What Color Suits Your Style?

Whether it anchors a space, draws in extra light, or frames furniture arrangements, color completes a room’s look. Certain color palettes work exceptionally well with specific design styles. Find your style below and discover the ideal color palette to bring it to life.

Beautiful living room interior with tall vaulted ceiling, loft area, hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home. Has large bank of windows, traditional style


Classic lines and consistent themes define traditional style. Imbued with elegance, the atmosphere is nevertheless comfortable and inviting. Traditional style and neutral tones often go hand-in-hand; today’s “new neutrals” take traditional to another level of visual appeal. Consider greens like sage and olive to lend balance, blush tones to lighten a space or earth tones to reinforce a natural feeling.

Modern style living room


Modern style finds its inspiration in industrial materials like metal and plastic. The look is sleek, never cluttered, and adds hints of the latest trends to bring it up-to-date. Modern can be moody – in a good way – which makes it a great match for deep grays and blues softened with yellowy-green and bluish-gray accents.

Creamy living room with light pink couch - eclectic style


Eclectic combines different furniture, fabrics and finishes for a look that is sophisticated as well as fun. Someone with eclectic taste may be a seasoned traveler who gathers unique items from favorite trips, but it can also be someone who simply appreciates the attributes of a variety of styles. Set the tone with a room filled with wonderful stories.

light blue dining room / kitchen - farmhouse style


If you crave a look that is cozy and sophisticated at once, the modern farmhouse style will suit you just fine. Wood floors and paneling bathe a room in warmth; textured rugs and upholstery add layers of design interest. While whites are often associated with farmhouse, natural blues and greens also make excellent accompaniments to the style.


  1. I have been going back and forth between accessible beige for north facing bedrooms and something a bit “brighter”. Would Modern Gray be a better choice or should I just lighten accessible beige by 50%??

    Thanks for the info.

    Julie DeHaven

    Julianne DeHaven
    • Hello Julianne, tinting Accessible Beige SW 7036 at 50% will make it lighter not brighter. Modern Gray SW 7632 is a brighter color. If you are looking for brightness, you may want to consider using whites in the same Greige (grey+beige) family as Accessible Beige and Modern Gray. Some options for those brighter greiges would be:

      Origami White SW 7626
      Aesthetic White SW 7035
      White Heron SW 7627

  2. Hi what is best color for a West facing bdrm. with loads of windows. I am leaning towards color “Ponder” but open to suggestions. Thank you

    • Hi Nadine, Ponder SW 7079 is a beautiful, subtle color. It would be very sophisticated and soothing for a bedroom. Get a chip of this color and put it in your room to look at during daylight and at night. If Ponder looks to dark, consider using Grayish SW 6001 or Destiny SW 6274.

  3. I’m getting ready to do my mudroom which is currently beige. the room opens into a great room which is tiki hut. I have a flood of light in both rooms I was thinking of doing a gray but unsure if it’ll blend with the tiki hut. Any thoughs?

    Sandra L Leffler
    • Hi Sandra, yes if you choose a Greige (grey + beige) it would flow seamlessly into your Tiki Hut. Take a look at these options for your mudroom:
      Modern Gray SW 7632
      Colonnade Gray SW 7641
      Skyline Steel SW 1015

      • I’m redoing our mudroom and thinking of painting the main wall red. Any suggestions for perfect red? Classy cozy and inviting. Thanks MUCH

        Kinneitha Thomas
        • Hello! What other colors are in your mudroom? For instance flooring, window treatments, furniture etc. Thank you!

  4. Can you provide a little more information on tinting a color to 50%. Our dining room is painted in Wall Street and I love it. I am interested in the idea of lightening it for use in other rooms, but not sure I understand it that would look like to tint such a dark color at 50%.

    Alexis Nicole Carey
    • Hi Alexis, what you are describing is a custom color. This is done usually in one of our small color to go samples to try out the color in your house before committing to it. It is a great way to put your own personal twist on a color; however, it is a custom color so we recommend getting a sample first to see how it will appear.

  5. Love reading the Sherwin responses!

    We’ve got a blank slate. Midline trim for entryway, dining, and kitchen. Would love to do two tone for the walls in these rooms. The kitchen reno has dark floors. Two tone cabinets (black bottom/ white top) and stainless steel appliances. Any help picking traditional color scheme for the rooms that surround a bold kitchen would be so helpful!

    Alexa Bannerman
    • We’d like to get a better sense of your space before making a recommendation. Sign up for a free Virtual Color Consultation here.

      • Hi! We are undergoing remodeling our kitchen which is South facing and I have picked Accessible Beige for our walls and I’m struggling with a good warm to creamy white to paint our cabinets that’s not too yellow. What do you recommend? Thank you!

        • Hi Danielle, all creamy whites would have a yellow undertone – that is what makes it creamy. A better choice would be a very light greige, similar to:
          Aesthetic White SW 7035
          Eider White SW 7014
          Toque White SW 7003

  6. i want to paint my family room, kitchen and breakfast room alabaster they all open up to each other. What trim color should I use for baseboards etc? I did not post this before.

