At Home with Sue: A Simple Shed Makeover feat. Urbane Bronze

Our Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden, used our 2021 Color of the Year to give her backyard shed a cozy new look. Take a look behind the scenes to see how this gorgeous makeover came to life with a rich coat of bronze color.

image of a woman standing in front of her shed

Q: Tell us about your shed project! 

A: Welcome to my backyard oasis! This summer, when we were sticking close to home, we decided to put a patio in for some outdoor living space. We love the way the patio turned out, but the existing shed (which was all white) looked super boring. Knowing what a great color Urbane Bronze is, I decided to paint the shed in it. 

Q: Why is Urbane Bronze the 2021 Color of the Year and where did the inspiration come from?

A: We chose the color for a few reasons – first, it’s just a gorgeous bronze tone that looks amazing in so many applications, but browns are trending in 2021, so it was the perfect time to talk about the rich colors that help make any space feel like a sanctuary.  

Q: How can someone create a sanctuary space of their own?

A: It’s pretty easy to create a sanctuary space – all you have to do is find a spot that feels separate from your busy living spaces and fill it with everything that encourages you to relax and unwind. For my family, cozy textures, candlelight and great music are the keys to our oasis. We also love adding plants and flowers to make sure nature never feels far away. That’s also why Urbane Bronze is such a great color for a sanctuary space – it’s earthy hue will instantly make your room feel tapped into the natural world around us.

a closeup of a woman holding a color chip for Urbane Bronze

Q: Why was Urbane Bronze the perfect color for this project?

A: I love bringing dark colors onto exteriors. I think it strikes a beautiful balance with the colors of nature, no matter the season. This color will look just as beautiful on a snowy day in January as it would on a sunny day in June. It’s super versatile.

Q: Sometimes people are nervous about using darker paint colors. What advice do you have to encourage them to give bolder colors a try?

A: If you’re hesitant to paint your entire room or house this dark, try little doses! Whether it’s an accent wall or your front door, sometimes a little bit of a dark color goes a long way.

an exterior shot of a backyard shed with string lights

Q: What other colors does Urbane Bronze play well off of?

A: I love Urbane Bronze paired with neutrals like Messenger Bag and Modern Gray, but I also love it with strong colors like pinks, yellows and citrus-inspired shades like Determined Orange. It just goes really well with so many color families.

Q: What’s the biggest takeaway from this DIY?

A: I hope this shows that you can really reinvent a space with great color. Look how cute this boring old shed looks – we totally revitalized it! Even though Urbane Bronze seems like such a dark hue, it’s really gorgeous and worth going bold.

a woman standing in front of a shed dancing with her dog

Love the down-to-earth look of Urbane Bronze? Learn more about our 2021 Color of the Year to find additional inspiration that helps you DIY a sanctuary of your own, whether it’s indoors or out.


  1. The colour, the lights, pillow & the dog?! It’s all working for me! Looks great Sue.

  2. Shed goals! Looks so great.

    Sharon Hoffman
  3. Gorgeous!

    Holly Stamper Morgan
  4. Love the color of the year. Great use of it in you backyard Sue

  5. Love the cozy look you created in your backyard and the use of URBANE BRONZE on the shed. I’m wondering if this colour would be suitable for fencing? We have a cedar fence enclosing our backyard which is quite large (approximately 80′ x 60′). We have flowerbeds along the fence. I’m wondering if URBANE BRONZE would be too overpowering for use on the fencing? Also I’m concerned that the dark colour would absorb the heat and have a negative impact on the surrounding plant material. Do you have an advice or alternative colour suggestions? Our house is white trim and soft yellow clapboard.

    Teresa Kerr
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Teresa, Urbane Bronze SW 7048 does have a low LRV, (Light Reflective Value) of 8 which means that it will absorb a lot of the light and it may heat up on very sunny days. We are not aware of adverse effects on plants, but you may want to ask you local nursery if they are aware of anything like that, as they may be trained in how plants react to absorbed heat on surfaces near them. We recommend testing this color in an inconspicuous area and see if it looks too dark for you.

      • Teresa Kerr…I also am contemplating painting my 80’ x 30’ x 6’ fence ‘Urbane Bronze’. I plan on building a pergola along the fence which will be painted white. I have a swing and 4 Adirondack chairs which are painted ‘ caviar’ to sit under the pergola. Next I will plant a landscaping bed along the fence with wall planters on the fence. I don’t think the extra heat created from the dark fence will have any serious affect on the plants anymore than planting them along a 70’ red brick house would affect them. And it would look absolutely stunning!!!

        Brenda Jowers
    • Hi, Teresa. We love our Sherwin Williams paint colors. I have a beige tone house with Iron Ore color shutters. I decided to go dark with my fence stain to match my shutters. I have had so many compliments on my fence and I am glad that I made the decision to go dark. It sort of gives it a modern craftsman look. Do not forget that Sherwin Williams also has the ability to match stain to paint colors and they have options for stains that deflect heat – yay paint technology! Best of luck with your project!

