Balance, Breathe & Center With Living Well™

Take time to slow down and appreciate your surroundings with hues from our Living Well™ collection. With busy schedules that define our days, it’s important to make time for the sanctuary spaces that help us balance, breathe and center.

Featured Color: Cascade Green SW 0066


Woodland-inspired hues are the perfect way to feel balanced and one with nature. From leafy greens to golden yellows, the organic shades in our Balance palette layer softness and texture to evoke the simple tranquility of a lush forest. Pair these pastels with other natural elements like exposed wood and potted plants to bring the outdoors in. 

Featured Color: Classic Sand SW 0056


Inhale the positivity and exhale the negativity. Our Breathe palette features a collection of gentle taupes and hints of sand that are a natural fit for making a space feel restorative. These warm neutrals instantly wash over the room to create a sense of stillness where you can unwind from a long day.

Featured Color: Grayish SW 6001 


Surrounding yourself with a mix of restorative neutrals is the perfect way to get to the heart of what matters. Our Center palette features a beautifully balanced mix of violet-tinted tones that create a blissful space for zoning out and finding yourself. Save these hues for quiet spaces like meditation and yoga rooms.

Ready to bring a sense of calm to your home? Order color samples from our Living Well™ collection to find the perfect hues that remind you to take time for the things that matter.


  1. What blues would you use with Classic Sand? I imagine a sand & sea theme. Two walls each, or 3 blue, or 3 Classic Sand & one blue? Your thoughts please.

    • Hello Rebecca, accent walls are usually put on just one wall to make the most impact. Take a look at Mineral Gray SW 2740 or Charcoal Blue SW 2739. Also, Classic Sand SW 0056 can look orange in some lighting so you may want to consider looking at Sand Dollar SW 6099 or Playa Arenosa SW 9094 for additional sand options.

  2. lovely color selections

  3. Beautiful Tranquility feeling when viewing these Living spaces

    Penny Dufrene
  4. Love the Cascade Green and the Classic Sand. We have two rooms with similar Grayish color.

    Walter Last
  5. What color is on the walls to the right of Classic Sand? Its beautiful.

    geoff white
  6. What would be a good cabinet color to coordinate with a kitchen that is painted “grayish”, with an accent wall in “proper gray”??

    Cyndi Morse
    • Hi Cyndi, can you tell us what other colors are in the kitchen – as far as flooring, countertop, and backsplash? Thank you.

  7. Hello,
    What shake of white/Creme would you use with a very dark navy?

    Lyne Faucher
  8. What would be a good color to paint a small windowless powder room. Floor is grey and white tile. Sink countertop is also grey and white. Looking for a color/colors that would brighten it up.

    • Hello there, the grey color family is going to be with us for quite some time because it works so well with other color families – especially yellow. Consider using a soft yellow in your powder room. Any of these soft yellows will bring light into the space and complement the gray finishes already in your room. Some yellow options are Lantern Light SW 6687 and Lily SW 6693.

  9. Hello. I just bought a condo & I want to do all white. I have used ‘white Dove” on trim in old house on trim & really liked it. Can you please share a good white pallet for my new place. I heard you do ceiling same color as & trim & door just different schenes. Flat for ceiling, semi gloss for trim etc. in same colors but what would be a beautiful white for the walls. ? I need help please.

    Deborah Rochte
    • Hello Deborah! Some whites that would look great with this approach are:
      Alabaster SW 7008
      Snowbound SW 7004
      Ivory Lace SW 7013


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