The Colors of the Cosmos

Looking up to the skies? There’s a universe of inspiration to pull from, so it’s no surprise that the cosmos are finding their way into our homes. We’ve pulled a few ideas from our Shapeshifter Colormix® palette so you can create your own cosmic haven on Earth.

Dining Room, dark blue walls

Deep Space

Saturating an entire room with dark colors like Endless Sea can make a space feel larger by adding depth that feels unending. Painting trim the same color as the walls can heighten a room even further by blending all of the color together. This optical illusion keeps the eye from registering any borders, so space feels like it continues on – just like the universe. When choosing decor to ground the infinite feeling of blue, mirrored and metallic accents create a futuristic vibe that brings a lighter touch to this design trend.

hallway, light blue door, glass on the sides

Star Light, Star Bright

Cosmos are bursting with energy and light. Capture that brightness in your home when you use Extra White to paint walls with reflective color. Creating a tone-on-tone backdrop of white walls and cream trim allows celestial-inspired accents, like Moravian star pendant lights, to be the center of attention in your room’s universe. Adding a splash of color to your door with Blue Sky is the perfect way to ground this look.

Bedroom, Bright blue walls

Galactic Mix

Like the hazy bands of the Milky Way, our galaxy is swirling with its own color palettes. When you break down this cosmic wonder into colors, you can easily channel a multicolor energy into your living space. The Milky Way is filled with atmospheric shades of blue and purple, so cosmic-inspired pastels like Celestial and Elation set the stage for a room that feels light and airy while abstract wall art ties in galactic pattern.

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