      Teresa Steele
    • I have the same thought! What would it look like on fencing?

  6. Love the colors!

    Lynda Bailey
  7. Where do you reside? When and under what conditions did you paint this storage shed?

    Andrea Heiner
  8. To get a full appreciation of the update a “ before” picture would be beneficial

    Linda Black
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Linda, thank you for the feedback! We’ll forward your recommendation to our marketing team.

    • Great inspirational photos. Just about finished using Sherwin Williams on the inside of my house. Ready to move to the deck.

      Antonette Lucente
  9. What paint (Emerald/ matte?) did you use on the shed?

  10. Looks great when done like this! Have to offset the dark color with the lights/accessories shown here or it will look too dark/drab. I Love how this is put together, though!

  11. Love Love the look and color!!…great job Sue!

    Dee Dee Brogan
  12. Totally love this color!! Will have to check it out in person. I’ve always been on the “bold color band-wagon”; so nice to see something other than shades of white!!

    Carole White
  13. How will this color hold up on a deck with Gazebo ?

    Miriam Clingensmith

    Peggy Bostic
  15. Our home is part siding, part light earth tone multi colored brick. This past summer we painted the siding in Elephant Ear and used Urbane Bronze as an accent on the shutters, garage door, and screened porch. We are very pleased with the results!

    Judy Danville
  16. Lovely! Everything – the color, the plants, the furniture – absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring – thank you for sharing! PS – the nail polish is great too! 🙂

  17. Used it 5 years ago snd has held up extremely well ! I used an orange on my trim too. I guess I was a little ahead of the curve as usual. In the PNW It stays clean looking sometimes brownish sometimes green or kahki so flows with nature well.

  18. Love this color and project! Please share what that awesome nail polish color is too, please!

  19. Can you paint this on aluminum

  20. I painted my front door this color in 2016. I still love it.

    Lisa Mcspadden
  21. I love this color, do you think it would look good painted on an Antique hutch. Would I paint the inside that color too? There are glass shelves and a light inside. The walls are painted wool skein.

    Marilyn Markwat
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Marilyn, This color would look beautiful on an antique hutch, especially against Wool Skein walls. Painting the inside is a great idea, you could do a bright fun, contrasting color like Armganac SW 6354, this is a gorgeous complement to Urbane Bronze and Wool Skein, which creates a classic visually interesting look and draws your eye into the hutch, and the treasures you are displaying in there. You could also do a similar color like Felted Wool SW 9171, which works well with Urbane Bronze and Wool Skein to create a modern monochromatic look.

    • Love this color. We are considering painting the exterior of our home black but now thinking maybe urban bronze. I notice her house is a dark color is it urban bronze?

      • Sherwin-Williams logo

        Hi Shelly! It is Anonymous SW7046, which can look brown in some light, but really, it’s a gorgeous warm grey!

  22. I just bought a sample size of urbane bronze and decided to paint a guest room with this color. Can’t wait to finish this project. It is a beautiful color.

    Debbie Dvorak
  23. Looks great on outside shed..
    Glad Browns are coming back into the palette. Your new outdoor space looks relaxing..enjoy!

  24. Love this paint color, I used urbane bronze on my vaulted wall in my kitchen and dining area and I used agreeable gray on the rest. I now want to paint my shed! Sherwin Williams paint is the best paint I’ve ever used!

    Liz Mayfield
  25. What material is the shed made of?

  26. I love the color of the shed, looks great!
    My entire house is a dark brown color, so I appreciate seeing this color on your shed.
    Brown colors are my favorite 🤩
    And your other backyard decorations are just charming and make it an inviting and relaxed space.

  27. Hi, You mention through the article “Urbane Bronze.” Then you mention “Emerald Rain Refresh.” I’m confused, which is it?

    Arline Ventullo
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello! Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is the color being featured. Emerald Rain Refresh is the product used on the shed. Hope this helps!

  28. I’m in the process of putting up a new cedar shed now. I’m torn between staining or painting . The shed will be exposed to that Tucson sun. I want it to look aged with more of a brown undertone. Trying to keep it as maintenance free as possible. That is why I’m leaning more towards a stain. Which of your products would you recommend?

  29. We live rural and our house is rustic. The interior walls are typical “log cabin” — wood planks with concrete chink. There is plenty of wood trim including doors that I originally painted SW #7033 Brainstorm Bronze. Have loved that color for 8 years, but I’m ready for a change. I’ve been eyeing SW #7048 Urbane Bronze as a gray/brown replacement since the January 4th email announcing it as the January Color of the Month. Now that I’ve seen your picture I’m inspired. Thanks!

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      So glad to hear that, Nancy! Urbane Bronze will pair excellently with the rustic environment you describe.

