2023 Colormix® Forecast Spotlight: Meet Nexus

Looking to craft a calming sanctuary space in your home? Embrace the serene, desert-inspired hues of our 2023 Colormix® Forecast’s Nexus palette to create a soothing atmosphere of cozy warmth. 

Detail shot of a vase with dried seed pod sitting on a sideboard with Redend Point on the wall behind.
Featured Color: Redend Point SW 9081 

Meet the Palette

Dusty beiges and soft, pinky sunset tones mix with natural clays and grounding browns in the Nexus palette to inspire a caring and communal energy in your home. Redend Point’s blushing hue exudes a humble heartfulness that speaks for itself. It’s a soulful tone that feels even more poignant when layered with the soft warmth of Kestrel White or Malted Milk. The sunbaked terracotta pigment of Reddened Earth lends a deeper contrast to the lighter tonal neutrals and, like Foothills’ stony brown, helps to ground the palette. In a sweet surprise,  Lei Flower ‘s uplifting coral hue provides an easy vibe of bright kindness to the story. 

Mood board for the Nexus palette including fabric and color sample swatches, and material, hardware and floor samples.
Nexus Mood Board 

Get the Look

Create a sanctuary space in your home inspired by the tranquil colors of Nexus. Though these hues work well anywhere, there’s a peaceful harmony across the palette perfectly suited to spaces of rest and retreat like a bathroom or bedroom. Showcase this harmony by layering these colors for greater effect. Open spaces with simple, minimal styling and ample natural light capture their calming energy. Add organic shapes and natural wood tones to highlight the earthy personality of the palette. 

Living room with sofa and pillows and two chairs facing each other with a coffee table in between and a fireplace mantle in the background. The walls are painted in Cool Beige.
Featured Colors: Cool Beige SW 9086 and Foothills SW 7514 

Inspired by the beauty of Nexus? Bring these colors into your home with FREE color chips so you can find the perfect hue. Check out the rest of the 2023 Colormix® Forecast to stay on top of the latest color trends. 

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  1. I love them all.

    Cyrus Baseghi

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