5 Vacation-Inspired Colors We Love

No filters are needed to make these vacation destinations more colorful than they already are. Whether it’s the crystal waters of Bora Bora or the grassy hills of Derbyshire, these five vacation-inspired paint colors bring a traveled look home, so your vacay never has to end.

Bora Bora Shore, summer houses above the water
Beach and sea, view from above, people on the beach and in the water
Pastures shore and sea
Capri, sea and cliffs seen from above
Hot springs in Iceland


  1. Hi, my rooms has two windows on the same side of the room except for the front room
    it has four windows two on each wall, and there is not much sun light. I need a paint color
    but I do not want a beige, eggshell, white, mushroom sand, none of that type of color.
    I need help with a color.

    Linda Johnson
  2. I have a bathroom that has white cabinets, fixtures and trim with two westerly facing windows over the washer and dryer. I’m thinking of Adriatic sea for the color in most of the room with a contrasting/coordinating color above the sink . (It’s in a little alcove). Should I stay in the blues or go outside of the family for some pop? Suggestions

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Karen! Consider any of the warm neutrals below which will really allow your Adriatic Sea to “pop”. Take a look at:
      Wool Skein SW 6148
      Malabar SW 9110
      Skyline Steel SW 1015

  3. Looking at agreeable gray for open living room and kitchen. Currently have stamped concrete to include the ceiling. Looking to lighten things up. Possibly add dark blue wall

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Agreeable Gray is much lighter and is a Griege (grey+beige) which would work much better with a dark blue accent wall. Here are some blues that would look great with Agreeable Gray:
      Naval SW 6244
      Charcoal Blue SW 2739
      Mineral Gray SW 2740

  4. My living room is sand dollar SW6099. Have chair rail along one of the walls & looking to paint the bottom portion a different color. The foyer opens to the living room – foyer is tradewind SW6218. I have green tone accents in the living room so not sure what color to use.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Cheryl! Consider repeating a color from the Tradewinds family in order to create a cohesive palette. Look at these options for under your chair rail:

      Interesting Aqua SW 6220
      Delft SW 9134


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