The Perfect Paint Color According to Your Zodiac Sign

Can your birth date determine the color schemes you’ll prefer or the projects you’ll most likely tackle? We’re taking a look at astrological influences and zodiac-inspired paint colors. Find your sign and unlock a hue for your next project!

aquarius inspired blue bedroom


Independent and compassionate, Aquarians tend to be inquisitive about the world around them. Why not refresh a room in Searching Blue?

Pisces - bed,


Pisces crave alone time, so a cozy bedroom may be your favorite DIY project. As a water sign, you’ll make a splash with a color like Swimming.

Aries - modern living room, peach walls


Time to seize the day, bold, confident and optimistic Aries. Paint your favorite room in an invigorating color like Sunrise.

Taurus - desk and chair - brows wall


You know what you want when it comes to tackling a DIY project. Express your strong sense of self with Grounded.

Gemini - table and chairs, light purple wall


You’re going to need a room for entertaining, because your fun persona and your love of music demand that you throw a party or two. A color like Free Spirit will set the right tone.

Cancer - bed, grey and green walls


Cancers are natural homebodies, so you’re sure to put a lot of effort into making your spaces feel comfortable and relaxing. Opt for a color with a dreamy quality like Lagoon.

Leo - couch, orange wall


Feeling bold and confident? That’s just your nature as a Leo. Since you like being with friends, why not create an inviting living room featuring Kingdom Gold?

Vigro - sea blue kitchen


Virgos love food and animals, so your next DIY project might involve a kitchen with a custom nook for your pet. Shy but loyal, your trusting nature comes through in Loyal Blue.

Libra - couch - creme


You crave harmony, balanced Libra, so you’re probably focused on making the colors of your home flow from room to room. Balanced Beige can be the anchor for your décor.

scorpio - couch - blue


Brave and passionate Scorpios covet strong friendships. Define your open, honest nature with Hot.

sagittarius inspired purple and yellow living room


Curious, humorous and opinionated, it’s no wonder you’re willing to experiment with color and pattern. Passionate Purple will show off your creative side.

Capricorn - green/grey wall, bed, cabinet


You’re responsible and disciplined by nature, so any DIY project you tackle is likely to be organized and on time. Grounded and connected to the earth, you’ll appreciate Secret Garden.


  1. This is great! My daughter is a Pisces and we just used Swimming in her room. 😁

  2. I am a Gemini. Geminis are known for being fickle. I don’t like it now so chances are, I’ll like it less over time. Who picked these?

    • Hi Kelly! No worries- we’ve got plenty of other hues for you to choose from. Which do you feel embodies Gemini?

    • Right there with you Kelly …as another Gemini that free spirit color is for a 5 year old …guess I’m going with my Venus in Cancer sign the Lagoon !

    • Gemini here and I LOVED the purple, almost exactly what I had chosen last year but let my (Virgo) mother talk me out of. Ironically what I ended up with was a very similar navy blue hue! Too weird!

    • Kelly , as a fellow Gemini I agree! I seriously dislike this color.

    • I am a Taurus and I can not stand the brown color. It is a color I would never use in a home unless it is for cabinets but in a much lighter shade. So no I will pass on it.

    • My least favorite color is yellow so Aries is wrong.

  3. Yea you guys got that all wrong. I’m Libra, and an artist. Beige is a very boring and passé color to me. 😡

    • Oh no! Sorry that choice didn’t fit you tastes. Which one of our hues would better suit you?

    • I, too, am a Libra & an artist & LOVE color. Beige was a shock.

      Tracii Adams
    • Libra here! You guys need to go back to the drawing board. Beige is the stark opposite of colors that we find appealing. We choose bright and happy colors, not bland and boring. This was so disappointing.

      • As a Libra, I’m downright insulted! Beige? BEIGE!? Jeez, just come out call us boring next time.

        • I also did not like the beige as a Libra. I like Swimming and Lagoon.

          • I am a libra and a designer. Not a beige fan but have Agreeable Grey (a warm neutral grey) throughout both my homes. Color is added in accessories. I do like balance and flow.

  4. As a gemini I agree that this shade is too flouncy, childlike: a deeper tone is where I would lean

  5. As a Capricorn, I’ve always identified with my fellow Earth signs. I like Capricorn’s “Secret Garden” green, but not for a wall or even a room, maybe a piece of clothing. It’s not my tone of green. I dislike Taurus’s “Grounded,” it’s just brown. But I loved the “Loyal Blue” of Virgo from the start. So… I’d say maybe in the elements of the signs? 😉 thanks for a fun post of beautiful colors.

  6. Sagittarius here, definitely do not like purple, never have, never will. More of a natural/neutral color person here. Current colors in my living room are burnt Orange and chocolate brown. My bathroom is dark brown and my office is mint green. Definitely no purple

    Tanya Wimberley
    • Can we trade? I’m an Aries, and yellow is the worst to me. 😂

      Brittney Boyer
    • I’m pretty into astrology and design and…these don’t really speak to the signs at all. Here is a take on the signs in a more neutral palette, and the names of the paint colors correspond to whether the sign relates to air, water, earth, or fire.

