Our Favorite Reds and Purples of 2024

Add some excitement to your space with a shade from The Poetry of Reds & Purples palette in our 2024 Colormix® Forecast. From soft and nourishing to bold and punchy, this collection offers a range of hues that make a stimulating statement. 

Five paint can lids featuring the colors in this blog post: Sashay Sand, Dragon Fruit, Wild Currant, Intuitive and Veri Berri.
Featured Colors: Sashay Sand SW 6051, Intuitive SW 6017, Dragon Fruit SW 6855, Veri Berri SW 9069, Wild Currant SW 7583

Sashay Sand SW 6051: Sashay Sand’s light, blushing hue has just enough warmth to create an inviting feel. Epitomizing the rising trend in natural pigments, this neutral beige-pink is adaptable and can work beautifully in designs ranging from minimalist to maximalist and nostalgic to contemporary. 

Intuitive SW 6017: The muted elegance of Intuitive’s dusty, purple-gray shade makes a subtle impact in any space. Its soft soulfulness has a calming influence that feels down-to-earth and approachable. It’s the perfect choice for creating cozy, cocoon vibes without going too dark. 

Dragon Fruit SW 6855: Be bold and get colorful with an eye-catching shade like Dragon Fruit. This saturated hue brings the excitement and is perfect for infusing a dose of vibrant drama. Be sure to use careful consideration in where and how much you use to maintain a balanced intensity. Create a stunning contrast with dark wood tones, either as trim or accents in the space. 

Veri Berri SW 9069: This fresh and lively shade of berry purple exudes a playful and fun energy that grabs attention. Even a small pop of Veri Berri can add interest to a room, especially as an accent against classic neutrals or shades of light gray. 

Wild Currant SW 7583: Looking for refined elegance plus intriguing allure? Then Wild Currant’s your hue. Its medium-dark, wine-red tone is rich enough to feel chic and refined, yet it can also read as unexpected and mysterious. Bring this shade into any space for an atmosphere of moody sophistication. 

Feel the rhythm of The Poetry of Reds & Purples palette in Anthology: Volume One, our Colormix® Forecast for 2024. Want to see these hues in your space? Get FREE color chips for the entire palette, and, if you need help choosing, book a FREE Virtual Color Consultation for personalized, one-on-one guidance with one of our experts.

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