Seeing Navy in a New Light

It’s the color everyone is friends with. Navy blue’s universal appeal easily adapts to any design style – that’s why we’re shining a spotlight on Naval as it steps into the coveted role of Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year in 2020.

Mirror on Navy Blue wall

Embracing the Next Decade

Wondering what the future holds in store? We’re seeing an empowering year of change that’s centered around wellness as we prepare ourselves for the next ten years. “People want to feel grounded and inspired to pursue their mental, physical and emotional well-being,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. Much like sailors navigated the stars, Naval’s infinite shade of blue mirrors the night sky to reflect where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Living room with Navy Blue walls

Naval in 2020

Giving a subtle nod to Art Deco influences, Naval brings refined opulence into the next decade. While the Roaring ‘20s explored a time of self-indulgence, today’s ‘20s look at creating a decade of self-nurturance. A fresh mix of natural materials gives Naval a sustainable side that’s down to earth and tied to biophilia.

Pairing Naval in a room with live greenery and mineral-based materials, allows you to create a natural sanctuary for rejuvenation. It’s about slowing down to appreciate the beauty in nature and how you can invite it indoors.

When it comes to finding a place for navy in your home, look for a space that brings you tranquility. Whether that’s a home gym where you unwind with yoga or a kitchen where you enjoy early mornings, this restorative shade of blue is about creating a space that paves the way for the wellness of your mind, body and soul.

Coordinating Colors

Warm golds like Midday and Tarnished Trumpet are great for grounding Naval’s boldness, while leafy shades like Kale Green are perfect for adding nature-inspired color. Naval’s neutral hue also works with a variety of other colors so you can create a variety of color palettes. “It’s truly a versatile color that will be on-trend and appealing for years to come,” adds Wadden.

Can’t get enough of Naval? Learn more about our Color of the Year to go beyond the blue and explore this luxurious color further. Take our How Does Naval Speak to You quiz to find out how this hue connects with you.


  1. I’m thinking of putting a rich blue in master bedroom. Duvet is deep blue and white.
    We also have a sitting room, what do you think?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Loraine! We love the idea of a deep blue such as Naval SW 6244 or Needlepoint Navy SW 0032. Consider pairing either of those saturated blues with a warm neutral like:
      Natural Linen SW 9109
      Relaxed Khaki SW 6149
      Camelback SW 6122

  2. I am painting my kitchen cabinets in Naval and my walls white. I have some wood trim in my kitchen with an orangish undertone. What would be a good white to use?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Dianna! Consider painting your trim Extra White SW 7006 and then go a little warmer on the walls. Take a look at the following shades of whites:

      Aged White SW 9180
      Antique White SW 6119
      Navajo White SW 6126

  3. want to paint my dining room a dark blue. I have open concept and dr is only two walls. Naval seems too dark. Any suggestions?

    Patricia Bialecki
  4. my kitchen is like an olive green. I want to paint my hallway a color that will offset it and make it pop more. What color should I use?

    Latrese Thedford
    • Sherwin-Williams

      We think an understated yellow in your hallway will make both your kitchen and hallway “pop”. Take a look at:
      Friendly Yellow SW 6680
      Napery SW 6386
      Buff SW 7683

  5. Our basement kitchenette will have bottom cabs in naval and top cabs in satin high reflective white. The trim in semi gloss high reflective white. Walls in snowbound. Am I on right path with the whites to coordinate well with the Naval?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Sky! The contrast between Naval and High Reflective White is too great. A better option would be Extra White SW 7006 and Snowbound SW 7004 (same color as wall) on the upper cabinets. This option would be a more subtle and cohesive look in your kitchen.

      • Hi,
        When I moved in to my house, the colors in the kitchen are khaki with a slightly darker color on the cathedral ceiling. The cupboards are antique white with chocolate glaze.
        Rest of the house is ship yard gray.
        I got your Illusive green for the hallway and stairwell but need ideasfor the rest of the house.
        Please advise.

  6. We’re thinking of painting the exterior of out three story home Naval an doing the trim in white. What would be a good white for the trim?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Julie! A soft, warm white would look great. Take a look at:

      Cotton White SW 7104
      Whitetail SW 7103
      Snowbound SW 7004

  7. We have a home office that we are thinking of doing in Naval with an accent wall painted Agreeable Gray with Naval stenciling on it. The office is off a main living area and trying to coordinate a color for that room that will create a nice flow into the office. Any suggestions?

    Laura Argauer
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Laura! Can you please confirm if you are asking for a color for the main living area? Let us know when you get a moment. Thank you!


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