5 Bold Front Door Colors We Love

Show your front door some love with a statement-making hue! Entryways are the perfect place to make a first impression, so we’re sharing our favorite bold paint colors you’ve used to create a front door that steals the spotlight.

Front door painted Loveable SW 6590.
Photo Courtesy of @alietatreasurehunting 
Featured Colors: Loveable SW 6590 (Door), Grizzle Gray SW 7068 (Exterior)


Walk up to a fun-loving door that instantly brightens your mood. Loveable’s cheerful shade of pink encourages you to have fun with other parts of your entry, too. Whether it’s a unique set of planters or a conversation-worthy doormat, this hue brings bold energy everywhere it goes.

Front door painted Tricorn Black SW 6258.
Photo Courtesy of @ciarakenaston 
Featured Color: Tricorn Black SW 6258

Tricorn Black

Love a modern look? A black-and-white combo is full of high contrast style that always feels fresh and in style. Tricorn Black is a popular front door color that bridges bold and neutral, meaning it knows how to make a statement no matter what design style it’s paired with.

Front door painted Salty Dog SW 9177.
Photo Courtesy of @joyfullyso 
Featured Colors: Salty Dog SW 9177 (Door), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim), Whitetail SW 7103 (Exterior) 

Salty Dog

We love our four-legged friends, so it’s no surprise Salty Dog made the list. While this rich shade of blue can take on a traditional look when paired with bright whites, it also plays well with pops of yellow to take on a Mediterranean vibe. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic color.

Front door painted Lemon Verbena SW 7726.
Photo Courtesy of @olivewoodcolor 
Featured Colors: Lemon Verbena SW 7726 (Door), Alabaster SW 7008 (Trim), Folkstone SW 6005 (Exterior)

Lemon Verbena

Looking for something a little different? Lemon Verbena’s refreshing shade of green adds a unique look that’s all about standing out and embracing the style of a trendsetter. If you have an entryway filled with lots of neutrals, this bold hue is the perfect choice for adding a pop of color that brightens up any space with a little personality.

Front door painted Waterscape SW 6470.
Photo Courtesy of @onceupona1912 
Featured Colors: Waterscape SW 6470 (Door), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim)


A bright, blue pick-me-up is the perfect way to give front doors a splash of color. Waterscape’s aquatic hue brings a nature-inspired touch to your entryway, especially when paired with lots of greenery and natural materials. Don’t forget to add some seating to enjoy the view!

Ready to give your front door a new look? See these bold paint colors in person with FREE color sample ordering, and don’t forget to check out our video tutorial on how to refresh your front door when you’re ready to paint.


  1. I would like to know the color of the trim that is paired with Billowy Breeze. It seems to be Alabaster or Greek Villa.

    • Hi Stephanie, we don’t have an exact match to provide, but the trim around the door is very close to Extra White SW 7006 and then the off white is Alabaster SW 7008.

      • My walls are a kind of apple white with a Turkish brown trim.
        What color could I use for door?

        dianne ruthlyn antoine
        • Hi Dianne, a pretty blue would look beautiful on your door. Check out Favorite Jeans SW 9147 or Dyer’s Woad SW 9071.

          • I need a color suggestion for entrance door to go with a mix of brick colors that are tan, dark brown, light brown and terra cotta

          • Hello Brenda, look at using one of these saturated grieges for your front door, either will echo the color of your motor which is the on consistent color throughout your brick work. Look at using either Weathered Shingle SW 2841 or Dapper Tan SW 6144.

    • What about front door color ideas for exteriors that are more neutral/earth tones?

      • Hello Lynn, neutral/earth tones are browns and greens. What other colors are on your exterior? For instance, main body color and trim. Let us know when you get a minute. Thank you.

  2. I’ll be painting my log home Sherwin Williams 7040 Smokehouse this summer. What color would look good for my 18’ garage door. My storm doors are dark Pella brown. Thanks

    Kevin Jones
    • Hello Kevin, consider in the Smokehouse family but several shades lighter. Look at Balanced Beige SW 7037 or Tony Taupe SW 7038 for your garage doors and paint the trim around the doors the Smokehouse color to unify the different finishes on your house.

  3. Hi can you suggest a front door color for my house? I have sherwin williams connected grey on the stucco house and bone China on the trim and door. Thank you

    karen kelly
    • Hello Karen! Check out either Basil SW 6194 or Pewter Green SW 6208 for a handsome complement to the other colors on your exterior.

