Relax in Modern American Farmhouse Style 

Love the simple things? We have the perfect style for you. Modern American Farmhouse is a cozy blend that brings a whole new meaning to home sweet home. Learn how to recreate this timeless look with some of our favorite paint colors and design tips.

Pastel colored entryway with Modern American Farmhouse stylings.
Featured Colors: Samovar Silver SW 6233 (Walls), Pink Shadow SW 0070 (Door), Pure White SW 7005 (Trim) 

A Warm Welcome

Modern American Farmhouse style is all about feeling welcomed the second you walk through the door. A soft shade like Samovar Silver creates a backdrop that can blend a variety of different colors and styles. Since the design trend is about mixing old and new, this silvery shade is the perfect transitional color to tie everything together in an entryway. 

Bathroom vanity with blue cabinets, shiplap walls and natural decorations like wood frame mirrors..
Photo Courtesy of @ourfergusonfarmhouse 
Featured Colors: Granite Peak SW 6250 (Cabinets), Pure White SW 7005 (Shiplap), Pediment SW 7634 (Walls) 

Layered with Love

Naturals and neutrals play a big role in creating that lived-in look Modern American Farmhouse loves. Whether it’s a timeless shade like Pure White or a bold neutral like Granite Peak, these calming colors carry an effortless energy wherever they’re used – and they help set the tone for the decor you use. Accessories like wood frame mirrors and handcrafted fabrics let you weave in a few more rustic modern touches that add an extra layer of comfort, so everyone feels at home. 

Farmhouse kitchen with wainscoting and shiplap walls.
Featured Colors: Touch of Sand SW 9085 (Cabinets & Wainscoting), Snowbound SW 7004 (Shiplap & Ceiling)

Gather ‘Round

When you focus on styling with simple colors and clean lines, you’ll get a space where life’s little moments become front and center. This down-to-earth side of Modern American Farmhouse focuses on a less is more approach so you can spend more time enjoying what matters. Warm neutrals like Touch of Sand and Snowbound help build a calm and inviting environment where the conversation can flow.

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