Upload a photo of your own home or select one of our pre-selected exterior shots to play with color and share your schemes with family and friends to get their opinions too!


Q: How do I create the perfect palette?

Sue: Think in terms of color pairs. For example, coordinating a dark siding color with white trim creates strong contrast, leaving room for accent colors to be used in other areas like shutters or doors. If you have a neutral siding and trim palette, a boldly-colored front door will make a statement. And remember, to create color harmony for your home, keep your exterior palette between four to five colors.

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Q: So, what else do I need?

Sue: Samples! It’s important to get some color samples once you have narrowed down your choices. Get some color chips online or from your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store and tape them up on your house for a day or two. Look at the colors throughout the day and in different weather if possible, because color can change depending on the conditions. Sherwin-Williams paint experts will also tint a small Color to Go® sample that you can take home and use to test on an area of your house. The recommended size would be about 24” x 36”. Take your time, because this final phase of the color selection process is really critical to success.


  1. My home has a black door and shutters, a black storm door, white trim, light gray siding with varying shades of gray and white stone. My husbands wants to paint our front door white. I’m not so sure. Suggestions, comments?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Gayle! A white door with the gray house and black shutters is a classic combo and allows you to accent your door with different wreaths and other items throughout the year. If you do paint your door white, make sure you paint the storm door white as well.


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