What Color Suits Your Style?

Whether it anchors a space, draws in extra light, or frames furniture arrangements, color completes a room’s look. Certain color palettes work exceptionally well with specific design styles. Find your style below and discover the ideal color palette to bring it to life.

Beautiful living room interior with tall vaulted ceiling, loft area, hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home. Has large bank of windows, traditional style


Classic lines and consistent themes define traditional style. Imbued with elegance, the atmosphere is nevertheless comfortable and inviting. Traditional style and neutral tones often go hand-in-hand; today’s “new neutrals” take traditional to another level of visual appeal. Consider greens like sage and olive to lend balance, blush tones to lighten a space or earth tones to reinforce a natural feeling.

Modern style living room


Modern style finds its inspiration in industrial materials like metal and plastic. The look is sleek, never cluttered, and adds hints of the latest trends to bring it up-to-date. Modern can be moody – in a good way – which makes it a great match for deep grays and blues softened with yellowy-green and bluish-gray accents.

Creamy living room with light pink couch - eclectic style


Eclectic combines different furniture, fabrics and finishes for a look that is sophisticated as well as fun. Someone with eclectic taste may be a seasoned traveler who gathers unique items from favorite trips, but it can also be someone who simply appreciates the attributes of a variety of styles. Set the tone with a room filled with wonderful stories.

light blue dining room / kitchen - farmhouse style


If you crave a look that is cozy and sophisticated at once, the modern farmhouse style will suit you just fine. Wood floors and paneling bathe a room in warmth; textured rugs and upholstery add layers of design interest. While whites are often associated with farmhouse, natural blues and greens also make excellent accompaniments to the style.


  1. I have been going back and forth between accessible beige for north facing bedrooms and something a bit “brighter”. Would Modern Gray be a better choice or should I just lighten accessible beige by 50%??

    Thanks for the info.

    Julie DeHaven

    Julianne DeHaven
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Julianne, tinting Accessible Beige SW 7036 at 50% will make it lighter not brighter. Modern Gray SW 7632 is a brighter color. If you are looking for brightness, you may want to consider using whites in the same Greige (grey+beige) family as Accessible Beige and Modern Gray. Some options for those brighter greiges would be:

      Origami White SW 7626
      Aesthetic White SW 7035
      White Heron SW 7627


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