  4. Any suggestions for a door on a red house (barn red color) with red brick front and white shutters?

    • Hello Meg, consider painting your door a classic black in a gloss sheen for a timeless, handsome look. Check out Tricorn Black SW 6258 or Domino SW 6989 for your door.

  5. Hi I have an story and a half old school house made of Terra Cotta brick. Ehat cours would you suggest for the front entranceway door.?

  6. I Love the LOVEABLE pink colour
    Hope i can paint my door in that color one day

    Basdaye Fulchan
  7. These color combos are great. However, I have a brick home with a traditional color that coordinates with the brick. How could I see some bolder options that SW might suggest for my house?

    • Hello Sue, we have a feature on our website entitled #SWCOLORLOVE which highlights our different colors and how our customers have used them. Your best bet would be to enter a color name in our search bar and scroll down to #SWCOLORLOVE to see if there are pics to use as inspiration. Consider using a dramatic and bold navy like Dress Blue SW 9176 or Salty Dog SW 9177 for your front door.

  8. Hi – my house is a yellow-goldish old color. I want to add a “pop” of color to the front door. I love bright colors. Any suggestions???

    Debra L Harris
    • Hello Debra, a bold pop of color would be anything in the blue family as it is the opposite of yellow/gold on the color wheel. Take a look at Salty Dog SW 9177 or Indigo SW 6531.

  9. Do you have color suggestions for a front door on a brown house?

    • Hello there, we think a pretty blue on a brown house would look beautiful. Check out Favorite Jeans SW 9147 or Distance SW 6243.

  10. I wish there was a way to take a picture of our front porch and be able to try different colors. We have a brick house and are looking to change the color of our front door. It has sidelights on each side.

    Harry Brist
  11. Our home is Sage green. What color of door would look good for us?

    Gale M Johnson
    • Hi Gale! Take a look at a saturated navy like Naval SW 6244 or Charcoal Blue SW 2739 for an interesting pop of color.

  12. I live in a yellow brick Chicago Historic Bungalow. I currently have a white craftsman front door., facing east. What would be a good front door color? Thanks for your expertise.

    Beatrice Winters
    • Hello Beatrice, an eye-catching blue would look great on a home with your Chicago brick. Take a look at Indigo SW 6531 or Commodore SW 6524, either of which would complement your brick beautifully.

  13. My house was just painted Gauntlet gray with High reflective white trim. What color door do you recommend? Do you think Tricorn Black would work or a bolder bright color??

    • Hello Laura, Gauntlet Gray SW 7019 would look best with a classic black like Tricorn Black SW 6258 or Domino SW 6989 on your door for a classic look.

  14. My house is a blue cedar shake. Natural wood front deck. What color door do you suggest

    • Andy, can you tell us what kind of wood or what color wood is on your front deck? Thank you!

  15. What color is something different to paint shutters and door for a cottage (one floor) type house in town. The house is 75 years old with lt almond vinyl siding. We have a storm door that the upper half can be opened and a large oval window with a cut glass appearance in the front door. Looking for ideas.

    Sheila Freed
    • Hello Sheila, a classic look to pair with almond siding is navy blue. Consider painting the door and shutters either Charcoal Blue SW 2730 or Naval SW 6244– either color would be stunning.

  16. What shades of red for front and back doors is good with dark gray and white trim?

    Frances Rivenbark
    • Hello Frances! Some reds that would look great are Sundried Tomato SW 7585, Salute SW 7582, or Stolen Kiss SW 7586 for a stunning look.

  17. Looking for colors to accent a coffee shade with mocha chocolate trim,

    Debbie Archuleta-Stanley
    • Hello Debbie, look at a grounding neutral similar to Malabar SW 9110 or Sundew SW 7688 for your accent shade.

  18. I want the purple that was highlighted in the ad! I wish to paint my front door that shade!

  19. I recently used loyal blue for my front door

    John Harper
  20. My house is beige on top, a creamy brown on the bottom with barn red shutters. I would like an interesting door color but I have no idea what to choose. Ideas ?

