Our Favorite Blues and Greens of 2024

We’ve all been loving blues and greens for the past decade-plus – and for good reason. From soft and smoky to mossy and moody, these versatile color families make it easy to create environments that can be soothing and serene, or elegant and refined. We’re sharing a few of our favorites to help you craft inspiring living spaces you love. 

Paint can lids featuring the five hues in the article: Honeydew SW 6428, Upward SW 6239, Pewter Green SW 6208, Georgian Bay SW 6509, Indigo SW 6531.
Featured Colors: Upward SW 6239, Honeydew SW 6428, Pewter Green SW 6208, Georgian Bay SW 6509, Indigo SW 6531

Upward SW 6239 

As 2024 Color of the year, Upward effortlessly infuses spaces with a gentle, uplifting energy. Like a calming breath of fresh air, this light blue-gray shade creates an easy sense of classic comfort that’s perfect for a kitchen or bathroom retreat. 

Honeydew SW 6428 

Sweet, cheery and brimming with joy, Honeydew adds invigorating freshness to any style. Its soft yet energizing pastel hue is welcome anywhere you want to animate your personal style with light, whimsical liveliness. 

Pewter Green SW 6208 

Pewter Green’s lush, nurturing hue has an earthy and laid-back energy that’s perfect for casual spaces of simplicity, but it’s also capable of thriving in refined environments that call for a more elevated feel. Regardless of where it goes, it brings a moody, sophisticated influence apropos of sanctuary and comfort. 

Georgian Bay SW 6509 

Looking to create an atmosphere of tranquility in your home? Georgian Bay’s cool, placid blue shade evokes a sense of relaxation and serenity that makes it a great option for spaces that ask for timeless poise. 

Indigo SW 6531 

Indigo’s rich, deep blue shade makes a stunning impact everywhere it goes, whether in doses large or small. Make a bold statement with a color drench using this shade’s vibrant yet calming influence. It sets a tone of refinement in a foyer or welcoming area. 

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