Colorful Conversations feat. Christian Siriano

Whether dressing celebrities or transforming interiors, Christian Siriano’s iconic style is unmistakable. We recently collaborated to bring some of his favorite hues into your home to help create inspired spaces you’ll love. The exclusive, limited-edition Christian Siriano x Sherwin-Williams® Color Collection and Christian Siriano x Sherwin-Williams® Peel & Stick Kit bring the designer touch within reach. Our Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden, sat down with him to discuss the collaboration, fashion, and finding the perfect color. 

A feature image of Christian Siriano in his living room.
Designer Christian Siriano

Q: What can you share from your color selection process that might help our readers land on the right shade for their homes? 

A: The number one thing you should do is bring samples home. I’m obsessed with Peel & Stick. It’s so great. I think it’s the most amazing thing ever, and it’s the best way to really, really figure out what you love. You can pick your top five colors and see them on the wall with Peel & Stick — how fabulous. Just take the sample, position it on a wall, peel it off and move it to see it somewhere else, and your walls stay pristine and clean. Everyone’s busy – it’s so great that you don’t have to get a brush out. I think that’s very important, and that’s why I love this collection. And I think everyone’s going to love it too. 

Q: With so much social media influence on design trends, what would you suggest to homeowners trying to find their own personal style? 

A: This is one of those things that’s a challenge because there’s a lot out there and everybody’s clicking and scrolling. And I think you have to focus on what you gravitate to the most. I’ve always been a designer who relies on gut instinct. What’s your initial moment that you love? If you keep going to kitchens that are all-white and super modern and clean, then that’s your vibe. If every single wall color that you gravitate to is warm and taupe and beautiful, then that’s what you should do. Get rid of the noise and focus on what you love. It’s your home, you’re going to see it every day. Every day you’ve got to love it. 

Q: You’ve said you love leading with whites to create a neutral space for the rest of the color story to unfold. Many people have a hard time finding the right white though. How do you select the perfect white for a space?  

 A: I love whites. I think there’s a lot of color within them. There are so many different undertones, and for me, a space has to feel modern but warm. I’ve always felt that way. And I think the right balance with that is you can have a cool tone on your walls, but that doesn’t mean that your floors can’t be warm, and that doesn’t mean that your pillows can’t be a bit warmer than the sofa or lamp shade fabric. Every layer can mean something. And I think it’s the same with paint. With the collection that we picked, I think we narrowed down what are the best white options that most people will love and feel like it’s fresh and inviting and beautiful for their space. 

Sue Wadden and Christian Siriano sitting on a couch having a conversation.

Q: We know the amazing things that you’ve accomplished in fashion. What was your aha moment to get involved in interiors and begin to explore this whole new realm of design? 

A: I’ve always loved the world of interiors because I think the home is so important.  I always wanted someone to have a Siriano dress in the closet, a Siriano chair in the living room, and a Siriano something in the kitchen. But it really started with my mom – she was obsessed with interiors. We used to look at fabric samples when I was 10 years old, so I think it really started with fabric. I’m obsessed with textiles. And I think that just translates so easily to the world of interiors. 

Q: Your fashion is very different than your interiors. Can you talk a little about that? 

A: When I create clothes, I’m looking to create things that are pretty emotional, which I think is similar to when you paint your walls. Obviously, I use a lot more color and print and texture in my clothes and patterns, but I try to bring a hint of that to my interiors in some way. Whether it’s a chair that kind of looks like a little sculptural dress or something, I try to have that element. I will say I’m pretty good at choosing the right color for the right person. I’ve always been very good at that. In this way, I’m really good at picking a color for a wall too. 

Sue Wadden and Christian Siriano standing at a table filled with peel and stick color samples.

Q: Why are you excited to partner with Sherwin-Williams®? 

 A: I have been so excited to partner with Sherwin-Williams because the array of colors and the attention to what they can do is just so important. And so beautiful to see. I hope that I get to show other people what paint can really do – I think it changes our lives. We live our lives in our spaces. They’re our sanctuary, so they should be just as fabulous as when you put something on your body and walk out the door. Your home should feel the same way. 

Q: Describe the Christian Siriano x Sherwin-Williams® Color Collection in three words. 

A: I want people to feel that this collection is modern and warm, but also elegant. Just like my clothes. 

Feeling inspired to create a space you love? Check out the exclusive, limited-edition Christian Siriano x Sherwin-Williams® Color Collection. And be sure to try on Christian’s top-six, go-to colors in your home with the Christian Siriano x Sherwin-Williams® Peel & Stick Kit


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