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Hana Sethi does it all. We’re nothing short of amazed at how she fearlessly navigates a busy life as a mom, a wife, and a marketing professional on top of inspiring her readers with her passion for DIY. There’s always something more to do at Hana’s Happy Home, and she loves bringing us all along for the ride. 

Feature image of blogger Hana Sethi leaning against a white wall dressed casually in blue jeans and a caramel-colored leather jacket.
Hana Sethi of Hana’s Happy Home 
Photo Courtesy of Hana’s Happy Home 

Q: Welcome to Tinted! Tell our readers a little about yourself. 

A: Hi! I’m Hana, and I’m a home and DIY blogger. I started this blog when I first moved into this home 5 years ago. I was just on maternity leave in a new home and missed having time for myself and connecting with women. There weren’t a lot of South Asian women who were using power tools. I wanted to be a role model for them. I want to empower all women to break down barriers of tools not being for women. As I started my blog, I connected with women of all backgrounds and ages. It was so fun. They encouraged me to push myself and little by little, I grew that confidence. I’ve been featured on national television, and in magazines and blogs. I have a down to earth approach and ALWAYS show the real side of DIY – that includes my mistakes! My dream is to host my own room makeover show one day! Dream big! 

I also have 3 children. I love including my kids in my DIYs when I can. I want them to also be empowered to create a home that they love! 

Hana Sethi and her dad smiling and leaning against a large tree.
Hana & Her Dad 

Q: Family features prominently throughout your blog. Your dad, in particular, seems to have been very instrumental in your DIY journey. Can you tell us about his influence? 

A: My earliest DIY memory is when I was 3 years old. My dad built me my own bed. I remember working alongside him in the garage. The fluorescent lights and the smell of sawdust as he cut the wood and assembled the pieces. There are so many projects I did with my dad – installing French doors, tiling floors, installing a tub and toilet, etc. Back in the day, there was no YouTube to watch to figure it out, but he had a “can-do” attitude. I think he really instilled in me that value of working hard and making mistakes until you figure it out. As a DIYer there are a lot of times that things don’t work out as planned, but I think that’s normal. I don’t get discouraged! 

I also have a brother and my dad always treated me equal to my brother. Whatever skills and tools my brother learned my dad handed to me as well.  

When we moved into our first home, he gave me a drill and toolbox. It wasn’t enough for me. I “borrowed” his miter saw for 2 years. With that saw, I did so many projects I never thought were possible – I made a play structure for my kids and built beautiful accent walls, shelves, etc.   

Q: You have a very full family life and career as a marketing professional, and yet you’re still able to maintain your blog and projects. How do you find time for all of it? 

A: I always use small chunks of time. I don’t wait until I have 3 hours. That would literally NEVER happen for me. I work 30 min here, 1 hour later, etc. These small chunks add up.  

Prioritize – anyone who has a passion knows that they have to make time for it. That means giving up something else. I have long given up on having a spotless home. With 3 small children, you will find our home littered with toys, crayons and books. I also carve out time specifically for each child. It’s a time that we can connect without interruptions.  

Teamwork – my husband is a huge supporter of my blog and my projects. He loves my projects. He takes care of the kids when I need dedicated time.

A whimsical child's bedroom with a bunkbed painted in SW 6208 Pewter Green.
Photo Courtesy of Hana’s Happy Home
Featured Color: Pewter Green SW 6208 

Q: DIY is obviously a big outlet for your creativity, but it also seems to feed your appetite for learning. What inspires and motivates you to keep exploring and experimenting? 

A: I have ALWAYS loved to learn. I was that kid who devoured books, took extra credit classes and all sorts of electives in university. In my DIY, I love that I have continued to expand my skills and refine them as well. It’s so satisfying to see where you can come from, and how you can evolve your skills in just a few years. Documenting my progress on my blog helps me see where I started. I also love this community of bloggers who I can also learn from. I’m in awe of their skill and aspire for that.  

Q: One consistent theme you incorporate into your projects is keeping a close eye on the budget. Do you have any secrets about how to keep this balanced when your creative vision is over budget? 

A: I believe that any home can be beautiful! One of my favorite ways to stay under budget is to buy pieces from marketplace and thrift stores. Sometimes they are perfect as purchased. Sometimes you can simply update paint or hardware to elevate the style.  

Q: You seem to be fearless in the kinds of projects you’re willing to tackle. Has there ever been something that initially felt really intimidating? Do you have any advice for our readers who might feel apprehensive about digging into a new project? 

A: I love woodworking. But plumbing scares me. When I was doing a makeover for my mom and dad’s guest bathroom, I changed all the hardware to brass. My mom asked if the faucet would also be changed. I’ve never changed one before, so I spoke to my brother who has changed several. He gave me the confidence that I could do it.  

Two pieces of advice: First, find a friend or role model (yes, even a DIY blogger) who has done that project. Look to them to get confidence! If they can do it, chances are, so can you. Second, watch multiple process videos. There are so many ways to get the same result. Watch different videos to pick up different tips. 

A long, narrow hallway filled with natural light and covered halfway up with wainscoting painted in SW 6208 Pewter Green.
Photo Courtesy of Hana’s Happy Home
Featured Color: Pewter Green SW 6208 

Q: You’ve mentioned how you allow colors to speak to you when you’re making choices — is there a Sherwin-Williams color that speaks the loudest? Are there any that you’re hearing from that you haven’t yet had a chance to use? 

A: Some of my favorite colors are: 

  • Pewter Green SW 6208 – this is the perfect moody green. It’s beautiful in low light, bright light, and I’ve used it in SO many places in my home! 
  • Urbane Bronze SW 7048 – the perfect gray/brown undertones make this a rich black that isn’t stark! I’ve painted a few doors this shade. 
  • Rain SW 6219 – I haven’t used it but it’s the perfect coastal blue! 

Want to learn more? Hop over to our influencer page to check out what Hana’s working on now! 

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