3 Colorful Personalities of Shark Week

Thirsty for color? We’re exploring the depths of the great blue with Discovery to see what colorful creatures lurk beneath the surface. Explore unique personalities this Shark Week as we pair some of the ocean’s most curious swimmers with a ColorSnap® Color ID that’s perfectly them.

Digital animation of a shark.

The Free Spirit: Mako Sharks

Makos are the fastest sharks in the ocean, so it’s no surprise their wandering spirit can’t be contained. With a streamlined body that lets them move through water with ease, these warm-water sharks create their own path in a daring way that makes them a Free Spirit

Mako shark swimming through the color chips Frostwork SW 0059, Mount Etna SW 7625, Rojo Dust SW 9006 and Tatami Tan SW 6116.
Featured Colors: Frostwork SW 0059, Mount Etna SW 7625Rojo Dust SW 9006, Tatami Tan SW 6116

The Enthusiast: Bull Sharks

With a strong bite and big appetite, bull sharks are Enthusiasts that can be found worldwide. Whether it’s skimming tropical shorelines or swimming thousands of miles upriver into freshwater, their live-in-the-moment attitude takes them far and wide.

Bull shark swimming through the color chips Earthen Jug SW 7703, Relentless Olive SW 6425, Indigo Batik SW 7602 and Westhighland White SW 7566.
Featured Colors: Earthen Jug SW 7703, Relentless Olive SW 6425, Indigo Batik SW 7602Westhighland White SW 7566

The Creative: Hammerhead Sharks

You’ll know a hammerhead when you see one thanks to their unique style. These Creative sharks embrace their inner-artist with wide-set eyes that give them a better visual range to see possibilities others can’t – inventiveness is their talent.

Hammerhead shark swimming through the color chips Moscow Midnight SW 9142, Breezy SW 7616, Silken Peacock SW 9059, Auric SW 6692.
Featured Colors: Moscow Midnight SW 9142, Breezy SW 7616, Silken Peacock SW 9059, Auric SW 6692

Ready to discover some personalities on land? Find your ColorSnap® Color ID by taking our quiz and drop a comment below to share which palette pairs up with your personality. Stream Shark Week now on Discovery and discovery+


  1. I am looking for a lighter colour to brighten my livingroom! I may need some help in choosing…

  2. Awesome! I love your presentation of these color combos! They are beautiful!

  3. Love the bold colors, fresh look, new adventures. Need something exciting in our homes.

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