    Suellen Carlson
    • Hello Suellen! Consider repeating the barn red on your shutters for your front door. Repetition of color creates a concise, intentional palette. Repeating the red on shutters and doors will pull your entire palette together

  21. What the heck! I click on the raspberry colored door to find out what the color is and then it’s not even in your top five colors????? Bait and switch! Don’t lead in with an example of a color that you don’t even give the name for.

  22. Sherwin-Williams helped me get the beautiful color to match my Indian Scout that I painted my front door last year, Sunblaze Orange! Can’t thank them enough!

    Natanna Wright
  23. Got anything in peach?

    • Hello Cynthia, yes we have hundreds of peaches, can you narrow down a little more and let us know more about your project? Thank you.

  24. All of the colors are beautiful, and goes with the white accessories. I would like to see some color with the darker, cherry, or mahogany furniture. I can’t replace or repaint everything I have worked so hard in thus far.

    Linda Huffman
  25. Should I match my Front door with my shutters? Or should I paint my front door completely different color

    • Hi Alan, painting the door and shutters the same color will create a concise, intentional palette. Matching the colors will also make your house look larger and more pulled together.

  26. I am wondering what type of paint you would suggest using to paint a front door and screen door?

  27. I live in Az. I want to paint my front door Copper with turquoise trim.
    Thoughts? Best way to do it?


  28. My newly painted front door is lounge green. Love it!

    Laurie Murray
  29. Our home is a neutral ivory. Yhe trim is a dark green as is the front door (metal). Would another color go with the trim without having to paint it? Suzanne

    Suzanne K Baldwin
  30. What front door colors compliment a red brick home?

    Dee Fraser
    • Hi Dee, look at using a classic black like Tricorn Black SW 6258 or a saturated charcoal gray like Grizzle Gray SW 7068. Either of which would complement your brick home beautifully.

  31. Hi,
    I’m looking for what some call a Williamsburg blue for my front door and shutters. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Sharon, take a look at Powder Blue SW 2863 for a pretty “Williamsburg” blue for your door and shutters.

  32. Accent color for a metal railing on front porch. Surrounded by a reddish brown brick and front door is factory wood color of medium to dark oak

    Maryann McLaughlin
    • Hello Maryann, take a look at a saturated greige like Urbane Bronze SW 7048 Enduring Bronze SW 7055.

  33. Can you send some soft yellows as samples for front door??

    • Hello Lisa, you can order of any of our color chips. Some pretty yellows that can be used for exterior projects are Butter Up SW 6681 or Lantern Light SW 6687.

  34. I have a home that is green with white trim. My front door is red but I don’t like it. What color would look good?

    • Hi Tracey, consider using a sunny yellow like Butter Up SW 6681 or classic navy blue like Naval SW 6244 for a fun pop of color on your door.

  35. Hi,
    I would like to see suggestions for 1950’s red brick ranch houses.
    Thank you.

    • Hello, consider using a classic black like Tricorn Black SW 6258 or a saturated charcoal gray like Grizzle Gray SW 7068. Either of which would complement your brick home beautifully.

  36. Please show front door colors for red brick homes

  37. Looking for a good color for brick

    Debra Page
  38. We have beige window trim that can’t be changed…what color
    options do I have to paint the house?

    Mary Waushesock
  39. Recently I saw your paint in an ad or somewhere that I think was called Blue that I like for changing color on front door. Are that and Salty Dog close in color? I have white house and mid tone grey shutters.

    Martha S Lava
  40. Is it possible to also paint the shutters on the front of the house the same color as the door? They are not wood (shutters).

    I like the Salty Dog (SW 9177) for a change to the door and front of house (from a white and brownish-red door with brownish-red shutters) to the potential Salty Dog door and shutters. Just not sure if painting the non-wood shutters is possible.

    David Duggar
    • Hello David, yes, it is a good idea to paint your door and shutters the same color and Salty Dog SW 9177 is a great choice. Painting the door and shutters the same color will create a concise, intentional palette. Matching the colors will also make your house look larger and more pulled together. Your local SW store can advise you as to what primer and products you would need to paint your shutters.

  41. My main entrance door is located next to the garage door, which is white. My house is clay with white trim and front porch railing is dark brown. What door color would you recommend?

    Carol Harvey
    • Hi Carol, are you open to painting your garage door as well? If not, we suggest you keep the front door white and add color with season accents.

