Unplug & Unwind With Living Well™

Always on the go? Even when life gets busy, home is the one place you can turn to counter the chaos. Balance out the busy with hues from our Living Well™ collection that help you unplug and unwind each and every day.

desert-inspired living room vignette painted in Shiitake SW 9173
Featured Color: Shiitake SW 9173


Escape to nature without leaving your front door. A daydream of desert-inspired hues gives our Unplug palette its carefree charm. From warm sands to boundless blue skies, an ever-changing landscape of color is the secret to letting go, disconnecting and embracing the moment that is right in front of you.

bedroom vignette featuring walls painted in Escape Gray SW 6185.
Featured Color: Escape Gray SW 6185 


If you’re looking to find serenity and tranquility, our Unwind palette features a blend of soft neutrals that stir a sense of well-being. These calming shades of blue and green leave you grounded, refreshed and reveling in a quiet space where time feels like it could stand still.

Explore all the hues from our Living Well™ collection and bring home your favorites with FREE color chip ordering.


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    Patricia A Vaughn
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    I would like to paint my house indoor and outside; so my problem is that my living area are dark inside. And outside, I would like to paint my house with a different color that the rest of my neighbors. Any Suggestions?

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