3 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

With guests on the way for holidays and get-togethers, now’s the time to give your home a little touch up before the busy season of hosting begins. Follow these simple DIYs to give your entryway, dining room and guest bedroom an inviting refresh that makes everyone feel at home.

two pictures of hallway side-by-side, brick walls, bench and hanger for outwear

Make Your Entryway Furniture Pop

When the doorbell rings, welcoming guests is the first thing you’ll do – why not greet them in style? Making sure that your entryway furniture is inviting and colorful is a small DIY with big impact. A dip-dyed coatrack or painted bench takes only a few hours to complete, but their fun and colorful style is sure to be a conversation starter when visitors are hanging up their coats and taking off their shoes. Pull color inspiration from your entryway to find the perfect hue for painting.

living room, pink walls, Japanese style windows

Give Dining Room Walls New Color

Dining rooms are where the holiday magic happens, so it’s important to think about painting them a color that matches the purpose of the space. Classic shades of burgundy like Juneberry are part of the red color family that’s known for bringing energy and excitement. When they’re used in a dining room, these bold hues are great for stimulating your appetite and conversation.

Bedroom, blue wall and large window

Make Your Guest Bedroom Cozy

Create a home away from home so guests are comfortable during their stay. To keep your guest room feeling warm and inviting during the colder months, play into softer palettes and cozy textures that blanket your room in comfort. Beds are typically the focal point in a guest room, so creating an accent wall is the perfect way to make them visually stand out. When you think of accent walls, it’s easy to picture bright colors, but in a neutral-themed room, a warm shade of navy can be just as bold.

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