  42. I have a brick house with white colored wood areas. My husband wants to paint the white eave and other white wood trim areas a slate blue color. I just wanted to paint the front door a slate blue color. I can’t visualize what he wants. Can you give me some idea of what this will look like?

    Lori Hart
    • Hi Lori, first you may want to narrow down what your husband considers slate blue. Two slate blues from our fandeck that would work are Downing Slate SW 2819 or Slate Tile SW 7624. You can try these colors on your house on our ColorSnap Visualizer

  43. I would really love to paint my house a deep navy blue, bright white trim and a soft yellow door. What colors would you suggest?

    • Hi Dani, a beautiful palette for your exterior would be Naval SW 6244 for the body of the house, Pure White SW 7005 for the trim, and finally Butter Up SW 6681 for your door.

  44. The body of my house will be Bungalow Beige. What do you recommend for trim and accent color?

    Mary Sevigny
    • Hi Mary, check out these options for a classic look on your exterior. Look at:
      Trim Accent
      SW 7005 Pure White SW 2740 Mineral Gray
      SW 7006 Extra White SW 2739 Charcoal Gray

  45. I want to paint my front door red….. what do you suggest?

    Christine Schutz
    • Hi Christine, can you tell us what other colors are on your home, for instance body of house and trim? Thanks!

  46. We just had our new hardy siding painted SW Homburg Gray the trim is SW Creamy. Have a brand new front door and can’t decide what to do. Stain it rich mahogany or paint it? Thinking about just doing the Creamy color because the Homburg Gray is so difficult to find a contrasting color to work with. Any suggestions?

    Shelly LaFontaine-Raddatz
    • Hi Shelly, a rich mahogany stain would be a beautiful complement to Homburg Gray much more so than a paint color. Stick with your first choice

  47. We painted our house Eclipse and LOVE it! In a quick decision, we painted the shutters Craftsman Brown and I don’t love it. Suggestions for the shutters? Thanks!

    • Hi Sandy, consider a little pop of color on your shutters to complement the earthy tone of Eclipse. Check out Whirlpool SW 9135 or Jade Dragon SW 9129. Either of these colors would look great with Eclipse SW 6166.

  48. I would like to paint my front door red. We have gray siding. Is red out of style? We live at the beach with an upstairs porch over the front door which has red Captain chairs.

    Becky Bauer
    • Hi Becky, no ma’am, red front doors will never go out of style. You are on the right track by repeating the red of your captain chairs – color repetition makes for a cohesive, intention palette. Go to your local SW store and grab some red chips that match your captain chairs. This will create a classic look on your beach house.

  49. My house has mixed browns (slightly veined with a blued gray) brick front with the sides and remaining body of the house currently painted a goldish tan . MY garage door facing the front and front door are currently painted a red with a burnt undertone. What might be an updated color to paint my doors?

    Carol Paul
    • Hello Carol, a handsome update for your doors would be a stately navy blue like Mineral Gray SW 2740 or Charcoal Blue SW 2739.

  50. We are painting our house gauntlet gray with pure white trim and would love to know the best red with gauntlet for the front door? We have been eyeing wild currant.

    • Hello Lynn, Wild Currant SW 7853 would be a great color; if you are feeling especially adventurous, check out Rookwood Terra Cotta SW 2803 as well.

  51. What colors would work with Grassland?

    • Hi Lou, here are some suggestions for front door colors that pair well with Grassland.
      1. Plummy SW 6558
      2. Armagnac SW 6354
      3. Silken Peacock SW 9059
      4. Peace Yellow SW 2857

  52. We’ve decided to go with Gauntlet Gray (SW 7019) for the body of our house and Eider White (SW 7014) for the trim, but we are still trying to pick a door color. We would love something bold – orange, lime/chartreuse, purple. Any suggestions?

  53. I have a historical White House. What color to paint the trim and door?

    • Hello Claire, a classic palette would be to incorporate black and red on to your home. If you have shutters, that would be a perfect place for black, Tricorn Black SW 6258. Then, consider using Cherry Tomato SW 6864 on your door and keep your trim the same white as the body of the house.

  54. My house is painted Koi Pond. I want to paint my front door blue. What blue color would look good with Koi Pond?

    • Hello Janice, check out these “true” blues, any of these would complement Koi Pond beautifully. Look at:
      Dockside Blue SW 7601
      Poolhouse SW 7603
      Labradorite SW 7619


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