3 Water-Inspired Paint Colors That Soothe the Soul

Water is always around us. Whether it’s flowing through a stream or dripping from our faucets, it brings hydration to our every surrounding. Create a calm and nourishing space with these water-inspired paint colors.

A bathroom vanity with walls painted in Still Water
Bathroom Featuring Rejuvenation Product

Still Water

What do they say about Still Water? It runs deep. This bolder blue creates a calming exterior that’s quiet, sophisticated and understated. Whether you use this hue to envelop a room in dramatic color or use it sparingly as an accent wall, this versatile neutral brings a grounding presence, like a still lake mirroring its surroundings.

three water-inspired paint colors: A modern kitchen painted in Rain
Kitchen Featuring Rejuvenation Product


The pitter-patter of rainfall is a gentle reminder of nature’s ability to cleanse and renew the world around us. An aquatic shade like Rain features subtle green undertones that bring the beauty of a misty drizzle indoors. When blue’s tranquility mixes with green’s harmony, the result is a color promoting restoration and rejuvenation in your everyday life.

three water-inspired colors: a bathroom with a large window and walls painted in Morning at Sea
Bathroom Featuring Rejuvenation Product

Morning at Sea

Just like the ocean and it’s gently rolling waves, lighter blues like Morning at Sea wash over the room and let the mind wander. Whether it’s a place where you start or end your day, dusty blues are known for evoking a sense of tranquility that’s cool, calm and collected. Use this cleansing hue in a space where you soak your troubles away.

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  1. I like these colors for the bathroom. I selected Magnetic Gray and it resembles Morning at Sea. I like this color on my bathroom wall.

  2. I like the color you have on the kitchen wall, 6219 Rain. Rain is similar to the previous color of my kitchen and the granite I have is similar in color to yours pictured here.
    Now, I have changed my kitchen color to Downing Slate and it looks beautiful.

  3. I want to repaint my living room and dining room something other than white but not sure what color or finish. The living room and dining room is one, United rectangle. No arches or door way. Also has 3 doors- front door, closet door and office door.

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