  30. I used this color on my house – siding and trim. It’s bold and transformed my old ranch completely.

  31. Gorgeous! Think I found the perfect color to paint the deck in my wooded backyard.

  32. I love it. Im going to do my deck ramp redo in this color. Thank you for sharing.

  33. I love this color. I painted my kitchen island !

  34. I used Urbane Bronze for my lake home in a rustic setting. The trim is Shoji White with a Cavern Clay door. This color looks remarkable with the natural cedar shingles.

  35. Speaking of Urban Bronze, we are currently painting our third building with this lovely shade of charcoal trimmed with Intellectual Gray. If attachments were allowed I would be happy to send you a picture of the completed project. Very happy with the rich appearance of this paint colour.

    Susan Kudrinko
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Susan, What a beautiful color combo! We recommend tagging us on any social media platforms you have or using the hashtag #SWColorLove. You can also upload your projects to our #SWColorLove Gallery for a chance to be featured on our website.

  36. Beautiful, I love how these colors soften the yard and bring forward the greens. Looks very similar to our shed, which was a beige with white trim, made by the Amish and we just needed to spruce it up to match our 3 Season Room. Painted it Manor House SW 7505 and trimmed with Tricorn Black

  37. Can I use urban bronze color/paint in the kitchen? On a painted wall under the wall
    microwave and above the cook top. Use as a back splash accent color?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Julie, Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is commonly used as an accent in many spaces to include kitchens. It is also a popular cabinet and kitchen island color. What other colors are you in your kitchen to include cabinets, countertops and flooring?

  38. We painted our deck, small kitchen island and an outdoor wood bench this color!

    Hope Schaffrick
  39. Great color! Congrats on outdoor living spaces with sass.

    Jodi Schoenfeld
  40. I love the color. I need to stain my outdoor steps this spring. They’ve never been done before and are made of pressure treated wood.

    Can I use a stain product from Sherwin Williams with this color for pressure treated? I want it to last, not chip or flake and not need repainting for a few years, or make the steps slippery when wet. The steps don’t get a lot of sun.

    I use SW for my interiors and exteriors for decades. Duration is the paint I trust. I did use Harmony one winter for a closet and the SW paint for a porch floor.


  41. So I can get this as a stain for deck stairs?

    Carolyn Woodhalling
  42. Love the color!! Just curious what color you used for the exterior of your home?

  43. Love it! I’ve been using Urbane Bronze for at least 10 years! Glad to see it’s due. It has worked on so many projects at my homes around the country; staircase in Kansas, front doors in North Carolina etc etc! I even inspired the builder in my all new build community to use it after I requested it for my front doors. All other homes going forward used it on their doors and shutters! That’s how awesome this color is. ❤️

    Magnolia Mimi
  44. I’m building a new home and I want to use Urbane Bronze on the interior doors as well as a few other areas. What color of door hinge hardware is recommended to use with this color ? Will mat black work as I have already ordered and hung the doors ?

    Molly Paden
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Molly, yes a matte or flat black would be the best choice for a hinge. Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is a dramatic, saturated color and needs a strong color like black to complement it.

  45. Beautiful… so warm and welcoming gives a sense of home inside and OUTDOOR !!! ❤

  46. Sue, you’ve created an AMAZING outdoor space. Love the color. Bought 2 gallons of Emerald exterior Urbane Bronze at your Wainscott, NY store last weekend. They were out of RainRefresh. Used part of one gallon (after a primer coat) for PT posts for a front yard fence. But just happen to have a tool shed in the back in dire need of paint so will use remaining Urbane Bronze AND will try out Promising Orange for contrast on shed door. Will post pic when done — rainy season now on Long Island, so may take a little while. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Paul Pettersen
  47. We used Urbane Bronze and Iron Orr for this backyard pub shed. I’d send a pic but I guess that’s not an option.
    We use SW in all our shed builds. Love the paint and stain!!

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Sue! You can always share on social media or upload it to our #SWColorLove gallery. We’d love to see your shed and the fantastic color combination you chose.

  48. I’m so glad i seen this video.. I came on Pinterest to see visual on new Shed paint color. I wanted a new stand out darker color. I love the Urbane Bronze. My house is Tan and i Think this will pair well. I’m hoping. unless it should Match with house color idk. I love the looks your Shed

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Bev, the shed can definitely be a different color than your house, that will make it more of a feature. In order to create a cohesive palette, you may want to incorporate Urbane Bronze SW 7048 on your house somewhere. It can be an accent planter or mailbox, just something to repeat the color of your shed.

  49. I love this paint color (Urbane Bronze) and will be using it on my shed as well, . Not depressing at all. It is totally rich and classy looking. I was wondering what the other two paint colors were used on?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Mia! Those colors are not used in the image but are recommended options to pair with Urbane Bronze. Hope this helps!

  50. I have decided to use Urbane Bronze as the body color of our new home. What I have found that is so frustrating is no one hardly ever talks about their roof color! We have decided to use CertainTeed’s Weathered Wood. We are incorporating natural wood accents, black windows and

    Donna Price

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