The Perfect Paint Color According to Your Zodiac Sign

Can your birth date determine the color schemes you’ll prefer or the projects you’ll most likely tackle? We’re taking a look at astrological influences and zodiac-inspired paint colors. Find your sign and unlock a hue for your next project!

aquarius inspired blue bedroom


Independent and compassionate, Aquarians tend to be inquisitive about the world around them. Why not refresh a room in Searching Blue?

Pisces - bed,


Pisces crave alone time, so a cozy bedroom may be your favorite DIY project. As a water sign, you’ll make a splash with a color like Swimming.

Aries - modern living room, peach walls


Time to seize the day, bold, confident and optimistic Aries. Paint your favorite room in an invigorating color like Sunrise.

Taurus - desk and chair - brows wall


You know what you want when it comes to tackling a DIY project. Express your strong sense of self with Grounded.

Gemini - table and chairs, light purple wall


You’re going to need a room for entertaining, because your fun persona and your love of music demand that you throw a party or two. A color like Free Spirit will set the right tone.

Cancer - bed, grey and green walls


Cancers are natural homebodies, so you’re sure to put a lot of effort into making your spaces feel comfortable and relaxing. Opt for a color with a dreamy quality like Lagoon.

Leo - couch, orange wall


Feeling bold and confident? That’s just your nature as a Leo. Since you like being with friends, why not create an inviting living room featuring Kingdom Gold?

Vigro - sea blue kitchen


Virgos love food and animals, so your next DIY project might involve a kitchen with a custom nook for your pet. Shy but loyal, your trusting nature comes through in Loyal Blue.

Libra - couch - creme


You crave harmony, balanced Libra, so you’re probably focused on making the colors of your home flow from room to room. Balanced Beige can be the anchor for your décor.

scorpio - couch - blue


Brave and passionate Scorpios covet strong friendships. Define your open, honest nature with Hot.

sagittarius inspired purple and yellow living room


Curious, humorous and opinionated, it’s no wonder you’re willing to experiment with color and pattern. Passionate Purple will show off your creative side.

Capricorn - green/grey wall, bed, cabinet


You’re responsible and disciplined by nature, so any DIY project you tackle is likely to be organized and on time. Grounded and connected to the earth, you’ll appreciate Secret Garden.


  1. This is great! My daughter is a Pisces and we just used Swimming in her room. 😁

  2. I am a Gemini. Geminis are known for being fickle. I don’t like it now so chances are, I’ll like it less over time. Who picked these?

    • Hi Kelly! No worries- we’ve got plenty of other hues for you to choose from. Which do you feel embodies Gemini?

    • Right there with you Kelly …as another Gemini that free spirit color is for a 5 year old …guess I’m going with my Venus in Cancer sign the Lagoon !

    • Gemini here and I LOVED the purple, almost exactly what I had chosen last year but let my (Virgo) mother talk me out of. Ironically what I ended up with was a very similar navy blue hue! Too weird!

  3. Yea you guys got that all wrong. I’m Libra, and an artist. Beige is a very boring and passé color to me. 😡

    • Oh no! Sorry that choice didn’t fit you tastes. Which one of our hues would better suit you?

    • I, too, am a Libra & an artist & LOVE color. Beige was a shock.

      Tracii Adams
    • Libra here! You guys need to go back to the drawing board. Beige is the stark opposite of colors that we find appealing. We choose bright and happy colors, not bland and boring. This was so disappointing.

  4. As a gemini I agree that this shade is too flouncy, childlike: a deeper tone is where I would lean

  5. As a Capricorn, I’ve always identified with my fellow Earth signs. I like Capricorn’s “Secret Garden” green, but not for a wall or even a room, maybe a piece of clothing. It’s not my tone of green. I dislike Taurus’s “Grounded,” it’s just brown. But I loved the “Loyal Blue” of Virgo from the start. So… I’d say maybe in the elements of the signs? 😉 thanks for a fun post of beautiful colors.

  6. Sagittarius here, definitely do not like purple, never have, never will. More of a natural/neutral color person here. Current colors in my living room are burnt Orange and chocolate brown. My bathroom is dark brown and my office is mint green. Definitely no purple

    Tanya Wimberley
  7. So, Beige for Libra?? Have you EVER MET a Libra? This isn’t even a color. This makes me sad.

    Stephanie Crain
    • Hi Stephanie! We were thinking fair-minded and balanced, which brought us to Balanced Beige. Picking these out is a fun challenge. Which of our hues do you think would define Libras better?

    • Scorpio here.. Pink is definitely not in my color pallete. Black would be a better shade.. would match my soul.. LOL

      But seriously.. any of the blues..greens. even the gold speaks to me more than Bright Pink.

      W. Williams
    • I couldn’t agree more! Beige for a Libra is a joke! Yes we like things balanced, but that certainly does not mean devoid of color!

  8. I’m Capricorn, and that green is hideous. I prefer blues and grey’s.

  9. I’m a taurus, and wow, brown? Especially that brown. Bleah. How about a lush green or sensuous purple? Even an elegant gray, like gray screen, which is the color I just painted my bathroom.

  10. Gemini is perfect im so tired of seeing yellow for Gemini but libra needs to be more pastel

  11. “Nailed it” 🤣 Few of these color selections make sense for these signs. Taurus here, big nope on brown. I understand why you guessed brown for earth sign, but my home palette is all turquoise, coral, plum, gold. We are aesthetic 😊

  12. I am a virgo and love the color you picked. I actually gravitate to colors like that a lot.

  13. I’m a scorpio and if that’s a shade of pink I’m out. After all my fav colors are orange, black and silver

    Ange Robinson
  14. Why are the colors for Libra so blah and uninviting?

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