Hollywood Sign Makeover

Hollywood sign
The Iconic Hollywood Sign

How do you make LA’s biggest star even brighter? Hint: Ask Sherwin-Williams. We recently had the pleasure of celebrating the iconic Hollywood Sign’s 100th birthday by giving it a fresh facelift. Ten years have passed since we last painted it, and it was our honor again to restore its gleaming radiance. 

“We’re thrilled to continue our longstanding partnership with the Hollywood Sign Trust to usher the Sign into its next century,” said Justin Binns, president of the Americas Group at Sherwin-Williams. “For 155 years, Sherwin-Williams has helped protect and beautify our nation’s most iconic landmarks through trusted and innovative paint solutions, and it was an honor for us to help bring this stunning milestone restoration to life.” 

Man on scaffolding painting the Hollywood sign with LA in background.
Photo of a Painter Spraying a Letter

Getting it Done 

Accomplishing an effort like this is uniquely challenging, especially considering the steep and rocky terrain. A ten-man crew from LA-based commercial painting company Duggan and Associates handled the herculean task of prepping, priming, and painting the massive Sign to restore its stunning brightness. Standing 45 feet high and 31 to 39 feet across, each letter needed roughly 44 gallons of paint. The job totaled nearly 400 gallons overall, which is roughly enough paint for 40 average-sized homes. Amazingly, they were able to complete the project in just 4 weeks! 

Can of Emerald Rain Refresh paint sitting on the Hollywood sign.
Photo of Emerald Rain Refresh Sitting on the Hollywood Sign

Standing the Test of Time 

The secret behind the Sign’s timeless beauty? Choosing the right paint. For this job, the choice was easy: Emerald Rain Refresh in Extra White SW 7006, which is being referred to as Hollywood Centennial White for this occasion. It’s perfect for exterior projects with its ultra-durable coating and excellent UV and weather protection. It also happens to bring a smile to rainy days: its Self-Cleaning Technology™ washes dirt away when it rains to keep things clean and low maintenance. The Hollywood Sign Trust can rest knowing the sign will be protected (and gorgeous) for years to come.

Looking for inspiration for your own iconic exterior project? We have you covered here & here (select ‘Exterior’ in the dropdown), or you can read more about Extra White. 


  1. Very impressive! I only buy SW paint, so for the sign trust to “trust” SW, it shows the quality of paint. 44 gallons a letter? That’s a LOT of paint!
    What’s next? The Golden Gate Bridge?

    Michael Carroll
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      We actually did coat the Golden Gate Bridge! Thanks for the kind words Michael, we really appreciate you!

  2. Back in October my wife and I were there on vacation for one of the weeks when it was getting its makeover.

    Michael Burdett
  3. The outcome of the Hollywood sign looks fantastic and fresh! Way to go Duggan & Associates, as the color Emerald Rain in Fresh White looks as clean as the top of Mont Blanc.

    Hilda Graham
  4. WOW! I am impressed!

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