How to Maximize the Light in Your Home feat. Rejuvenation

Whether you’re trying to fake natural light or bring a brighter look to a dark room, we partnered up with Rejuvenation to help you maximize the light in your home – all it takes is the right colors and accessories.

High-ceiling bedroom with exposed beams.
Photo Courtesy of Rejuvenation 
Featured Color: Pure White SW 7005 

Choose the Right Colors

You can instantly make a space more vibrant by picking a lighter color. Whether you go with a crisp shade like Pure White or a cool shade like Gray Screen, these airy hues are known to reflect light rather than absorb it as darker colors would. You don’t have to opt for an all-white or all-gray color scheme either. “Lighting and color both add to the feel of a space. You can work to build a mood by layering materials, colors and finishes, then decide if you want your space to have a singular coherent feel or showcase varied pops and accents,” says Rejuvenation’s Creative Director, Evan Dublin. 

DIY Tip: Go for the gloss! A high-gloss sheen does wonders for making lighter colors work harder by reflecting even more light.   

High-ceiling kitchen with exposed beams.
Photo Courtesy of Rejuvenation
Featured Colors: High Reflective White SW 7757 (Walls), Iron Ore SW 7069 (Cabinets), Dutch Tile Blue SW 0031 (Island)

Lean into Lighting

Even when natural light is aplenty, light fixtures are just as important to create an overall brighter space. “Whether you’re trying to match the time period of your home or just layering in ambience – good lighting can elevate your space and bring joy to everyday tasks,” adds Dublin. Brighter finishes like brass will lend you lighter style, while glass light fixtures give you a see-through option that adds to the openness of a space. Regardless of which look you like, there’s always a way to be strategic when the sun’s not shining.

DIY TIP: Choose fixtures in metallic finishes to add additional pops of gleam in your space.

Vignette of an arched mirror on a mantel.
Photo Courtesy of Rejuvenation
Featured Color: Amazing Gray SW 7044

Mirror the Light

When it comes to making light radiate, mirrors are your best friend. They instantly make a space feel bigger and require minimal effort to install – a win-win for you and your space. Play around with different sizes to increase how much light you want to reflect. An oversized floor mirror can really open the room but sometimes all you might need is a smaller mirror that can sit above a mantel to get the job done.

Ready to dial up the brightness? Get help finding the right hue to lighten your space with a FREE virtual color consultation and drop a comment below to share some of your favorite lighting hacks.


  1. What color goes with a brown couch that is not beige?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello there! Brown works well with blue and green families. Some options that would look great are:
      Sleepy Hollow SW 9145
      Faded Flaxflower SW 9146

      Contented SW 6191
      Evergreen Fog SW 9130

  2. What wall colors would brighten a room, but tone down in the yellow in golden oak cabinets and trim?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Dawn! Yellows and whites with a drop of yellow in them will bring light into your space and brighten your room; however, those colors will not complement your cabinets. Blues and greens are the best choices to town down the yellow, are you open to using one of those colors?

  3. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets which currently are wood, style 80’s, and have that yellow look to them, whichI don’t like. I have been back and forth with colors due to the fact it is a small space with limited natural light. My appliances are black and stainless. My counter is concrete done like a terrazzo with glass/white marble tile. I have placed cedar planking on one wall behind sink which is not red in hue and keeping it natural. I have hun white metal shelves to replace the top cabinets that were there. So my question is: what color would you recommend from the following choices: soft black, iron ore, cyberspace. My walls are Repose gray, my sink black and faucet black and gold. Thank you for your input.

    rita o’neill
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Rita, we don’t have a color named Soft Black and from the other options we suggest Iron Ore SW 7069; take a look at Peppercorn SW 7674 as well.