    • Hello Claire, Alabaster SW 7008 is a beautiful soft warm white, consider using Extra White SW 7006 for your all your trim. Extra White is a clean, crisp white and will really “POP” next to Alabaster.

  7. We have our ceilings and trim painted Antique White in most of the house. We have been doing remodeling and updating and would like to go whiter and brighter paint as we go, but want to complement the existing Antique white trim moldings and ceilings. Can you please offer a few suggestions for trim (Semi gloss), and Ceilings to help us go whiter brighter..


    Steve Pon
    • Hi Steve, a crisp, clean white similar to Extra White SW 7006 Extra or High Reflective White SW 7757 would work for our project.

  8. We just painted our fireplace accent wall Harbours Gray and need a nice light neutral for our other walls. The room faces Northeast with large windows and we get a good amount of light. Right now it’s amazing grey and would like it lighter. Not sure whether to go with a warm or a cool white. Would also like to paint the doors a grey. The floors are a medium grey hardwood our sofa is navy. Do you have any colour suggestions?
    Thank you !

    Deanne Chapman
    • Hi Deanna, Consider a warm white on the other walls. Grays Harbor SW 6236 has a lot of blue in it and if you paint the other wall a cool white, the room could turn baby blue. A warm white, a few shades lighter than Amazing Gray would be ideal. Look at Shoji White SW 7043 or Limewash SW 9589. Finally, about your doors. If those doors are in the same room as your fireplace accent, you may want to rethink that. One eye-grabbing color is beautiful – you don’t want to introduce yet another accent in the room. Consider painting the doors the same color as your other trim or use a clean white like Extra White SW 7006. If you still want to paint the doors, use your Grays Harbor SW 6236 or a similar color but darker, like Dark Night SW 6237 or Gale Force SW 7605. You can order free color chips here to see how these colors look in your space.

  9. I would like to see exterior house paint ideas with different color of trim but a good combination

    • Hi Ruth, thank you for the suggestion. We will pass it along to our internal team. You can try out our ColorSnap Visualizer to test out different colors on either our sample scenes or upload a photo of your own here.

  10. I’m wanting to do two tone kitchen cabinets , bottom cabinets haylcon green top is between alabaster or Dover white. What color would compliment the walls in the kitchen with those color schemes? I was leaning towards repose grey or agreeable grey?

    • Hi Melissa, consider painting your walls the same color you choose for the upper cabinets – either Alabaster SW 7008 or Dover White SW 6385 would be lovely with Halcyon Green SW 6213. When you paint the upper cabinets AND your walls the same color, your kitchen instantly becomes brighter and bigger with an intentional, cohesive palette.

  11. Hello, what color cabinates will go well with a heart pine floor, its a english cottage theme.

    Thank you

    • Hello there, heart pine floors are best complemented by blue or aqua families. Consider painting your cabinets something like Faded Flaxflower SW 9146 or Interesting Aqua SW 6220. Either of these colors would look fantastic with a heart pine floor.

  12. What is the wall and trim color in the eclectic photo? Tia!

  13. Hi, Im looking for a wall color to paint my downstairs area that is beautiful in the cream/beige warm neutrals paint group for my foyer, family room, dinning room, breakfast room. etc. My trim is already painted in white. I have looked at a Sherwin Williams designer color collection folder of warm + welcome that shows Sanctuary sw9583 that I think I like but not sure. My floors are engineered wood in a beautiful brown. I have agreeable grey painted in all my upstairs because a friend said it was the popular but I did not want to use it downstairs. I’m looking for a color that pretty much goes with most things but warm, welcoming and beautiful. What would you suggest.
    Thank You

    • Hi Viola, for a job of this scope and detail, you would benefit best from a one-on-one virtual consult with one of our designers. You can schedule a “real time” appointment with a designer when you sign up. This virtual consult will allow the designer to see your space and lighting which would be the best option for your project. Click the link below to get started. https://homeowner.sherwin-williams.com/colorconsult/

  14. Hello. I want to paint my living room, stairwell, and hallway in Lazy Gray with an accent wall in the living room Serious Gray. The trim in the house is oak. We will do ceiling bright white on the ceiling. My question is about the kitchen. It has an adjoining wall with the Lazy Gray. My kitchen cabinets and table are in light maple wood. I was thinking of Accessible Beige. Would this pull the whole look together or would this grayish beige not look the best with the maple cabinets?
    Thanks. Will you be emailing the answer or do I need to look on the blog. Carolyn

    Carolyn Gelder
  15. Hi. I painted my whole downstairs grey because the realtors told me to do it. We were going to sell our house but not now. I am an artist and love to collect seaglass,potter and funky things. My problem is my family room and kitchen which is together seemed dreary to me so I painted it a mustard yellow thinking it would Bri g warmth and coziness! Yuk! I have some turquoise pieces and a couple of morrocon benches. You can see into the dining room and the living room. I do not know what to do! There are lots of windows and doors I the room but it is the darker side of the house. Could you please help me? Terri

    Terri puglisi
    • Hi Terri, you would be best served by a one on one virtual/real time design consult. It sounds like you have a lot of different elements and decisions to make. A designer can be with you virtually and look at everything in your home. Sign up for free virtual consult here.


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