The Colors of the Cosmos

Looking up to the skies? There’s a universe of inspiration to pull from, so it’s no surprise that the cosmos are finding their way into our homes. We’ve pulled a few ideas so you can create your own cosmic haven on Earth.

Dining Room, dark blue walls

Deep Space

Saturating an entire room with dark colors like Endless Sea can make a space feel larger by adding depth that feels unending. Painting trim the same color as the walls can heighten a room even further by blending all of the color together. This optical illusion keeps the eye from registering any borders, so space feels like it continues on – just like the universe. When choosing decor to ground the infinite feeling of blue, mirrored and metallic accents create a futuristic vibe that brings a lighter touch to this design trend.

hallway, light blue door, glass on the sides

Star Light, Star Bright

Cosmos are bursting with energy and light. Capture that brightness in your home when you use Extra White to paint walls with reflective color. Creating a tone-on-tone backdrop of white walls and cream trim allows celestial-inspired accents, like Moravian star pendant lights, to be the center of attention in your room’s universe. Adding a splash of color to your door with Blue Sky is the perfect way to ground this look.

Bedroom, Bright blue walls

Galactic Mix

Like the hazy bands of the Milky Way, our galaxy is swirling with its own color palettes. When you break down this cosmic wonder into colors, you can easily channel a multicolor energy into your living space. The Milky Way is filled with atmospheric shades of blue and purple, so cosmic-inspired pastels like Celestial and Elation set the stage for a room that feels light and airy while abstract wall art ties in galactic pattern.


  1. Beautiful as always I love your colours

  2. Where can I find the brass modern chandelier in the Endless Blue dining room within your Colors Of The Cosmos: Deep Sea color inspiration?

    Steven K Boyd
  3. I would like to receive a color chip of Endless Sea and a chip of the Extra White.
    Also I would like a chip of the Tarnished Trumpet.
    Mel Crissey,

  4. Can endless see be used in a smaller room say 13×13

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Kim, any color can go in any size room in theory; the only deciding factor would be how much color do you want in your space. Endless Sea SW 9150 is a very pretty blue but it is dark. Darker colors can make a space feel smaller; however, they also make a space feel cozier and much more personal. If the thought of that much color for you, consider using Endless Sea on just one wall and then pair it with a warm neutral like Urban Putty SW 7532 or Windsor Greige SW 7528. Let us know if have any additional questions. Thank you!

  5. Love the Endless Sea color and great to see the pairing with dark furniture.

  6. I have a Sherwin Williams color palate on my I-phone. Is there a way to add these colors to the palate?
    Craig Humphrey

    Craig Humphrey
  7. What color was used on the ceiling in the picture with Endless Sea on the walls?

    Susan Ann Erickson
  8. Is there a color in the burnt orange family that might go well with Celestial blue? My living room is celestial and there is an archway into the dining room where I would like there to be an orange color. Please add any thoughts for complimentary whites that would go with it if you could? Thank you thank you!

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello, we love your idea of orange and blue, which are opposites on color wheel, look fantastic together. Look at either Robust Orange SW 6628 or Husky Orange SW 6636. Pair those vibrant colors with a warm white like Aged White SW 9180 or SW 7571 Casa Blanca SW 7571.

  9. I just painted my bedroom in Endless Sea and I love it!! It is so rich feeling and comforting. Would highly recommend.

    Elaine Derderian
  10. Would your Ultra White pair with the Celestial for an open dining room kitchen combo?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Cheri, we don’t have an Ultra White. Are you referring to Extra White (SW 7006). If so, yes, Extra White would look beautiful with Celestial SW 6808.

  11. I tried Endless Sea in my dining room.. as accent wall…. thought it was too dark. Should I paint other walls a whiter white

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello! Actually you would want to paint the other walls a warmer not lighter white. A lighter white would create a bigger contrast and make the Endless Sea look even darker. In order to make Endless look a little lighter, pair it with a warmer white like Nacre SW 6154, Neutral Ground SW 7568 or White Duck SW 7010.


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