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Our inner child is obsessing over the colorful spaces Annika Hinds of Blondesigns is dreaming up. Her youthful design spirit favors rainbow-inspired hues that make any space feel magical – even when they’re only 700 square feet. See how she brings these (landlord-approved) looks to life in our Q&A. 

Annika Hinds of Blondesigns perched smiling on a boucle stool with pillow in lap.
Annika Hinds of Blondesigns
Photo Courtesy of Annika Hinds

Q: Welcome to Tinted! Tell our readers a little about you. 

A: My name is Annika Hinds, but you might know me as Blondesigns on TikTok! I love DIY, home decor, and the colorful things in life! I’m passionate about creating spaces that bring joy and spark inspiration. I like to base my content around interior design on a budget and how to incorporate your own personal style into your home. When I’m not working on DIY projects, you can find me snuggling with my cat Figgy or driving around Portland looking for the best Thai food or cappuccino the city has to offer.  

Q: Your apartment feels like a ray of sunshine! Can you share how you packed so much personality into a small space? 

A: I think there is a misconception that small spaces limit your design opportunities, but I happen to think the opposite. It might be more of a challenge to decorate a small space, but it also gives you the chance to get creative in how you do it. I’ve learned not to shy away from bold color out of fear that it will be “too much” for my space, but instead I lean into color as a tool to customize it.  

A bright, naturally lit bedroom with brightly colored, yellow bedspread and mirror hanging over wood headboard.
Photo Courtesy of Annika Hinds 

Q: Color is a major player in making your aesthetic so unique. What drew you to using bright colors?  

A: I grew up in a house that celebrated bold and vibrant colors, so to be honest a colorful space is a bit nostalgic for me. But my main reason for using bright colors is that I believe our surroundings can impact our mood greatly, and for me bright colors inspire me and make me feel happy in my home. However, some people get the same feeling from dark or neutral tones. That is the real beauty of paint, it can cater to everyone! 

As a renter I haven’t always had the freedom to paint my space and if you’re in the same boat that doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate color. In fact, you can think of a neutral blank wall as a canvas, nothing but opportunity there! You can add some bold art, plants, books, and a painted dresser. I like to look for the vibrancy in everyday items, too.  

Q: What are some of your favorite renter-friendly ways to paint a space? 

A: For the longest time I felt like I couldn’t make my places truly feel like home because I was renting. After I moved into my newest apartment, I realized renting doesn’t have to feel that way. There were plenty of upgrades I could do! I was surprised to find out a lot of my landlords were fine with me painting, if I left it like I found it and used quality paint. So always ask!  

If you can’t paint, don’t worry – there are tons of renter-friendly ways to add color. One of my favorite renter-friendly DIYs that I’ve done was painting peel and stick tiles to create a kitchen backsplash. You can paint them any color to customize them to your space and BOOM! You have a colorful renter-friendly backsplash in your kitchen. 

Q: Do you have a favorite furniture makeover (or two!) you’ve done?  

A: I recently found a simple stool at the thrift store. It caught my eye because it had a unique shape, but the color just wasn’t right. I decided to bring it home and paint each surface of the stool a different Sherwin-Williams color. I know, that’s a lot of color! But I thought this would highlight the fun shapes within the stool. It gave it so much more personality! For a project like this where I don’t use all the paint in the can, I like to save it and use it for other projects and accents around my apartment. For example, I used the color Awesome Violet on my thrifted stool and then later used it for a DIY shelf I made. This helps to tie the bright colors together and create some cohesiveness in the space.  

An entryway space painted in 2023 Color of the Year Redend Point SW 9081 with a stain-glass window above a wooden bench. A cat
Photo Courtesy of Annika Hinds 

Q: We love the thrift store finds you’ve picked up – do you have any thrifting tips and tricks for furniture flips?  

A: Furniture flipping can be intimidating at first, it’s hard to know what furniture is worth saving and what tools you need. If you find yourself interested in flipping furniture, my biggest piece of advice is to start small. Instead of going out and buying a beat-up dresser to flip, maybe start with the stuff you already have! I like to give new life to the things I already own that simply need a refresh. Also, I have learned to never skip all the prep work. Don’t skimp on the cleaning, the sanding or the priming! All of those steps are worth it for the end result.  

Q: Which Sherwin-Williams paint color captures your personality? And most importantly, which color do you think captures Figgy’s?  

A: If I had to pick just one color, I think it would be June Day. Yellow is a color I have always gravitated toward, and there are pops of it all over my home. I love that it’s bright, cheerful, and warm. I think this color really captures my essence and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I was also born on a June day.  

Figgy on the other hand, is a little more lowkey. I think she’s some kind of deep green color, maybe Greenfield or Jadite?  She can be cool, calm, and relaxed but she’s also sensitive. I think green has a lot of personality but isn’t in your face about it, and that’s Figgy.  

Want to check out more projects from Blondesigns? Visit our influencer page to see what other colorful DIYs Annika’s been up to.  


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