Rethink Pink

Put on your rose-colored glasses and rethink the way you see pink. Millennial pink may have gained its wild popularity in 2017, but this warm shade hasn’t lost any momentum since.

Did You Know? In the early 1900s the adage used to be, “pink is for boys and blue is for girls”. It wasn’t until the 1950s when this saying saw a shift. Marketers decided it would be easier to sell products like lipstick and shaving cream to gender-specific audiences, so pink became a color reserved for women and blue for men.

kitchen with island and pink patellae wall

New Neutral

Unlike its color history, the beauty of millennial pink becoming a new neutral is that its appeal speaks to everyone. While pink traditionally triggers thoughts of Barbie and bubble gum, this trending shade is the complete opposite with undertones that are more beige than bright. “Millennial pink is so useful in so many applications. It’s taking the concept of what beige was 10 years ago,” adds Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. Instead of a look that’s feminine or masculine, this pinky neutral doesn’t pick a side.

Living Room with patellae sandy pink walls

Life in Pink

Creating a space that’s “la vie en rose” starts with finding your favorite color inspired by millennial pink. These dusty shades are great for evoking cozy feelings, so you can explore using them in places where you’d normally unwind like a bedroom or living room. Paler shades of pink also tend to pair well with classic neutrals like blues, creams and grays, so if you’re painting an entire room pink, look at using accessories in these colors to keep your space feeling grounded. If you’re opting for a pink accent wall instead of an entire room, don’t be afraid to incorporate more pink accessories to give your space a rosy look that goes beyond your accent wall.

Have a pink-inspired space you want to show off? Share your finished room with us by tagging your photos on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery. You can also click on our favorite shades of pink to see how other people brought these colors to life in their home.


  1. Which pink will work with a teal carpet?

    Lori Evans
    • Hi Lori! Teal & Pink are a quintessential Art Deco look and look stunning together – great choice. Take a look at:

      Jazz Age Coral SW 0058
      Priscilla SW 6575
      Oleander SW 6603
      Alyssum SW 6589

  2. looking for a new pink to paint my stucco northern California home. i have a gray roof, want a gray front door. nothing bright

    • Hi Gerri! Is there a specific product you will be using on your home? Some stucco products have a dedicated or exclusive palette. We can help suggest both product and color. Please let us know. Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    I’m painting my living room with Sherwin WIlliams Breathless paint color.
    What accent wall color should I choose to go with Breathless?

    • Hi Raj! What other colors are in your living room? For instance, flooring, furniture and window treatments. Also, Breathless SW 6022 is a soft taupe with a definite pink tone to it. Do you want to accentuate the pink/warm tone in Breathless?


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