  4. Hello, have a lower level family room that has atrium that goes up to main level with just morning light coming thru the glass wall recently install light grey traditional carpet can you recommend so colors? Just painted the ajoining bedroom with emerald satin extra white (looks good) although the misses would disagree(imagine that) anyway its dark down there. Thanks

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Bob, take a look at using some subtle light grays like Zircon SW 7667 or Touch of Grey SW 9549. Those light grays will complement your new carpeting without making your lower level look darker. It is always best to look at color in your lighting.

  5. We have all honey oak on: Kitchen cabinets, interior doors, trim around floor & windows. Our kitchen counter is a granite with black, cream, burgundy specks in it , our appliances are black stainless matte, backsplash is a creamy tile & kitchen floors are creamy travertine tile, and the other floors attached to kitchen are a darker wood that combines the honey oak with misc dark furniture. I’d like something light on the walls with 2 dark complimenting colors (1 for bathroom & another for accent wall going up the stairs. Family Room has dark wood furniture and couch is dark brown leather with a tan accent chair. Then living room has chalk paint distressed white furniture with couch being a leather cobblestone color & chairs being tweed plaid in primarily black with cream/gray lines What wall colors would you recommend?

  6. I have just painted my cabinets Halcyon Green.
    –I need a good white on the walls…HELP
    – I have samples of Alabaster, White Tail and Dover White and Extra White.
    Floors are dark slate and counters are concrete, and I dont love the green with I need a white to soften it all.
    Windows face north.

    Gina Bateman
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Gina! Take a look at Greek Villa SW 7551 or Origami White SW 7636 as two softer options that will work with your Halcyon Green cabinets. It is always best to look at color in your lighting.

  7. Getting new hickory kitchen cabinets and island – what light wall colors would you suggest for the kitchen/morning/great room to go with the cabinetry? Room will get sunlight in the morning.

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Carol! Can you tell us a little bit more about your space? What colors/finishes are in the flooring, countertop, and backsplash? Also, your cabinets, will they read brown, red or yellow?

  8. Best color for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Amazing gray walls pure white trim bathroom white tile , subway tile in bathroom white.Small rental totally being redone

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Debb, Consider using either Felted Wool SW 9171 or Studio Clay SW 9172 for your bathroom cabinets. We need a little more info before recommending a kitchen cabinet color. What other colors/finishes are in your kitchen, for instance, flooring and countertop? Also, are you open to doing two colors on your cabinets – perhaps darker color on lower cabinets and lighter color on the uppers Let us know when you get a moment. Thank you!

  9. Hi: I have this tarragon green sofas with medium natural lighting. What colors will compliment the green sofa but make the room brighter but cozy.

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Jan! Consider using a warm neutral in your space, any of the options below will bring light into your space but still allow your sofa to take center stage. Check out:
      Sundew SW 7688
      Toasted Pine Nut SW 7696
      Biltmore Buff SW 7691

  10. Hi…Painting a smallish bedroom. Has a good large window. Have a collection of large southwestern paintings and would like to compliment the terra cotta/ pinkish tones of the sun sets/ land. Pink is not right nor is the dark terra cotta as it would be too much for that small room. I need a SW shade…any suggestions?

    Kay Hawkins
  11. I have an open kitchen living room which is north facing so while there are sliders and windows it is dark. My kitchen cabinets are white and my island is a dark chocolate brown. My builder uses extra white for trim and doors. He usually uses gossimer veil as paint for the walls and ceiling. I would like to lighten it up and would really like a white paint that would work. My floor is naturally oiled oak laminate. Any ideas of what white paint to use?

    Melody Galka
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Melody, is there any way you can attach a photo of your space? If not, what colors/finishes are in your countertops and backsplash?

  12. I’m leaning towards a plum color for my kitchen, white glazed cabinets! We will have dark stained wood trim, what colors would go well?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Check out these pretty plums for your kitchen. Look at:
      SW 9156 Gris Morado
      SW 9074 Gentle Grape
      SW 2818 Renwick Heather
      It is always best to look at color in your lighting. Order some free sample chips from our website to determine which color will work best for you.

  13. What color stain would that be on the beams ??

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