Paint dollop tinted Silver Strand SW 7057

May 2024

Color of The Month

Silver Strand

SW 7057

Entryway with walls painted Egret White SW 7570 and accents painted Silver Strand SW 7057

Wade into an elegance that ebbs and flows between the laid-back atmosphere of a coastal look and a more elevated yet approachable modern style. With Silver Strand anchoring the collection, May’s Seaside Tranquility palette weaves a harmonious backdrop of refreshing and relaxed comfort that ties it all together.

Why We Love It

Entryway with walls painted Egret White SW 7570 and accents painted Silver Strand SW 7057

Radiant Receptions

Greet guests with a stunning shade of warm white that bathes spaces with a welcoming feel. As backdrop, Egret White’s bright shade breathes an airy expansiveness into the sun-drenched foyer and sets a tone of serene sophistication. Subtle pops of Silver Strand’s soft, breezy shade evoke the soothing qualities of lounging by the seaside. Warm wood tones coupled with the texture of accents like a jute rug and wicker baskets underscore the rustic charm. The overall uncomplicated, minimalist approach leaves the space with a clean, fresh feel that’s timeless.

Get the look: Wicker, Weathered Wood, Rustic Wooden Flooring, Lush Greenery

Four seasons room with walls painted Silver Strand SW 7057

Serene Haven

Silver Strand’s calming, green-gray hue looks perfect anywhere, instantly evoking a relaxed effortlessness. It’s perfect as backdrop in a sunlit sitting room meant for unwinding and connecting. Tricorn Black’s striking hue on the doors offers a touch of modern elegance, elevating the casual ambiance while adding rich contrast and depth.

Get the look: Striped Patterns, Artisanal Items, Soft Palette, Black Framed Window

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  1. Love this color scheme!

    Dana Buchanan

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