5 Herb & Spice-Inspired Colors We Love

Deeply fragrant, colorful, and rich with flavor and texture, herbs and spices elevate and enhance the foods we love. They stimulate our senses and offer inspiration and delight. Color affects us in a similar way, enhancing our relationships with the spaces we love most. If it’s hard to imagine our favorite foods without the herbs and spices that bring them to life, it’s even harder to imagine a favorite room without color. We’re sharing how some of our favorite herb and spice-inspired colors add flavor to our homes.

Photo Courtesy of @makingmapleacres 
Featured Color: Dried Thyme SW 6186 

Dried Thyme

Dried Thyme’s nurturing shade provides the perfect backdrop for a soothing bathroom sanctuary with its calming effect. Ground the space in nature-inspired vibes by adding greenery and bathing it in natural light. The serene feel of this hue naturally enhances the room with its peaceful energy and quiet tranquility. 

Photo Courtesy of @clarkdesignsky
Featured Color: Peppercorn SW 7674 


Dark and dramatic, Peppercorn makes a deliciously bold statement. This grounded color is perfect for creating a sense of subtle sophistication. Pops of lighter colored décor and natural elements, like wood tones and house plants, balance the umami richness of this shade and keep it from feeling too deep. It’s a truly versatile hue that pairs effortlessly with just about any style – everything you put against it takes on somewhat of an elevated look and feel. 

Photo Courtesy of @maisonjah
Featured Color: Moroccan Spice SW 6060

Moroccan Spice

Infuse your bedroom space with the rich warmth of Moroccan Spice. This earthy neutral inspires a cozy atmosphere of restfulness and dreamy comfort, making it the perfect choice for a rejuvenating retreat environment. Suit your taste and capture a fully saturated look, covering walls and trim with this hue’s radiant aura or use a lighter touch and grace just an accent wall – it’s as stunning on one wall as it is on all of them. 

Photo Courtesy of @dalydigs 
Featured Color: Clary Sage SW 6178 

Clary Sage

More airy than earthy, this peaceful shade channels its soft, soothing vibes from the healing herb that inspired its name. Just a touch of Clary Sage is enough to inspire a sense of well-being. The easy, inviting energy of this pale green offers the perfect welcoming greeting for family and friends, and sets the tone for what they’ll find inside. 

Photo Courtesy of @stefmturner
Featured Color: Rosemary SW 6187 


Create a sense of depth and spaciousness with Rosemary’s moody nature. This balanced, herbal green has an effortless versatility capable of anchoring your space and making a statement on its own, or opt to lean into the subtle gray undertone of its neutral side and allow it to mingle and play with other colors. 

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  1. I do not see the images above?

    Catherine K
  2. Is it possible to find out where the vanity is from in the picture with Dried Thyme paint? Those are the colors I would love to do in our bathroom!

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      It looks like it’s from Home Depot but if you click on the @ listed below the photo and jump to the users page, they may be able to assist in answering this question

  3. Thank you!

  4. Wonderful colors! Where does the wall art come from in the peppercorn picture please?

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