4 Ways to Use a Spare Room

Have an extra room to play with? Get creative by turning it into a space that’s all your own. We’re seeing a trend in creating with a purpose. Whether you love working on a hobby or entertaining out-of-town guests for the weekend, a spare room can be anything you want it to.

Drawing of a woman doing yoga

Yoga Meditation Room

We live in a world where distraction is unavoidable. From the time we wake up, until our heads hit the pillow again, finding peace and quiet can be the ultimate challenge. Consider converting your extra room into a dedicated escape for yoga and meditation. Bathe the walls in soft hues that invite your body and mind to breathe, while natural decor brings you back to your quietest self.

Drawing of woman sitting by the table and using sewing machine

Craft Studio

Every DIYer dreams of the perfect craft room, fit for anything from sewing to scrapbooking. If you love getting creative, a spare room is the perfect place to give your projects a place to thrive. We asked our Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden, how color can be used to spark creativity. “We’re moving beyond grays and whites and using color to find joy. Now, more than ever, we can all celebrate creativity with color,” says Wadden.

Drawing of a woman sitting by the desk with iMac and writing something with pen

Home Office

Create a home office where color helps put your space to work. Whether you’re running a small business or need a space that sparks creativity, a spare room can be the perfect solution for getting the job done. Since everyone’s work can look different, it’s important to let the purpose of the room motivate your color choice.

Drawing of a woman sitting and stretching on the bed

Guest Bedroom

Expecting company? Reimagine your spare room into the perfect guest bedroom to create a cozy space that instantly welcomes family and friends. Using resting hues on the walls will help ease guests into their home away from home, making them feel comfortable in a haven that feels like their own.


  1. Upstairs bonus room, we use as combination music/tv-workout room. Oak color floors, dark brown leather sofa. Need wall color recommendations. Thanks.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      The oak floors and dark sofa would look great with a subtle blue on the walls. Take a look at:
      Tradewind SW 6218
      Upward SW 6239
      Niebla Azul SW 9137


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