5 Vacation-Inspired Colors We Love

No filters are needed to make these dreamy destinations more colorful than they already are. Whether it’s the crystal waters of Bora Bora or the grassy hills of Derbyshire, these five vacation-inspired paint colors bring a traveled look home, so your vacay never has to end.

Bora Bora Shore

Love the tropical life? A bright blue like Bora Bora Shore is the ultimate shade to brighten every day with some island-inspired charm. Pair this aquatic color with other carefree shades like crisp whites and sandy beiges to wash a space in chill vibes.  

Bora Bora Shore, summer houses above the water

Gold Coast

Catching a wave on the Gold Coast gives you some of the best views of the shoreline. This sunny shade inspired by the land Down Under goes together with equally bold shades of red and blue to create a fun in the sun palette no matter where you live. 

Beach and sea, view from above, people on the beach and in the water


Is there anything more perfect than England’s countryside? A nature-inspired green like Derbyshire captures the famous rolling hills and breathtaking sceneries that were practically made for postcards. Complete the color scheme with other verdant hues to create a monochromatic look inspired by Derbyshire’s many shades.

Pastures shore and sea


The waters of Capri are ones you never forget – that’s why this beautiful blue is sure to make a statement at home. Pair this Mediterranean hue with other aquatic blues and shades of green that help bring the island life inside. 

Capri, sea and cliffs seen from above


Home to hot springs, glaciers, volcanoes and more, Icelandic views are truly one of a kind. We’re paying homage to the land of fire and ice with a crisp shade of blue that pairs with other arctic colors of purple, green and gray.

Hot springs in Iceland

Want to keep the wanderlust going? Check out our color palettes inspired by states and don’t forget to drop a comment below to share your favorite vacation destination and the colors that capture it.


  1. Hi, my rooms has two windows on the same side of the room except for the front room
    it has four windows two on each wall, and there is not much sun light. I need a paint color
    but I do not want a beige, eggshell, white, mushroom sand, none of that type of color.
    I need help with a color.

    Linda Johnson
  2. I have a bathroom that has white cabinets, fixtures and trim with two westerly facing windows over the washer and dryer. I’m thinking of Adriatic sea for the color in most of the room with a contrasting/coordinating color above the sink . (It’s in a little alcove). Should I stay in the blues or go outside of the family for some pop? Suggestions

    • Hi Karen! Consider any of the warm neutrals below which will really allow your Adriatic Sea to “pop”. Take a look at:
      Wool Skein SW 6148
      Malabar SW 9110
      Skyline Steel SW 1015

  3. Looking at agreeable gray for open living room and kitchen. Currently have stamped concrete to include the ceiling. Looking to lighten things up. Possibly add dark blue wall

    • Agreeable Gray is much lighter and is a Griege (grey+beige) which would work much better with a dark blue accent wall. Here are some blues that would look great with Agreeable Gray:
      Naval SW 6244
      Charcoal Blue SW 2739
      Mineral Gray SW 2740

  4. My living room is sand dollar SW6099. Have chair rail along one of the walls & looking to paint the bottom portion a different color. The foyer opens to the living room – foyer is tradewind SW6218. I have green tone accents in the living room so not sure what color to use.

    • Hello Cheryl! Consider repeating a color from the Tradewinds family in order to create a cohesive palette. Look at these options for under your chair rail:

      Interesting Aqua SW 6220
      Delft SW 9134

  5. I was trying to do a pale yellow and a gray for my living room. I have bought 2 different colors of gray now. The first gray looked blue gray, the second gray was too dark. Do these colors go together? Is there. Gray that is just gray? Suggestions please I’m very frustrated

    • Hi Gina! Grays can be very difficult. Our closest color to a “true” gray is Light French Gray SW 0055. That gray would complement many color families with yellow being the most popular.

  6. I’m looking to paint a bathroom a pale blue or green. Wanting to do a bit of a mermaid theme. There is one east facing window over the shower/bathtub and a white counter top with dark cherry wood or mahogany cabinets. Suggestions on paint color?

    Vicki Duncan
    • Hi Vicki! A green or teal would work best in the bathroom given the red undertones in your cabinets. Look at:
      Breaktime SW 6463
      Tame Teal SW 6757
      Waterscape SW 6470

  7. I am looking for a gray that isn’t too cool toned. I see Icelandic and wonder if that has too much blue. I do want it to be one the lighter value.
    Also, do most people still paint ceiling’s white?

    • Hi Helen! Yes, most people paint their ceilings white. Our ceiling white is Ceiling Bright White SW 7007. Now, onto your wall paint question. Icelandic is very cool – it is a light blue color without any gray in it. If you are looking for warmer light grays, check out:
      Shoji White SW 7042
      Skyline Steel SW 1015
      Worldly Gray SW 7043

  8. I am looking to do a very dark accent wall in my bedroom behind my headboard. But the room is pretty dark with an east facing window. Do you think the white heron or Islandic would make the room too dark with that dark accent color? Also- I really love the dark teal color that is shown in the email that brought me to this page. It is a teal dining room wall. Any idea what I am referencing and what color that is? Thank you!

    • Hi Margo! Icelandic SW 6526 is a very pretty soft blue white White Heron SW 7527 is a soft off-white with a subtle beige undertone. Both of thee colors are soft and light and will not add any darkness to your room.


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