5 Shades of Gray We Love

Gray is one of the most colorful and flexible neutrals, meaning it can work just about anywhere in your home. See the many sides of gray with these five shades we love.

huge bathroom, old style bathtub in the center grey-blue walls


This calming shade of gray features a blue undertone that makes Aleutian the perfect neutral for a space where you can soak your troubles away.

living room, fireplace with green moldings in the center, chair with same shade of green, table and couch


Contented features a tint of green color that’s great for painting living rooms with a neutral that’s bright and refreshing.

living room, wall size windows, grey walls, couch table in shape of half of the ball

Flexible Gray

It’s all in the name. Flexible Gray has a hint of beige color that makes this hue versatile for any style whether it’s warm or cool.

old style living room with wooden furniture

Mindful Gray

Looking for a neutral to balance out a bolder color? Mindful Gray is a classic option that can be used as an accent color for features you want to highlight like built-ins and crown molding.

view on living room from hallway through big opening in the wall

Sea Serpent

Create a bold entryway with Sea Serpent. This blue-gray neutral makes a visual impact, but its versatile color also makes it easy to create color flow from one room to the next.

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