5 Bold Front Door Colors We Love

Show your front door some love with a statement-making hue! Entryways are the perfect place to make a first impression, so we’re sharing our favorite bold paint colors you’ve used to create a front door that steals the spotlight.

Front door painted Loveable SW 6590.
Photo Courtesy of @alietatreasurehunting 
Featured Colors: Loveable SW 6590 (Door), Grizzle Gray SW 7068 (Exterior)


Walk up to a fun-loving door that instantly brightens your mood. Loveable’s cheerful shade of pink encourages you to have fun with other parts of your entry, too. Whether it’s a unique set of planters or a conversation-worthy doormat, this hue brings bold energy everywhere it goes.

Front door painted Tricorn Black SW 6258.
Photo Courtesy of @ciarakenaston 
Featured Color: Tricorn Black SW 6258

Tricorn Black

Love a modern look? A black-and-white combo is full of high contrast style that always feels fresh and in style. Tricorn Black is a popular front door color that bridges bold and neutral, meaning it knows how to make a statement no matter what design style it’s paired with.

Front door painted Salty Dog SW 9177.
Photo Courtesy of @joyfullyso 
Featured Colors: Salty Dog SW 9177 (Door), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim), Whitetail SW 7103 (Exterior) 

Salty Dog

We love our four-legged friends, so it’s no surprise Salty Dog made the list. While this rich shade of blue can take on a traditional look when paired with bright whites, it also plays well with pops of yellow to take on a Mediterranean vibe. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic color.

Front door painted Lemon Verbena SW 7726.
Photo Courtesy of @olivewoodcolor 
Featured Colors: Lemon Verbena SW 7726 (Door), Alabaster SW 7008 (Trim), Folkstone SW 6005 (Exterior)

Lemon Verbena

Looking for something a little different? Lemon Verbena’s refreshing shade of green adds a unique look that’s all about standing out and embracing the style of a trendsetter. If you have an entryway filled with lots of neutrals, this bold hue is the perfect choice for adding a pop of color that brightens up any space with a little personality.

Front door painted Waterscape SW 6470.
Photo Courtesy of @onceupona1912 
Featured Colors: Waterscape SW 6470 (Door), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim)


A bright, blue pick-me-up is the perfect way to give front doors a splash of color. Waterscape’s aquatic hue brings a nature-inspired touch to your entryway, especially when paired with lots of greenery and natural materials. Don’t forget to add some seating to enjoy the view!

Ready to give your front door a new look? See these bold paint colors in person with FREE color sample ordering, and don’t forget to check out our video tutorial on how to refresh your front door when you’re ready to paint.


  1. I would like to know the color of the trim that is paired with Billowy Breeze. It seems to be Alabaster or Greek Villa.

    • Hi Stephanie, we don’t have an exact match to provide, but the trim around the door is very close to Extra White SW 7006 and then the off white is Alabaster SW 7008.


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