      Aries- iron ore (charcoal)
      Taurus- champagne (but *metallic*)
      Gemini- Olympus white (very light blue)
      Cancer- rain washed (slate green)
      Leo- Rayo del sol (gold)
      Virgo- alabaster white
      Libra- rosé (pink/purpley mauve)
      Scorpio- black magic
      Sagittarius- eclipse (deep gray/green)
      Capricorn- studio clay (deep gray/brown)
      Aquarius- atmospheric (light gray/blue)
      Pisces- waterscape (gray/green)

      Amanda McCann Correro
  7. So, Beige for Libra?? Have you EVER MET a Libra? This isn’t even a color. This makes me sad.

    Stephanie Crain
    • Hi Stephanie! We were thinking fair-minded and balanced, which brought us to Balanced Beige. Picking these out is a fun challenge. Which of our hues do you think would define Libras better?

    • Scorpio here.. Pink is definitely not in my color pallete. Black would be a better shade.. would match my soul.. LOL

      But seriously.. any of the blues..greens. even the gold speaks to me more than Bright Pink.

      W. Williams
    • I couldn’t agree more! Beige for a Libra is a joke! Yes we like things balanced, but that certainly does not mean devoid of color!

    • That comment was meant for Sherwin Williams, Stephanie! I don’t disagree with anything you said. Beige? When these things are off, they’re REALLY off.

    • What a terrible choice for Libra. Ick. You have failed with that choice.

  8. I’m Capricorn, and that green is hideous. I prefer blues and grey’s.

    • Beige? Ick….I paint, crochet, and landscape. Surrounded in color all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever used beige as a base color before.

  9. I’m a taurus, and wow, brown? Especially that brown. Bleah. How about a lush green or sensuous purple? Even an elegant gray, like gray screen, which is the color I just painted my bathroom.

  10. Gemini is perfect im so tired of seeing yellow for Gemini but libra needs to be more pastel

  11. “Nailed it” 🤣 Few of these color selections make sense for these signs. Taurus here, big nope on brown. I understand why you guessed brown for earth sign, but my home palette is all turquoise, coral, plum, gold. We are aesthetic 😊

  12. I am a virgo and love the color you picked. I actually gravitate to colors like that a lot.

    • What a cute and fun little article, I sincerely love all of these colors! And for the people in the comments- do you ever get sick of complaining about EVERY LITTLE THING? Jesus.

  13. I’m a scorpio and if that’s a shade of pink I’m out. After all my fav colors are orange, black and silver

    Ange Robinson
  14. Why are the colors for Libra so blah and uninviting?

  15. As a Leo, I suppose I could live with Kingdom Gold. That said, when we bought a home last year, I wanted the whole house done in a light sunlight yellow with purple and green touches. It’s warm, inviting, and homey.

  16. OMG my FAVORITE color is purple! Soo happy to see purple & my sign Sagittarius together!! Awesome!

  17. I’m a Libra and prefer purple anything but beige! I love color

  18. I agree with Shirley about the Libra color, it’s so blah. I am a full on Libra smack dab in the middle of the sign and have all the attributes of a typical Libra. Artistic, imaginative, creative, outgoing, happy go lucky, a bit fickle, but always fair and just. My house is filled with tons of color both warm and cool. I would prefer the cool teal of Cancer or Pisces or Aquarius blue and the warm yellow of Aries or Leo.

    Tina Hooker
    • As an Aries, I’m insulted by that horrid yellow Sunny shiny color. We are energetic, yes… but fiery & passionate are not kindergarten yellows. Gem tones like sapphire blue, jade, ruby red, deep purple… yes… bright yellow… bad… over stimulating for the already overstimulated.

  19. Scorpio…hot pink? No. Just no.

    • Oh no! Sorry if we missed the mark for you, Stacey. What color would you choose?

      • Capricorn here. I wouldn’t ever use Secret Garden in my house, but maybe in clothes. Also, the color for my Taurus husband, Grounded, is the exterior color on our house and we’re sick of it. Never painted it after the purchase, but are currently and slowly in the process (burnt orange). PAINT IS EXPENSIVE!

        • Hi Shelah! Are you signed up for PaintPerks? If you sign up you will receive a $10 off of $50 coupon, everyday discounts on paints, stains and supplies and exclusive sales and emails. For more information on this program, please visit

  20. As an Aries that yellow is awful. We are a fire sign for goodness sake. Do some jewel tones. My house transitions from bold and invigorating to cool and calm as you move from room to room. I was hoping to find inspiration for my living room, since it is my next project. But now I just have disappointment from Sherwin Williams.

