Think Pink with a Front Door Refresh

Elevate your entry with an uplifting hue that adds instant charm to your exterior. A pink front door makes a standout statement that’s also a fresh, fun and friendly way to greet your guests. We’ve gathered some of our favorite shades to help you find inspiration for your front door refresh. 

Pink front door painted with Rosebud.
Featured Color: Rosebud SW 6288; Image Courtesy of @on_the_road_home_ 

Rosebud SW 6288: Understated and subtle, Rosebud’s soft, muted hue reads as a neutral and plays well with a wide range of shades. This dusty pale pink looks particularly stunning when contrasted with a crisp white backdrop. 

Pink front door painted with Ravishing Coral.
Featured Color: Ravishing Coral SW 6612; Image Courtesy of @oreandbosk 

Ravishing Coral SW 6612: Ravishing Coral’s sweet, peachy shade of pink adds a welcoming whimsy to your entryway. Pair it with a bold, complementary color to heighten the drama and brighten the mood. 

Pink front door painted with Lei Flower.
Featured Color: Lei Flower SW 6613; Image Courtesy of @househomemade 

Lei Flower SW 6613: Slightly more saturated than Ravishing Coral, Lei Flower adds a punchy pop of vibrant personality to greet your guests. It’s the perfect warm mix of pink and orange that’s both eye-catching and inviting. 

Pink front door painted with Loveable.
Featured Color: Loveable SW 6590; Image Courtesy of @alietatreasurehunting 

Loveable SW 6590: Ever-charming and cheery, this playful shade of bubblegum pink can make an unexpected but classy statement. Against a dark gray exterior and bright white trim, Loveable is composed and timeless yet unique and pretty. 

Choosing a new color for your front door is never an open and shut case – lean on color samples to see what works best! Order your FREE color chips to test the shades featured here, and, if you want personalized guidance, book a FREE Virtual Color Consultation! Need a quick tutorial for painting your front door? Watch this video

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