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Our newest partner, Emily Henderson, is a well-known interior designer and stylist, best-selling author of Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves, and host of HGTV’s “Secrets of a Stylist” after winning the network’s “Design Star.” Known for her eclectic, comfortable take on interiors, Emily’s latest project, the Farmhouse, is one of her biggest yet. Get to know more about Emily and the plans for her new home in the Q&A below.

Emily Henderson standing in kitchen.
Photo Courtesy of Sara Ligorria-Tramp
Featured Color: Pure White SW 7005

Q: Tell us a little bit about you!

A: I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and after living in New York City and Los Angeles, I’m so excited to be back. My husband, Brian, and I have two kids and two pups we rescued during the pandemic. I’m big on having fun with design and always incorporate something vintage or thrifted in a room to give it some soul.

Q: So, you just moved back to Portland! What inspired the change?

A: Brian and I have been seriously thinking about moving to Portland for a few years now. I have family and close friends here and we wanted to raise our kids outside of a big city and among nature. The pandemic really showed us that we don’t need to be somewhere like L.A. or New York for our professional lives to thrive, so we wanted to take the opportunity to slow down and move closer to family. We found an amazing 100-year-old farmhouse near the city and are so excited to make it home.

Parlor room in farmhouse.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Henderson

Q: Tell us more about the Farmhouse.

A: The Farmhouse is an amazing property. On three acres of land, it has two buildings: the main house, built in 1910, and an old Victorian farmhouse from 1860. Over time, we’ll renovate both buildings and do some landscaping. There’s also a barn, a carriage garage, sports court and fruit trees. It’s the perfect mix of country while being close to the city – exactly what we were looking for, for our family. It feels like a dream.

Q: What has your design process been like for the Farmhouse?

A: We really want to respect as much of the original intent and design of the home but need to be realistic about what needs to change to work for our family (and also for it to survive another 100 years!). I’m trying to infuse as many vintage pieces and touches into it as possible since they have so much life and charm. With this home, I’m trying to design with longevity in mind.

Emily Henderson picking out ktichenware.
Photo Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt

Q: What are your most tried and true Sherwin-Williams paint colors?

A: As a lover of neutrals and nature, my favorites are WaterlooPure White and Pewter Green

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  1. Where would you put waterloo blue? It seems a little dark.

    Sarah Tonetti
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Sarah! Waterloo SW 9141 may seem dark but you could use it on a piece of furniture for a “pop” of color.

  2. I am doing studying computer and Sherwin Williams also

  3. I work with color in one of the Sherwin Williams here in Lexington KY. I love my Job and look forward is watching you design you farm house.

    Donna Gannon Temple
  4. I’m looking forward to following Emily and watching her put a fresh face on the Farmhouse look. Will be great to see the progress as she goes room to room and house to house!

    Terri Mellons
  5. Can I pair up Repose Grey with Mindful grey. I want a dark color and a light color on the walls

    Lottie kenny
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Lottie, Repose Gray and Mindful Gray are too close together for the eye to notice the difference between the colors. Consider moving down two shades. Look at using either Dorian Gray SW 7017 or Acier SW 9170 to create the look you want.

  6. Love it

    Margaret Widmayer
  7. I really like what they do amazing, give me some tips to paint My house inside as colors.thanks

    Jaime L Torres
  8. Hello, do you come to homes and give suggestions for exterior colors on homes?

    Katy Pawlowicz
  9. Hello,
    I’m the owner of “Kirkwood Painting and Handyman Service’s, LLC”.
    Client’s frequently ask me for Color suggestions and ideas.
    I look forward to following your Farm House progress.

  10. I had a virtual color consultation and felt it was very hard for the person to really see the color in my tile in the bathroom. I was disappointed with doing it this way. There is nothing like in person colors seem different on phone vs in person. I’m still looking for the color in my bathroom. I have colored it three different colors and still no luck .

    Vera Glensor
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Vera, we are sorry your experience wasn’t helpful. Could you tell us a little about the space? What colors are in the space already? For instance flooring, vanity, cabinets, etc. Are there any color families you prefer? Thank you!

  11. Hi Emily I love the paint but having trouble getting the paint I need A100

    Nadine Young
  12. Hi, I am having trouble with painting the exterior of my home. I like the color Green Sage Light, what trim color would you recommend as my windows are beige. Also, I like Pewter Green, but am afraid to go so dark. Are dark exterior colors a trend? What exterior green colors do you like?

    Valerie J Gillespie
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Valerie, yes dark exteriors are a trend right now and keep in mind that any color will look one shade lighter when places outside so your Pewter Green SW 6208 will look more like Retreat SW 6207 (both gorgeous colors) on your exterior. We love Pewter Green and Evergreen Fog SW 9130; either color will look sophisticated and timeless on your house. We recommend you look at using a crisp, clean white like either Pure White SW 7005 or Extra White SW 7006 for your trim. These clean whites will highlight both the beige windows and green house.

  13. I want to repaint the inside of our home white. Which white color would project warmth and not cold?

    Sheron Rossow
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Sheron, any of these warm whites will project warmth:

      Whitetail SW 7103
      Creamy SW 7012
      White Flour SW 7102

  14. We are closing on our newly built home next week and I am so overwhelmed with decorating ideas. We are buying all new furniture for the living room and I’m struggling with what colors will look good with our walls, which are SW 7073, Network Gray. I’d like a solid colored couch and the chairs in an accent color. Please help!

    Sheila Carlson

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