    Denise Bailey
    • Hi Denise! We are so sorry you didn’t find what you are looking for. We’d be glad to help find the perfect color for your living room. Could you tell us more about the space? For instance, what other colors are in the room. Flooring, furniture etc. Are there any specific colors among jewel tones that you are interested? Let us know what you get a minute. Thank you!

  21. Taurus= brown. No matter what name you give it (grounded, espresso, dirt, 💩) they’re brown. I’d like to think we Tauri have more pizazz than that. 😭

    10/12 of these colors are beautiful. Taurus and Libra, not so much.

  22. Beige?! Ten million other colors and hues out there, and you think Libras are beige? Libras are creative and fun. There is no joy in Mudville (beige). You have struck out.

  23. Leo is usually represented by really bright colors!! We are a regal bunch so that gold hue is perfect!!

  24. The color for Gemini is awful!! Loyal blue is more my vibe!!!

  25. Sorry everyone is ragging on these colors. I think a lot of them are plausible or were on the right track. But really, someone who is more acquainted with the zodiac probably should have made these. The ones I would change would be Gemini, whose lucky colors are green/yellow, so I would have chosen a rich, mustard yellow or a green hue (though I’m gemini and lavender IS my favorite color, maybe a middle ground for it would be sage green); Aries, who needs a powerhouse red tone; Taurus, who is embodied by Aphrodite, needs a more comfy, royal, sensual color – like a darker purple or dark green (I thought the brown was a nice, rich color, though); and Libra and Scorpio need much darker hues. Libra could be a romantic burgundy, and Scorpio just needs to be something strong and dark – like black or crimson.
    Thanks for the cool article!!

  26. Ha! Scorpio here. Totally love my color!! HOT! My daughter is a Pisces and she predicted the aqua blue color, and loved it when she saw it. I’m not upset at the choices at all, lol. Then again, my color wasn’t BEIGE! Hahaha

  27. I love the colors! I’m a Pisces and not a fan of blue, I prefer earth tones.❤️

    Tricia Jones
  28. I am a Gemini and I love the color.

  29. Yeah…. No. I don’t know who did this astrological color match, but you need a new color wheel. I’m a virgo and would NEVER paint my space Blue, but my Taurus son loves blue. Two Taures’s in the house, neither would choose brown to paint with. And the cancer laughed hilariously at the aquamarine green color you suggested he use although you call it Lagoon. He likes Browns BTW

    Michelle Moreland
  30. I am a a full-on Libra, and an artist. I would never choose to paint anything beige – yuck! The world is full of color – why not use it and enjoy it! Remember, balance can be about coordinating opposites, making them happy with each other: with color as with the rest of life.

    Carol Plaia
  31. I am a Taurus and I don’t like the color Grounded. I don’t like brown colors for cabinets neither. I love too see some warm Greys or light pale Grey walls as a choice for a Taurus. Nice try!

  32. I dont think 1 Taurus would ever use that ugly Brown on anything. I love blues and greys.

  33. I’m a Taurus and an art teacher. No one would be happy with getting poo-brown. A little literal to “dump” it on the bulls, no? Someone had a sense of humor. 😆🐂💩

    Heidi Wenzel
  34. I am a virgo and i like my color, but purple is my favortie color you got july right on for my son green is his favortie color. And another name for virgos blue would be tardis blue (for dr who)

    Melissa Tarpley
  35. If you ever run into a Beige Libran, run! Beige…not in this lifetime.

  36. Libra here. I love color, and I’m an artistic person. I go threw color phases, there isn’t really a favorite. I understand why you chose beige, it is an excellent anchor. There are many shades of beige. I just painted my whole interior a single hue of a buttery beige (oyster bar) and looks fabulous! Made my small home look huge and all my colors pop.

    Tammy McGee
  37. This isn’t even on the same planet for me. I’m a Taurus and there’s no way any shade of brown expresses anything about me, or ever has! I’m all purple, all the time; your choice for Sagittarius strikes the right chord. I’ve actually used four shades of Sherwin-Williams paint in my condo, not to mention various purples in collectibles, clothing, furnishings, linens, housewares, car, etc.

    Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
  38. I’m a Scorpio and this is way off. A cinnamon red is about as bold as I have gone in my house. Otherwise, I prefer greys, and subdued blues, greens, and purples. Because of my temperament as a Scorpio, I need something to calm me and help me and not be so stimulating in the home. I have considered doing a backyard cabana with bright colors such as the one featured with middle eastern tapestries of bold pinks, blues, and purples.

  39. Scorpio here 👋 and Hot just doesn’t resonate with me at all. That could be a good accessory color like a clutch or a pair of heels, but not the walls of my house. I prefer natural tones, and colors that are lightly muted. I also do not gravitate towards dreary sulky colors either. If I’m going to go dark then I’d say Passionate Purple would be a good choice for an accent wall. I really like the colors for Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, and Virgo as well. I could see myself incorporating those colors in my own home.

  40. White. Zeus turned himself into a white bull.

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